United States Congressional Serial Set, Masalah 9327

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1931
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Bridge Missouri River near Powersite Crossing or Wilder Ferry Mont 2588 Construct water main to Selfridge Field Mich
Construct quartermaster storehouse at Selfridge Field Mich
Prohibition of importation of goods produced by convict labor
Tribal funds to purchase lands in Fort Apache Indian Reservation 2592 Extend restrictive period for members of Five Civilized Tribes 2593 To amen...
Construction of breakwater in Lake Michigan by Chicago etc 2598 Hospital and home facilities to veterans of Confederate Army and Navy 2599 Rel...
Bridge across San Francisco
Tunnel under Delaware River at South Philadelphia Pa 2604 Adoption of minors by Crow Indians of Montana
Distribution of tribal funds of Puyallup Indians
Quarantine inspection service
Classification of Crow Indians
Claims of certain foreign Governments
To pay claims of Indians of Fort Berthold Reservation 2611 Disposition of useless papers in Department of Commerce 2612 Disposition of useless pa...
Amend law rel to promotion of certain naval officers on retired list 2626 Convey part of Fenwick Island lighthouse reservation for road purposes 26...
Bridge across Mississippi River at or near New Boston Ill 2631 Bridge across Ohio River at or near Cannelton
Contracts concerning Rio Grande irrigation project 2633 Final disposition of affairs of eastern band of Cherokee Indians 2635 Chicago Century of Pr...
Corrected print III
Printing and distribution of writings of George Washington 2637 Entertainment of French Veterans of World War 2638 Celebration of anniversary ...
Amend act transferring land from Tusayan National Forest 2658 To establish mining experiment station at College Park Md
Adding lands to Idaho National Forest Idaho
Adding lands to Washakie National Forest
Construction at Plattsburg Barracks Plattsburg N
Acquisition of land in Oahu Hawaii
Construction at Fort Snelling Minn and Camp Devens Mass
Acquisition of land for proper defense of Atlantic Coast 2677 Regulate prescribing and use of waters from Hot Springs National Park 2680 Indepen...
Construction of bridge at Fort Benning Ga across Upatoi Creek 2686 Amend section 3 of act for control of floods on Mississippi River etc 2687 Exp...
Department of Agriculture appropriation bill 1932
To excuse certain persons from residence on homestead lands 192930
Construction of building at Corozal Canal Zone
To amend act for creation of Colonial National Monument 2699 Second World Conference of Workers for the Crippled
Second polar year program
Grading and classification of clerks in foreign service 2703 Relief of sufferers from fire in Minnesota pts 1 and 2
To amend bankruptcy act relative to building and loan associations 2712 Second deficiency appropriation bill 1931
Transportation of school children in D C at reduced fare 2716 Enrollment of children of Blackfeet tribe of Indians
Expense allowance of service personnel for air travel without troops 2719 Award of goodconduct medal to enlisted men of Army
Amend World War veterans act relative to pensions for widows etc 2722 United States to be made party defendant in certain cases
Acquisition of land for West Point military reservation
Purchase of land joining West Point military reservation 2725 Prohibit recovery of debts to United States of Army personnel etc 2726 Purchase of la...
Creation of corporation to operate Muscle Shoals properties 2748 War Department appropriation bill 1932
Relieving commissioners of D C of certain ministerial duties 2751 Amending act relating to degreeconferring institutions
Closing of upper Water street between 22d and 23d streets nw D C
Additional land for Schenectady military reservation
Collection of annual statistics relating to crime
Court of Claims to adjudicate claims of certain Indians of Oregon 2759 Construction of tuberculosis sanatorium for adults of D C
Construction of sea wall at Fort Randolph Panama Canal 2780 Right of way for sewer pipe line at Fort Bragg military reservation
To widen Fort Thomas avenue Fort Thomas
Suppression of lotteries in Canal Zone 2812 Punishment for promoting fights between bulls dogs etc in Canal Zone 2813 To prevent in Canal Zone ...
To regulate carrying and keeping of arms in Canal Zone 2815 Enticing laborers from Isthmian Canal Commission or Panama Railroad 2816 Extradit...
Authorize certain officials of Canal Zone to administer oaths
Punish persons deported from Canal Zone who return thereto 2823 Regulate operation of streetrailway cars at crossings in Canal Zone 2824 To amen...
To amend sec 79 of Panama Canal act rel to courts in Canal Zone 2837 Regulate exterior advertising in District of Columbia 2839 Forfeiture of pay ...
Loss sustained in Mediterranean fruitfly eradication campaign 2844 Examination of Edisto River and its branches for flood control 2845 Bridge acro...
Bridges across streams and rivers in West Virginia
Bridge across Boeuf River at or near Buckner
Pipeline bridge across Missouri River at Sioux City Iowa
Bridge across Ohio River at or near Moundsville W Va 2850 Bridge across Missouri River between Nebraska and South Dakota 2851 Bridge across ...
Bridge across Little Calumet River in Cook County Ill 2853 Bridge across Missouri River at or near Weldon Springs
Tunnel under Delaware River between Delaware and New Jersey 2855 Bridge across Eleven Points River at or near Thomasville
Bridge across White River near Reed Springs Reeds Spring Mo 2857 Bridge across James River at Galena Mo 2858 Bridge across St Francis River at ...
Bridge across White River at Branson
Bridge across St Francis River near Greenville
Bridge across Missouri River at or near Elbowoods N Dak 2863 Establish uniform requirements affecting Government contracts
Protection of Palo Verde Valley Calif 2865 Disposition of power revenues on Federal irrigation projects
To amend code of criminal procedure for Canal Zone
To provide new code of civil procedure for Canal Zone 2868 Civil code for Canal Zone 2869 Bridge across Allegheny River at or near President
To amend District of Columbia traffic acts 2874 Additional appropriation for target range at Fort Ethan Allen
Lease portions of air depot Little Rock
To authorize acceptance of bequest of William F Edgar 2877 Appropriation for construction at Randolph Field San Antonio
Leo N Levi Memorial Hospital Association to mortgage its property
Construction of laundry building at Fort Benjamin Harrison Ind 2880 Establishment of Isle Royale National Park Mich 2882 Retirement of disabled ...
Eastern or Emigrant and Western or Old Settler Cherokee Indian claims 2886 Bridge across Missouri River at or near Arrow Rock
Bridge across Missouri River at or near St Charles
Furnishing of food to children attending schools in D C
Regulation of real estate brokers and salesmen in D C
George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission
Disposition of useless papers in Interior Department
Public Buildings and Public Parks of National Capital Office 2894 Bridge across Big Sandy R between Kenova W Va and Catlettsburg Ky 2895 Brid...
To accompany H R 16969
Increase flyingfield area of Fort Jay Governors Island N Y 2899 Navy Department appropriation bill 1932
To amend act for enlarging of Capitol grounds 2906 Amend leasing act to permit unit plan of oil and gas development 2907 National Council of Int...
Disposition of useless papers in Department of Labor 2920 Disposition of useless papers in Navy Department 2922 Deportation of alien seamen
Claim of Indiana Militia for military service on Mexican border 2924 Promotion of health and welfare of mothers and infants etc 2925 Second defici...
To further develop vocational education 2927 Granting equipment allowance to thirdclass postmasters
Salaries of supervisory officials at firstclass post offices
Classifying certain official mail matter rel to franking privilege 2930 International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden Germany
Protection and preservation of navigable waters
Qualifying Indians for independent citizenship
Improvement of Willamette River between Oregon City and Portland Oreg
Bridge across Minnesota River in counties of Hennepin and Scott Minn 2941 Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Helena
Second deficiency appropriation bill 1931

