Complete Geography

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American Book Company, 1902 - 166 halaman
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Halaman 2 - The political and more detailed maps are not mere skeletons, giving only the names which are required by the text, but are full enough to serve all ordinary purposes for reference. In addition, they show the principal railroads and canals, the head of navigation on all important rivers, and the standard divisions of time.
Halaman 38 - The legislative power is vested in a congress, consisting of a senate and house of representatives. The senate is composed of two members from each state, chosen by...
Halaman 24 - On either side of this zone and converging toward it are the trade winds, which blow from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere and from the southeast in the Southern Hemisphere. The...
Halaman 2 - The illustrations are new and fresh, reproduced mostly from photographs collected from all parts of the world with a view to helping out and explaining the text and not for mere embellishment. 8. To secure proper practice in map reading, formal map studies or questions have been inserted with each map, directing attention to the most important and essential features. Correspondence regarding the examination and introduction of Roddy's Geographies is cordially invited and will receive prompt attention.
Halaman 128 - Emperor and an Imperial Diet consisting of a House of Peers and a House of Representatives.
Halaman 15 - LATITUDE. 130. What is latitude? A. It is distance from the Equator either north or south. 131. How is latitude divided ? A. Into north and south latitude. All countries situated north of the equator, are in north latitude; and those south of it, are in south latitude. 132. How is latitude represented on maps ? A. By lines drawn across the map from side to side.
Halaman 14 - The ends of the axis are called the Poles of the Earth. The diameter at the Poles is 789-S English miles; but it the Equator 7928 miles.
Halaman 38 - The House of Representatives is composed of members elected by the people of the several States, for the term of two years. The...
Halaman 24 - ... beyond these limits, the winds -are extremely variable and uncertain, and the observations made have not yet led to any satisfactory theory by which to explain them. It appears, however, that beyond the region of the trade-winds, the most frequent movements of the atmosphere are from the south-west, in the north temperate zone, and from the north-west, in the south temperate zone. This remark must be limited to winds blowing over the ocean and in maritime countries ; because those in the interior...

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