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(10) to a cart and wheels and irons appertaining.

to 3 ox yokes and Irons. .
Utensills to a new set of horse chains with hames

to an old set of horse chains with hames
to a pair of ring hames
to an Iron toothed harrow .
to a seed plough with irons
to a large plough share and bolt .
to a large draft chain
to a part of a small plough chain
to 2 pair of iron fetters with locks & keys
to part of a timber chain
to a parcel of old iron 36 pounds by weight.
to another parcel of iron things .
to an old pit saw ..
to a large tenon saw
to a smal tenon saw
to a large croscut saw
to a handsaw .
to a large narow ax
to a small narow ax
to a broad ax
to a Coopers adds.
to a drawing knise
to a burz
to a small drawing knife
to 3 old augers
to 3 carpenters chisells
to a small saw . .
to a parcel of turning tools
to a larg auger & halfe inch auger.
to a pair of Joiners chisells & small bench
to 4 old planes & spoke shave .
to 2 hamers & 2 gimbletts
to a Carpenters ads
to a hollowing ads
to an old Cooper's ax
to a parcel of other old tools

to an iron holdfast Utensills to a square and compasses

and to 2 old files . Carpen- to a trowell ,

ters to a Crow
Tools to a small iron hoop & bolt with other small things

to part of an iron spade.
to 2 tipt shovells .
to a dung fork .
to an old matock

0 02 to a large broad Crow .

. 003 to 2 small broad hous .

o 04 to 3 old small hous & old cow bell . to 3 old syths with snath and irons

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to a breast brace and 5 bitts .
to 2 box wood rules & marking iron & chalk rollo
to a silver cup

. :

. . . o 07 0 to a Collash with ye furniture . . . . 10 000 to a third part in ye Boat . .. to beatle & 3 wedges

0 05 0 to an old ax

O 02 0 2016 o to Henry's service

16 000


Midd ss Camb. April 29th 1723

Exhibd upon Oath by the Execs as a perfect

Jur Cor

F. F. Jd prob :
Rega lib. xvi. pa. 511.


[Vide page 41.] In the name of God Amen This twenty fourth Day of April and in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven I Joseph Cutter of Woodbridge in the County of Middlesix and Province of East New Jersey Being in a poor state of health but of Perfect mind and sound memmory (Blessed be God) do make this my last Will and Testament in the manner and form following. Imprimis. I Give and Bequeath to my Dearly beloved Wife Ann My best Rideing Mair and a Side-saddle and Bridle and one hundred and twenty Pounds or the Vallue thereof in such of my Moveable Estate as she shall make Choice of at ye Apprisal, all which I Give to her in lieu of her Dower and Right of thirds. Item, I Give to my Eldest son

* Communicated by Mr. Alexander S. Cutter, of Woodbridge, N. J.

Campyon Cutter all that part of my Plantation where I now live that my father Gave me with all my Buildings thereon and one half of the solt Meadow to him and his heirs and assigns forever he paying unto his Brother Joseph Cutter when he arives to the age of twenty one years one hundred pounds. Item I Give To my gd Son Joseph all the Remaining Part of my Land which my Father Gave me and what I have bought myself and The other half part of my Meadow to him his heirs and assigns forever. Item, I Give to my Daughter Joanna one hundred Pounds to be paid to her at the age of Eighteen years and if the Child my Wife is now Big with should be a Daughter I do Give her one hundred pounds But if it should be a Son and he and my other two Sons should Live untill my son Campyon Comes to the age of twenty one years then it is my Will and I Do order my Executors hereinafter named to sell all my Lands and Meadows whatsoever and wheresoever and pay unto my son Campyon out thereof fifty pounds and the Remainder To be Equally Divided Between my three sons ; and it is my Will that if my son Campyon do Die before he Comes to the Age of twenty one years Leaving No Lawfull Issue then my housings Lands and Meadow are not to be sold but Joseph Shall have that part that Campyon was to have had and the son yet unborn shall have that part that was for Joseph Each Ones part to be to him his heirs and assigns forever and all the Remainder of my Estate not yet Given away I Do order that it shall be Equally Divided amongst all my Children Each a like share and if any of my sons Die under age and Leave no Lawfull Issue his part shall go to the Surviveing Son or sons He or they paying to Each of their Sisters or sister fifty pounds And if Either of my Daughters or Daughter Do die under the age of Eighteen Years and Leave no Lawfull Issue such part shall Be Equally Divided amongst the surviveing Children my sons are to have Each of their Parts which I have given them when They or Each of them arive to the age of twenty-one years and my Daughters at the age of Eighteen Years No timber nor wood Is to Cut of that part of the Land which I have Given to Joseph Except windfalls or such as are Dead Nor any of that part given To Campyon Except what will be Nessesary for the use of the same part and my will and Desire is that wife shall Live on My Plantation and to have the use and Benefit of all my Estate to Enable her to bring up and school my Children so long as she Remains my Widow or untill my son Campyon Comes to the age of twenty-one years she not marrying before that Time should she happen to marry before my son Campyon Comes to the age of twenty-one years then my housings and Land are to be all Rented out and the profits to be taken for ye Support of my Children and all my Moveable Estate Except what my Wife makes Choice of for her part are to be sold at the Discretion of my Executors and after paying my Just Debts and funeral Expence the Remainder to go for the uses above Mentioned and Lastly I Do Constitute and Appoint my wife Ann and my friend and Brother in Law Francis Campyon Executors of this my last Will and Testament Giving and Granting unto them full Power. and Lawful authority to fulfill the same in Every Part thereof-In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year first above written


