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They bade me at first to avaid Amnhiholoov,
As well

Under them ne inanestea great patience and Christian resignation. IIis funeral was held in Ilitchcock Ilall, in Princeville, and was attended by a large concourse of people. His issue :

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i. Olivia,b. in Boston, 19 April, 1813 ; m. William H. Warne, of Elmwood, now of Princeville, Ill., Oct. 1, 1863, Issue :-Luella, b. 12 Sept.

1866. ii. CHARLES FORREST,7 b. at Princeville, Ill., 9 June, 1849 ; graduated from

Phillips Academy, in Andover, Mass., June, 1869. 11. ELIZABETH, b. in Hudson, 26 Nov. 1771; was a noted singer

and a lover of music. She died while on a visit to Pelham, “ Jan 28, 1795, in ye 24th year of her age.”


DESCENDANTS OF AMMI CUTTER. AMMI and ESTHER (Pierce) CUTTER had issue: 1. Esther, b. 10 Nov. 1751; d. Dec. 18, 1751. 2. John, b. 25 Oct. 1753; m. Feb. 4, 1777, Lucy, dau. of Wil

liam and Sarah (Hill) Adams, of Menotomy, b. Sept. 7, 1758, d. Nov. 9, 1830. He occupied the present residence of Mr. Albert Winn, and d. in West Cambridge, June 7, 1811. His issue: i. Lucy, b, 23 Feb. 1777; m. Aaron Dickson, of Charlestown,

Nov. 1797, and (20) John Stevens, of Charlestown. She d. Jan. 7, 1838. By Dickson she had : i. Aaron, b. 26 Feb. 1798 ; m. Rachel Dickson, 4 May, 1823; r. Arling

ton.-ii. Lucy, b. 14 Dec. 1800; m. Young F. Walden, of Salem, 14 Aug. 1824 ; d. 12 Sept. 1832.-ii. Eliza, d. 18 Dec. 1808, æ. 4. By Stevens she had: iv. HannAir, b. March, 1811; m. James Underwood; r. Somerville.-V. ABIJAH, b. Jan. 1813 ; m. and r. in fludson, N. RACHEL T., b. Jan. 1816.-vii. Eliza Ann D., m. Hayes, of South

Boston. ii. Joan, b. 13 April, 1780 ; never married ; d. a soldier at

French Mills in the war of 1812. ii. JOEL, b. 22 Oct. 1782 ; d. Sept. 17, 1795.

« Soon as the flower of youth expands

And blossoms with delight,
'Tis seized by Death's devouring hand,

And snatched from our sight." iv. ABIJAH,“ b. 8 Nov. 1785; m. Oct. 23, 1814, Charity E., dau.

of Charles and Huldah (Clifford) Nichols, of Charlestown. He was a farmer in West Cambridge, and d. Aug. 23, 1834. His wife d. Oct. 25, 1829, æ. 33. Their issue : i. CHARITY ELIZABETH,? b. 13 March, 1815 ; m. Asa B. Blood, of Carlisle,

Feb. 1835 ; and d. in Lowell, Dec. 9, 1853. He d. in March, 1853, æ. 47. Issue :-John Cutter, b. 7 Feb. 1836 ; m. Mary A. Richardson, of

Dracut, 16 Oct. 1861; is conductor on the Boston & Lowell Railroad. ii. Joux, b. 8 Dec. 1816; m. Oct. 6, 1839, Sarah A., d. of Capt. Edward

and Abigail (Harrington) Russell, of West Cambridge. She d. Sept. 17,
1852, a. 33. Mr. Cutter resides in Arlington. He has been a seaman
on the U. S. ship “ Constitution.” His issue:
1. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 14 July, 1810 ; m. Walter S. Sumner, of Dor-

chester, Feb. 16, 1858. Issue:-Lizzie A., b. 15 Feb. 1859; d. æ.
11 days.-Walter R., b. 24 Oct. 1860; d. 26 Dec. 1865.—Lizzie A.,

b. 15 July, 1862; d. 7 Jan. 1863.-Walter S., b. 16 Sept. 1865 ; d.