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Halaman 52 - Senate to the bill (HR 16415) making appropriations for the Executive Office and sundry independent executive bureaus, boards, commissions, and offices for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1932, and for other purposes, having met, after full and free conference have agreed to recommend and do recommend to their respective Houses as follows: That the Senate recede from its...
Halaman 52 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
Halaman 52 - ... incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school or seminary of learning in the United States...
Halaman 52 - Senate to the bill (HR 15569) "making appropriations for the Departments of State and Justice and for the Judiciary, and for the Departments of Commerce and Labor, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1930, and for other purposes...
Halaman 30 - All goods, wares, articles, and merchandise mined, produced or manufactured wholly or In part in any foreign country by convict labor or/and forced labor or/and indentured labor under penal sanctions shall not be entitled to entry at any of the ports of the United States, and the Importation thereof is hereby prohibited...
Halaman 52 - Defense, the Coast Guard, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the Public Health Service any supplies or war materials." For the purpose of this statute, "selling
Halaman 52 - Majesty further engages to urge upon the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada and the Legislature of New Brunswick that no export duty, or other duty, shall be levied on lumber or timber of any kind cut on that portion of the American territory in the State of Maine watered by the River St. John and its tributaries, and floated down that river to the sea, when the same is shipped to the United States from the Province of New Brunswick.
Halaman 52 - And provided further, That the provisions of this law applicable to contract labor shall not be held to exclude professional actors, artists, lecturers, singers, ministers of any religious denomination, professors for colleges or seminaries, persons belonging to any recognized learned profession, or persons employed strictly as personal or domestic servants.

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