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July, 1798 ; d. 1 March, 1817.-iv. Elisha, b. 2 Aug. 1801 ; d. 5 July, 1803.-v. Prebe, b. 17 Dec. 1805 ; d. 7 May, 1826.— iv. Alvah, b. 2 Oct. 1808; m. Lydia Hall, of Hubbardton, 1829, and d. in Castleton, Vt., 16 May, 1856. Issue :- Asa Melvin.Calvin Emerson.-John Culter.- Charles.- Mary.

James. 8. ESTHER,5 b. 26 Sept. 1771; m. John Carlton, of Rindge, N. H.,

saddle and harness maker, and removed thence to Woodstock, Vt. After her husband's death at Woodstock she returned to Rindge, and lived with her sister, Mrs. Lake. She had no issue, and d. in Rindge, Nov. 8, 1814. She patiently suffered the loss of her eye-sight several years before her decease. The following lines were inscribed on her tomb-stone:

“ From earthly bliss to mortal woe

My checkered life hath been;
Sickness and Death filled up my days,

And death has closed the scene.' 9. ELIZABETH SWAIN," b. 20. Feb. 1774; m. Israel Ward, farmer,

and d. in Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Aug. 9, 1832. He d. at Scipio, July 21, 1838, æ. 72. Their issue: i. NathaniEL CUTTER, m. and lived in Ira, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; d.

1867, a. 76.-ii. Silas, m. and d. in 1869, æ. 69.-jï. ELIZABeth, m. Samuel Ilurd, and lives in Wisconsin.-iv. Mary, b. 1798; m. Benoni Showers, of Ira, N. Y.-v. Hope, b. 1801 ; m. 1833, a farmer in Scipio.-vi. LEONARD, b. Scipio, 6 Sept.

1803; d. in Ira, 1836. 10. Rosanna, b. at Princeton, 8 Aug. 1776; m. Joel Ranger, of

Sudbury, Vt., Sept. 24, 1804, b. in Connecticut, June, 1770. They removed to the West in 1834, and she d. in Palmyra, Mich., Sept. 23, 1847. He died at Palmyra, April 15, 1849.


i. BETSEY, b. 23 July, 1806; m. Amos J. Hurlburt, 1 Nov. 1827,

d. in Sudbury, 9 April, 1831 ; (20) Samuel Gambell, m. 5 Mar. 1845, d. Medina, Mich., 12 Feb. 1868. She resides in Medina. Issue :- Amos J., b. 27 Feb. 1848.-Rosanna, b. 29 July, 1849.

-ii. Orrin, b. 22 June, 1808 ; m. Ann Armstrong, of Livonee, Mich., 14 Feb. 1838, and there d. 9 June, 1859. Issue :Edwin J., b. 8 June, 1839 ; enlisted in Co. K, 18th Mich. Vols., was wounded in battle at Hatch's Run, Va., 5 Feb. 1865, and d. in Baltimore, Md., sixteen days afterwards.- Asher, b. 4 April, 1841.- Esther, b. 19 June, 1846.Betsey, b. 17 Dec. 1852.- Ella M., b. 19 April, 1859.-iii. Luna, b. 31 July, 1810 ; m. John R. Foster, of Medina, Mich., 12 May, 1854.-iv. Amos J., b. 2 Aug. 1812 ; m. Sarah A. Gibbs, of Palmyra, Mich., 24 April, 1844, and d. 28 Sept. 1847. Issue :--John Q., b. 10 Feb. 1845 ; d. 12 Sept. 1847.- Clara, b. 9 April, 1848.--v. ESTHER, b. 8 Nov. 1814.—vi. Joel Wyman, b. 8 Nov. 1817 ; m. Mary L. Cooper, 22 Feb. 1848. Is master of an Indian school at

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* Quotations from an ancient Bible in possession of Mrs. Esther (Cutter) Rice, of Jaffrey, N. H.

“Nathaniel Cutter, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Cutter, was born Sabbath day at 9 o'clock in the morning, April ye 27th, 1760.

“ Benjamin Cutter, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Cutter, was born April 29, 1762. “Nathaniel Cutter, of Princeton, his Book; his Hand and Pen, Feb'y 23d, 1773. "Sarah Cutter, her Book, Feb’y 23d, 1773; God give Grace therein to look.

“ John Cutter, his Bible, given him by his Mother, who died May yo 6, A.D. 1777, in the 39th year of her age.