3 Dec. 1867.-Lizzie May, b. 2 July, 1867 iii. ABIjah, b. 16 Nov. 1818; m. Feb. 26, 1843, Elvira M., dau. of Joshua

and Laura (Safford) Parsons, of Hartford, Vt., b. May 23, 1821. He is of the firm of Richardson I Cutler, Gun and Locksmiths, in Lowell. Issue:

1. Frank,9 b. at Lowell, 25 May, 1855. 3. AMMI, b. 22–3 Oct. 1755; m. Feb. ,6, 1776, Esther, dau. of

Edward and Mchitable (Lawton) Winship, of Lexington, bapt. in Menotomy, March 16, 1760. He was a large man, broad in chiest, and was among the first who carried milk for sale in Boston. He did effective service on the memorable 19th of April, and is said to have disabled three British foemen on the retreat from Concord. He d. in Charlestown, June 28, 1830. His wife d. March 30, 1817. Both lie buried in Arlington. Their issue: i. Ammi,“ b. Menotomy, 17 Sept. 1777; m. (1st) Elizabeth Cut

ler ; (20) Mehitable, dau. of Ephraim and Mehitable (Knowles) Lombard, of Truro, Mass.* ; (30) Hannah (Lombard) Champney, dau. of Ephraim Lombard, of Truro, and widow of Caleb

Dinsdale Champney, of Boston.t She d. Feb. 28, 1836. Ammi Cutter was for some years a captain of militia. He was an oil-merchant on the T Wharf, and afterwards at the corner of Portland and Traverse Streets, in Boston. He resided in Weston, West Cambridge, Boston, Charlestown, and West Cambridge, where he d. Mar. 4, 1850. He was at one time very successful, but met with losses from ill-placed confidence, and died in reduced circumstances. Ilis issue :

i. CALEB CHAMPNEY,? b. 3 March, 1800; m. (1st) March 11, 1821, Han-
nah, dau. of Asahel and Mary (Clark) Biglow, b. Feb. 5, 1800, d. April,
1837; (d) Sept. 4, 1838, Frances Margaret, dau. of Jaazaniah and
Mary (Buies) Clark, of Milton. He is an inspector of fish-oil in Boston.
His issue :

1. Charles Caleb, b. 1 Feb. 1822; d. Feb. 21, 1822.
2. Marianna Davenport, b. 20 Sept. 1824; m. Sept. 16, 1851, Charles

E. Trott, of Boston, now of New York. Mr. Trott is a wholesale
druggist and rectifier. Issue :-Henry Blake, b. 7 March, 1854; d.

27 April, 1855.– Francis Bigelow, b. 19 Nov. 1856. 3. Clarence Henry, b. 8 Aug. 1830; m. Oct. 10, 1860, Mercine E.,

dau. of Joseph C. and Sophia (Ryder) Stinson, of Prospect, Me. April 3, 1862, he enlisted in the 95th Reg't N. Y. Vols. as private; was made Sergeant Major, Feb. 7, 1863, and 1st Lieut. in Feb. 1864; was present at the battles of Rappa hannock Station, Groveton, Gainsville, second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Upperville, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, and the Wilderness, besides many skirmishes. Was prisoner of war from May 6, 1861, to March 5, 1865 ; was mustered out April 27, 1865. Is at present a clerk in the 5th Auditor's Office, Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. Issue:

1. William Parker, b. 19 Dec. 1867. 4. Charles Ammi,& b. 14 March, 1837 ; m. May 21, 1863, Sarah Fayer

weather, dau. of Charles John and Sophia (Haven) Appleton, of

* Vide notice of the Lombard family in APPENDIX.

+ Caleb D. Champney was b. in Roxbury. Ile was partner in business and intimate friend of Ammi Cutter, whose first son was nuned after him, and whose sister-in-law he married. He died a few months after the marriage, and his partner subsequently married his widow.

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