Employment and Earnings and Monthly Report on the Labor Force

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U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics., 1968

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Halaman 83 - Production and related workers include working foremen and all nonsupervisory workers (including leadmen and trainees) engaged in fabricating, processing, assembling, inspection, receiving, storage, handling, packing, warehousing, shipping, maintenance, repair, janitorial and...
Halaman 79 - Consists of persons classified as employed or unemployed in accordance with the criteria described above. Experienced Unemployed— These are unemployed persons who have worked at any time in the past. Experienced Civilian Labor Force— Consists of the employed and the experienced unemployed.
Halaman 82 - The reliability of an estimated percentage, computed by using sample data for both numerator and denominator, depends upon both the size of the percentage and the size of the total upon which the percentage is based. Estimated percentages are relatively more reliable than the corresponding estimates of the numerators of the percentages, particularly if the percentages are 50 percent or more.
Halaman 91 - Persons employed at more than one job are counted only once in the census and are classified according to the job at which they worked the greatest number of hours during the reference week.
Halaman 78 - Reference Week"). For several reasons, the unemployment figures of the Census Bureau are not comparable with published figures on unemployment compensation claims. For example, figures on unemployment compensation claims exclude persons who have exhausted their benefit rights, new workers who have not earned rights to unemployment insurance, and persons losing jobs not covered by unemployment insurance systems (including some workers in agriculture, domestic services, and religious organizations,...
Halaman 43 - Paper and allied products Printing and publishing Chemicals and allied products...
Halaman 91 - In nonagricultural establishments who worked during, or received pay for any part of the pay period which Includes the 12th of the month.
Halaman 124 - ... available for work during the survey week (except for temporary illness). Also included as unemployed are those who did not work at all, were available for work, and (a) were waiting to be called back to a job from which they had been laid off; or (b) were waiting to report to a new wage or salary job within 30 days. Source: Employment and Earnings, US Department of Labor. The civilian labor force comprises the total of all civilians classified as employed or unemployed.
Halaman 54 - ... all those who were not working but who had jobs or businesses from which they were temporarily absent because of illness, bad weather, vacation, labor-management dispute, or personal reasons, whether or not they were paid by their employers for the time off, and whether or not they were seeking other jobs.
Halaman 91 - ... less than the standard error. The chances, are about 19 out of 20 that the difference is less than twice the standard error and about 99 out of 100 that it is less than 2% times the standard error.

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