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THE Judicial Council met at the Galt House, Louisville, Ky., on Monday, May 3d, 1875.


On motion, Dr. N. S. DAVIS, of Illinois, was elected President of the Judicial Council, and Dr. S. N. BENHAM, of Pennsylvania, as Secretary of the same.

On motion of Dr. JOHNSTON, the charges relating to Dr. BARTHOLOW'S Experiments on a Patient, referred to the Council at the close of its session last year in Detroit, were laid on the table.

Dr. BRODIE moved that all papers placed in the hands of the Secretary of the Judicial Council be referred to the Secretary of the Association, in order to have the business come properly before the Judicial Council. Carried.

Dr. JOHNSON moved that our meetings be held at 8 o'clock A. M. Amended by Dr. BARTLETT to meet at 7 P. M., also when the business of the Council rendered it necessary.

Dr. BRODIE read the following:

Resolved, As the sense of this Council, that no member shall divulge any of the proceedings or discussions to any one; and to do so will be considered a violation of honor. Carried.

On motion of Dr. BRODIE, Dr. J. J. DILLS was permitted to withdraw his credentials as a delegate from the Allen County Medical Society, of Indiana. Carried.

Dr. BRODIE moved that the proceedings in regard to the various delegates from the Louisville, Ky., societies be made the special order of business for 7 o'clock P. M. to-morrow, May 5.

Dr. DAVIS offered the following:

Inasmuch as the charges against the admission of Drs. WOODWORTH, MYERS, and ROSENTHAL, as members of the Association, are now pending before the State Medical Society of Indiana,

Resolved, That they should be permitted to register at this meeting, and retain their standing until the final action of the State Society. Carried.

Dr. BRODIE move that the same resolution that was adopted in reference to Drs. WOODWORTH, MYERS, and ROSENTHAL, be also adopted in reference to Drs. BECK and GREGG, thus referring the whole matter to the State Medical Society of Indiana. Carried.

In reference to the delegates from the Marion County Medical Society, of Indiana, the following Resolution was adopted :

Inasmuch as the Marion County Medical Society of Indiana was so recently organized as to be unable to obtain a status in the State Medical Society, therefore,

Resolved, That the whole matter be referred to the State Medical Society.

On motion, the credentials of Dr. W. O. SWEENEY, of the Kentucky State Medical Society, were referred to a special committee of one, for investigation, Dr. GALE being appointed by the Chair for that purpose. After due investigation, it was found that the Kentucky State Medical Society had its full quota of delegates, and for that reason alone Dr. W. O. SWEENEY could not be permitted to register.

In reference to the admission of the delegates from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Louisville, Ky., Dr. DAVIS offered the following:

Resolved, That the list of delegates appointed by the society known as the College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Louisville, Ky., consisting of Drs. TURNER ANDERSON, WM. BAILEY, D. W. YANDELL, LEWIS ROGERS, and J. W. HOLLAND, are the lawful and proper delegates from that society; and that the Committee of Arrangements should correct the registry of members for this meeting of the Association in conformity thereto. This was passed by the required vote of two-thirds of the members of the Council. present.

A motion to reconsider the above, having been made, was lost. Dr. DEAN offered the following:

Resolved, That the action of the Committee of Arrangements in declining to receive and register the names of all the delegates appointed by the Society known as the Louisville Academy of Medicine, is approved as correct, simply because it is believed that the Association had already received from the State Medical Society of Kentucky, and the local societies in Louisville having a

prior active existence, the full number of delegates to which the profession of Louisville are entitled, under the present Constitution of this Association. Adopted.

Dr. BENHAM offered the following resolution: That all papers, charges, etc., presented to the Judicial Council by members of the American Medical Association, be retained by the secretary of the Council, provided that copies of such papers, charges, etc., may be made in case the members whose names are involved should require the same. Adopted.

The following resolution in reference to the difficulties existing between the Arkansas State Medical Society and the local societies was read, fully discussed, and finally adopted.

Inasmuch as the Arkansas State Medical Society has been regularly organized as a State Society, adopted the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association, and has been represented by delegates in this Association; and as the charges now brought against said Society relate to alleged unfairness and irregularities in the transaction of its business, which do not involve a violation of the Code of Ethics, therefore,

Resolved, That the delegates of said State Medical Society should be admitted by proper registration at this meeting of the Association. Carried.

Resolved, That, inasmuch as, from the evidence before us, the delegates from the county societies of Arkansas are still in good standing in the State Society, they, therefore, be admitted as delegates to this Association. Carried.

On motion the Judicial Council adjourned.





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