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71st Congress, 3d Session

(December 1, 1930 – March 4, 1931)


VOL. 2




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Note. The reports missing from this volume will be found in volumes 3, 4, and 5 of House public reports

or in the bound volumes of House private reports.

2718. Expense allowance of service personnel for air travel without troops.

2719. Award of good-conduct medal to enlisted men of Army.

2721. Amend World War veterans' act relative to pensions for widows, etc.

2722. United States to be made party defendant in certain cases.

2723. Acquisition of land for West Point military reservation.

2724. Purchase of land joining West Point military reservation.

2725. Prohibit recovery of debts to United States of Army personnel, etc.

2726. Purchase of land in California for addition to Cahuilla Reservation.

2727. To extend laws relating to vocational education to Porto Rico.*

2728. Amendment to workmen's compensation act of D. C.

2729. Use old Business High School to relieve congestion in schools in D. C.

2730. Granting retired pay to 14 teachers in District of Columbia.

2731. Increasing salaries of vocational teachers in District of Columbia.

2732. Sabbatical leave for school employees in District of Columbia.

2733. Provide branch library in Georgetown, D. C.

2747. Creation of corporation to operate Muscle Shoals properties.

2748. War Department appropriation bill, 1932.

2750. Relieving commissioners of D. C. of certain ministerial duties.

2751. Amending act relating to degree-conferring institutions.

2753. Closing of upper Water street between 22d and 23d streets nw., D. C.

2754. Permit certain Government employees to prosecute claims against U. S.

2755. Alteration and repair of Eastern Dispensary and Casualty Hospital.

2756. Additional land for Schenectady military reservation.

2757. Collection of annual statistics relating to crime, etc.

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