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Halaman 170 - Hannibal gave my young ideas such a turn, that I used to strut in raptures up and down after the recruiting drum and bag-pipe, and wish myself tall enough to be a soldier ; while the story of Wallace poured a Scottish prejudice into my veins, which will boil along there till the flood-gates of life shut in eternal rest.
Halaman 126 - Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.
Halaman 292 - Tinkers sang catches; milkmaids sang ballads; carters whistled; each trade, and even the beggars, had their special songs; the base-viol hung in the drawing room for the amusement of waiting visitors; and the lute, cittern, and virginals, for the amusement of waiting customers, were the necessary furniture of the barber's shop. They had music at dinner; music at supper; music at weddings; music at funerals; music at night; music at dawn; music at work; and music at play.
Halaman 190 - How Wallace fought for Scotland; left the name Of Wallace to be found, like a wild flower, All over his dear Country; left the deeds Of Wallace, like a family of Ghosts, To people the steep rocks and river banks, Her natural sanctuaries, with a local soul Of independence and stern liberty.
Halaman 170 - Hannibal and the history of Sir William Wallace. Hannibal gave my young ideas such a turn that I used to strut in raptures up and down after the recruiting drum and bagpipe, and wish myself tall enough to be a soldier; while the story of Wallace poured a...
Halaman 107 - AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES, associations for the purpose of promoting the science and practice of agriculture.
Halaman 260 - Three-score and ten years,' the Psalmist's limit, which probably was often in Oliver's thoughts and in those of others there, might have been anticipated for him : Ten Years more of Life ; which, we may compute, would have given another History to all the Centuries of England. But it was not to be so, it was to be otherwise. Oliver's health, as we might observe, was but uncertain in late times ; often ' indisposed
Halaman 131 - Would you desire at this day to read our noble language in its native beauty, picturesque from idiomatic propriety, racy in its phraseology, delicate yet sinewy in its composition, steal the mail-bags, and break open all the letters in female handwriting.
Halaman 254 - The rush for land was only paralleled by the movement towards the mines of California and Australia, but with this painful difference, that the enthusiasts in Ceylon, instead of hurrying to disinter, were hurrying to bury their gold.
Halaman 166 - ... from their several Granges. The Grange itself, the chief house of each of the abbey baronies, must have been a spacious farmsteading. In it were gathered the cattle, implements, and stores needed for the cultivation of their demesne lands or mains ; their corn and produce, the serfs or carls who cultivated it, and their women and families.

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