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5. EZEKIEL, b. 24 Dec. 1764; m. (1st) Mrs. Abigail (Oakes) -- Stacy, of Marblehead, Mass., .d. Wiscasset, Me., June 17, 1803,

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Wood d. 6 Nov. 1857, leaving two children, one now deceased.-ii.Eliza

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Ann, b. 16 Jan. - 1826; m. Capt. J. Edwards Scott, May, 1857. She d. 29 July, 1867. Three children, two deceased.-iii. HELEN, b. 8 Feb. 1833; m. Edward B. Neal, 13 June, 1861; had a child and d. 11 June,

1862, being buried on the anniversary of her bridal. vii. Wilmot, b. 24 Nov. 1806; m. Oct. 11, 1830, Hannah, dau. of

Elisha J. and Hannah (Stacy) Taylor, and d. in Wiscasset,
March 11, 1836. Mrs. Cutter resides in Charlestown, Mass.
i. Susan TAYLOR,; b. 29 Feb. 1831; m. Samuel Adlam, in Newport, R. I.,

and d. at Portland, Me., April 11, 1864. Four children, two deceased.

ij. John Wilmot, b. 1833 ; d. at Gardiner, Me., Dec. 2, 1851. viii. Tuomas McCray, b. 2 Aug. 1807 ; m. (1st) Feb. 2, 1832, Susan

Francis, dau, of Samuel and Eunice (Carter) Cutter [Vide vii. 1]; and (20) May 6, 1840, Mary, dau. of Elisha and Mary

Barron, b. Charlestown, Mass., July 19, 1810. Thomas McCray Cutter removed from Wiscasset to Charlestown in December, 1826. He was a clerk in Boston in 1827 and 1828. He commenced the W. I. goods and ship chandlery business in Charlestown, in company with Ebenezer F. Cutter (son of Samuel - Vide vii. 1), in 1829, under the firm of E. F. & T. M. Cutter. They dissolved partnership in 1839, and T. M. C. continued in the same business and on the same spot until 1866; having an interest in navigation and business connections at San Francisco, Cal., and Portland, Oregon, which he still retains. He resides in Charlestown, and has an office at No. 21 City Square. His issue :

i. Emily Francis,7 b. 3 Feb. 1833 ; m. Frank W. Pray, of Charlestown,

Oct. 28, 1858. Issue :- Albert Thomas, b, 28 June, 1861. ii. THOMAS ALBERT,7 b. 4 Oct. 1836; m. Sophia Elizabeth Stewart, in 1863,

and d. in San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 30, 1866. He removed to California

in 1859. No issue. ii. Susan Francis, b. 21 July, 1838 ; d. Jan. 5, 1840. iv. CATHERINE CARLETON,” b. 28 July, 1841; d. Sept. 3, 1841. v. ELIZABETH BARRON,7 b. 10 Sept. 1842. vi. HENRY CLARK," b. 10 March, 1845 ; a member of the firm of Butler, Rog

ers & Co., Boston. He went South in July, 1864, with the Charlestown City Guards (Co. H, 5th Mass. Reg't), for one hundred days' service. Is

at present (1870) Captain of the Charlestown Cadets (Co. A, 5th Reg't). vii. Mary ALICE,” b. 4 June, 1848. ix. MARGARET,b. 7 Aug. 1809 ; m. Benjamin F. Smith, Sept. 4,

1845. Mr. Smith is a merchant. They reside at Wiscasset, in

Col. Cutter's mansion.
X. CATHERINE,“ b. Jan. 1811; m. Thomas S. Trevett, of Bath, Me.


-v. FRED. xi. William,b. Feb. 1813; d. Feb. 1815. xii. ABIGAIL," b. 22 April, 1815 ; m. Oct. 31, 1841, Cornelius Tur

ner, of Wiscasset, d. July 28, 1862. Mrs. Turner resides in

Wiscasset. Issue :Henrietta, b. 7 May, 1844. 6. EBENEZER, B. 29 Dec. 1766; m. (1st) Dec. 1789, Abigail

Brown Bowman, of Cambridge, b. March 12, 1769. She was dau. of Solomon and Abigail (Brown) Bowman, and died Feb. 29, 1804. Bowman was a lieutenant in the 25th Reg't of the

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