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I HAVE for some years been collecting information in relation to the CUTTER FAMILY,
and hope that the result of my labors may not be wholly useless to the race, but enable them
to satisfy a laudable curiosity that almost every one feels concerning his kindred.”



State Historical Society




Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year 1871,

BY WILLIAN RICHARD CUTTER, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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This work does not claim to have fully exhausted the subject. Inability to reach every source of information prevents the attain. ment of that end. The contents of the following pages, however, are believed to be substantially correct. Acknowledgment is due to the family at large for the general response to the call for contributions of information for the perfecting of the work; also for most welcome encouragement and patronage from cvery quarter. It is to be wished that the task of the present compiler could have been better and more ably accomplished.

Especial indebtedness is expressed to a number of individuals who have made distinguished efforts for the advancement of the work. In this connection are enumerated the names of Messrs. R. C. and R. L. Cutter, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Benjamin Cutter, Esq., of Jaffrey, N. H.; Messrs. Stephen Cutter and J. D. Cutter, of New York City, and Mr. William T. Cutter, of East Lyme, Ct.

Of persons not bearing the name and having no relationship by consanguinity, the undersigned would acknowledge indebtedness to the courtesy and friendly assistance of Rev. Lucius R. Paige, D.D., of Cambridge; John W. Barber, Esq., of New Haven, Ct.; Rev. David Shepley and the late Capt. Cushing Prince, of Yarmouth, Me., and Mr. John A. Boutelle, of Woburn.

For various communications in the course of the following work, the undersigned is particularly indebted to Mrs. Harriet Paton, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Miss Mary H. Cutter, and Mr. Alexander S. Cutter, of Woodbridge, N. J.; Mrs. Maria Durant, of Lawrence; Amos Bachelder, M.D., and the late Benjamin F. Cutter, of Pelham, N. H. ;

Messrs. Charles Ammi Cutter and Solomon B. Morse, of Boston ;
Miss Hannah H. Cutter and Mr. Abiel Cutter, of Westbrook, Me.;
Messrs. Henry Clark, of Wiscasset, Me., and Thomas McCray Cut-
ter, of Charlestown, Mass.; the late Rev. D. Meaubec Mitchell, of
Waltham; Capt. A. Greely Cutter, of New Gloucester, Me.; Rev.
E. F. Cutter, of Rockland, Me.; Mr. Edward P. Cutter, of Chicago,
Ill.; Rev. Edward Ballard, D.D., of Brunswick, Me.; Mrs. Adeline
H. Cutter, of Leverett; Calvin Cutter, M.D., and Mrs. Charlotte
Merritt, of Warren, Mass.; Mrs. Susan S. Tuttle, of Rutland, Vt.;
Daniel B. Cutter, M.D., of Peterboro', N. H.; Edward S. Cutter,
Esq., of Boston; Messrs. Joseph E. Frost, of Jaffrey, N. H., and
Orlando Cutter, of Cleveland, O.; Miss S. Caroline Barber, of
Mason, N. H., and Elbridge G. Cutter, Esq., of Temple, N. H.;
Messrs. Jefferson Cutter, of Billerica, and William Wallace Rust, of
Ipswich, Mass.; Messrs. Stephen and Stephen H. Cutter, of Win-
chester; Rev. M. M. Cutter, of Ashland, and Mr. Elijah Cutter, of
Arlington, Mass.; Messrs. Charles A. Cutter, of Jaffrey, N. H.,
Walter Russell, of Lewiston, Me., and Daniel H. Cutter, of New-

Several extensive communications are acknowledged in the ensuing pages. The undersigned alone is responsible for their composition and arrangement.


WOBURN, Mass., JANUARY, 1871.

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