“God give him grace therein to look
That he may win the blessed race

That Heaven may be his dwelling place.
“John Cutter, his Bible, Rutland, April y® 28, 1782.
“Moved from Clarendon to Rutland, April 17, 1782.”



[Vide page 25 of this work.) The original of the following deposition is in the possession of Rev. Lucius R. Paige, D.D., of Cambridge. Major James Convers, of Woburn, distinguished for his resolute defence of Storer's garrison at Wells, died “ July yo gh, 1706.” His father, Ensign James Convers, a valuable and esteemed citizen of Woburn, died May 10, 1715, aged 95. His uncle, Dea. Josiah Convers, died Feb. 3, 1689-90, aged 72. Lieut. Matthew Johnson, “ late of Woobourne,” mentioned herein, was a son of Capt. Edward Johnson, author of “ The Wonder Working Providence of Sion's Saviour in New England,” and died July 19, 1696. The foregoing are particularly mentioned in Sewall's History of Woburn, recently published. For further notice of Major Convers, see Mather's Magnalia, Hutchinson’s Hist. Mass., Belknap's Hist. New Hampshire, &c.

James Convers aged about fifty-two years being sworne doth say that he very well remembers the mill that stood upon the brook at a place called Menotome in Cambridge bounds, which mill, when it was in being, was called Capt" Cooks Mill.

I, this deponent, also do know very well that the said mill was demolished a considerable time before John Ralph bought that place and so were the other buildings, except some small ruins thereof were to be seen when said Ralph came there to live, and the said John Ralph built the mill that is now there standing and the hous and the barne, and the said Ralph bought the timber for the wheels, the Irons for said mill and the millstones of this deponants father and his uncle Josiah Convers, and that Lt. Matthew Johnson late of Woobourne built the said mill for said Ralph that is to say he did the millwright worke thereof, and this deponant did worke at the said mill and dwelling hous, for the aforsJohn Ralph, who payd him honestly for the same, and this mill and hous is the same that is now in controversie between Mr. Cothoo [Carthew?] atturney to Mr. Quick and William Cutter. Sworne in Court Jan 28 1696-7.

Att. Adton Davenport Cler.



[Vide page 30.] · April y® 22nd 1723. An Inventory of the moveable estate of William

Cutter late of Cambridge Aparell (1) Wearing Aparrell : 2 cotten shirts. to three pair of Breeches

· · · 0 15 0 to a bleu Jacott with silver kuffs . to a Stuff Coat light coulerd to a cloth Great Coat

0 16 0 to a woosted” coat and Jacotto cinamon Coulerd i 15 o to a homspun coat dark Coulerd to a Hat to Hoes and shos. .

0 05

totall 6 15 o (2) to a bed and furniture .. Beding to a low bedsted and beding

to a high Bedsted and beding
to two sheets and 2 Pillow cases . . .

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(3) to one chest winscott work

to a winscott Cuberd and a box Wooden to 2 plain chests and an old trunk Ware

to 13 old chairs
to a woolen wheel and spindle
to 3 old tables
to casks and tubs .
to 2 wooden Bottles and a tunnell :
to other wooden ware . .

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(4) Brass Ware

to a brass Kittle . .
to a pepper box
to a warming pan . .
to a small brass kittle
to severall other small brass things as scimer

ladle &c.

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12 000


to a pair of oxen . .
to yo 3 largest cows
to je ž smaler cows and a hiffer fair with Calf
to a bull and hiffer 3 year old
to a red pied hiffer 2 year old
to a brown steer 2 year old & a hiffer
to ye two largest steers of 1 year old
to ye other 2 smaler yearlings . .
to a young horse . . .
to the old horse . . . . . .
to the mare & colt.
to a large sow & a spaid sow . . . . .
to a small sows with their pigs
to 18 sheep at 8 shillings a peice
to 14 lambs at 4 shillings a peice.

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* This Bible is in the writer's possession. Dr. Benjamin Cutter procured it many years since from Mrs. Anne (Cutter) Brown (Vide vi. 3), to whom it had descended through her ancestors. The writer has also an ancient plan showing a survey of the lands bequeathed by William Cutter to his sons Richard, John, William and Samuel, This plan was probably delineated about 1725, by the youngest son, Ammi Ruhamah Cutter, afterwards minster of North Yarmouth. No inscription appears to explain.

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