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It is eminently proper that we should publicly acknowledge our profound thankfulness to the Great Giver for permission to see each other again in the flesh, and, under His beneficent guidance, to go forward with the work assigned this organized gathering of the brethren-an organization of earnest representative professionals, whose fields of labor extend from ocean to ocean, and from the lakes to the gulf, an area of almost inconceivable extent, recognizing every climate, and capable of almost all the productions of the earth; so that, should a ripple here and there mark the surface of our proceedings, let the astonishment it awakens be that it was not a wave instead. The seaboard, with its vast commercial marts, wealth, and concomitant refinement, has its delegates here; the inland sea, whose borders are just becoming instinct with human life, and whose peoples have widened the area of possibilities, with cities, seemingly the creations of fancy rather than mammoth realities, is represented; the dwellers amid the Appalachian bills, and in the cañons of the Sierra Nevada, have here their professional aspect represented; and that plain on which their waters are shed, so vast that an attempt at mental measurement confuses the imagination, and bewilders thought, has its great workers here.

A National Association of Medical Men was without precedent when this was ushered into existence, by the genius of one man, watered by his parental solicitude, and sustained by the coöperation of his brethren—all stimulated by a common hope that good must come of it, in cementing the brotherhood in unity of purpose, and intensifying its power for the achievement of good to the profession and consequently to the public at large. Thus organized, and freighted with the hopes and blessings of every

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