Signed sealed Published and Declared as and for his )
Last Will and Testament in The presence of us-
David Evens, Isaac Toppen, Nath" ffitz Randolph-

A True Copy

Chas: Read Reg"



[ Vide page 43.] A Church Book Given to the Second Church in Cambridge by

Saml Cooke, Pastor. 1739, May 21. The Second Precinct in Cambridge made choice of Mr. Sam’l Cooke for their Pastor.

July 2. Mr. Cooke accepted of their invitation to the work of the Gospel ministry.

Sept. 9 (being Lord's day). A Church was gathered in this precinct by the Rev. Mr. John Hancock of Lexington, the members of it having first at their request obtained a regular dismission from the several churches to which they belonged and a recommendation to the good work of imbodying in a church state in this place. The following Covenant was solemnly entered into by the several members, being publickly read, and subscribed by the males, the females giving their consent, by standing up, as their names were called.

The Church Covenant. We, whose names are underwritten, apprehending ourselves to be called of God to gather into a church state, or into a christian society for mutual communion, and for the regular settlement of the ordinances of Christ amongst us; Do in a humble sense of our unworthiness of such a favour and unfitness for such a service, knowing our liableness to err and our proneness to backslide, and renouncing all confidence in ourselves and resting on the Lord Jesus Christ the Head of the Church for help and grace,-Covenant before God and with one another in manner following: (viz.)

I. We receive the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as given by inspiration of God, and as the only sure and sufficient Rule of faith and practice, Declaring and promising that by the help of Divine grace We Do and Will endeavour at all times to regulate our faith and our conduct of ourselves, both towards God and towards one another according to what we find taught and revealed therein.

II. We recognize the Covenant of Grace, that we in a publick and solemn manner entered into, humbly imploring the pardoning mercy of God, through the blood of Christ, for all our violations thereof; and do, renewedly, give up ourselves to God through the mediator, devoting ourselves to his fear and service, depending upon his power and grace for all the assistance we need, and promising by the help of the Divine Spirit, to order our conversation so as will adorn the Doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.

III. We do likewise now give up ourselves to one another in the Lord, resolving by his help to treat each other, as fellow members of one body in brotherly love and holy watchfulness, for mutual edification; and to subject ourselves to all the holy administrations appointed by him who is the head of the Church, dispensed according to the rules of the Gospel; and to give our constant attendance on all the public ordinances of Christ, walking orderly as becometh Saints.

IV. We acknowledge our posterity to be included with us in the Gospel Covenant and blessing God for so rich a favour, Do promise to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and to acknowledge and treat them in their covenant according to the Rules of the Gospel.

V. Furthermore, we promise our utmost care and diligent endeavour to have all such offices and officers as Christ has appointed for the edification of his church settled and continued amongst us: and that we will do our duty faithfully for their maintenance and encouragement, and carry it towards them with that respect and honour that becometh us.

VI. Finally we acknowledge and promise to preserve communion with the faithful churches of Christ, for giving and receiving mutual counsel and assistance, in all cases that may call for it; Declaring that according to our light and understanding we are of the same principles for substance with the churches of New England respecting their doctrines and their government, and that we will endeavour to preserve the faith and the order of the Gospel among us.

Now the good Lord be merciful to us, and as he hath put it into our hearts thus to devote ourselves to him, let him pity and pardon our frailties, humble us out of all carnal confidence, and keep these things forever upon our hearts, to his own glory and our present peace & comfort and our future and eternal happiness, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. AMEN.

Subscribed by

William Russell
Ebenezer Swan
Jonathan Butterfield
Ephraim Frost
Joseph Adams
John Cutter
William Winship
John Winship
Joseph Winship
Henry Dunster
William Dickson
Ebenezer Prentice
Ephraim Frost, jr.
Joseph Adams, jr.

Sam'l°Cooke, Pastor

John Fillebrown
John Williams
John Swan
Francis Locke
Thomas Wellington
Thomas Frost
Jonathan Butterfield, jr.
William Cutter
Thomas Hall
Joseph Russell
Josiah Robbins
Thomas Williams
Walter Russell, jr.

Samuel Frost
Wm. Withington


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