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for the current fiscal year. The additional amount is necessary for payments for death and disability compensation to employees of the United States as authorized by law. The additional sum being necessitated because of the increase in the number of Government employees and the impossibility of estimating so far in advance as to what the actual requirements of the service would be.


The amount of $194,136.47 recommended for the Federal Trade Commission includes a total of $129,738.47 to replace supplies and equipment destroyed by fire through the burning of the building in which the commission was housed and the remainder of the amount is to continue the employment of present personnel engaged in the investigations of public utilities and chain stores.


The amount recommended is $77,000, which is $10,560 less than the Budget estimates. The recommendation includes $5,000 for stationery and office supplies, $25,000 for printing and binding, $15,000 for reproductions of busts and photographs, $23,500 for agricultural fairs, county fairs, State fairs, farm organizations, etc.. $6,500 for boys' and girls' clubs, and $2,000 for office equipment.


The sum of $239,072 is recommended for general expenses to include $150,000 for rent and $17,475 for maintenance of the old Commerce Building to be occupied by the War Department when vacated by the Department of Commerce, $15,000 for lighting the Washington Monument as an aid to air navigation, $9,000 rental for the Radio Commission, $2,500 rental for the Winder Building Annex, $5,097 rental for the International Joint Commission, and $40,000 for rental of space for storage purposes.

The sum of $13,100 in lieu of the Budget estimate of $19,655 is recommended for the police force to patrol the new Mount Vernon Memorial Highway.

The sum of $750,000 is included for a central heating plant for the entire Potomac group of buildings north of B Street and west of Seventeenth Street to replace the present temporary plant now located on the square the use of which has been granted by law to the Pan American Union for an annex building.


The sum of $23,668,795.22 is recommended for the Veterans' Administration, consisting of $615,300 for salaries and administrative expenses, $18,150,000 for military and naval compensation, $4,000,000 for medical and hospital services, $818,000 for maintenance of national soldiers' homes, and $74,728 for payments to State and Teritorial homes for maintenance of veterans therein.

The item of $615,300 for salaries and expenses is necessitated by the new duties placed upon the bureau by the amendment of the

HR-71-3-VOL 2-32

World War veterans' act of July 3, 1930 The total additional cost of administering that act is $946,255 for personnel and the appropriation of $615,300 indicates that $330,955 of the additional has been absorbed in the existing appropriation.

When the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs was before the committee in connection with the first deficiency bill he indicated a deficit in the compensation appropriation of $59,300,000 on account of the new legislation and the increased number of claims being filed by veterans due to economic conditions and to the nation-wide publicity to advise veterans of their rights under existing laws. Of this estimated deficiency of $59,300,000, $36,250,000 was carried in the first deficiency bill, leaving $23,050,000 for consideration in connection with this bill when better data would be available. The amount now estimated to be necessary to complete the fiscal year is $18,150,000, which is recommended in the bill, indicating that of the original figure of $59,300,000, approximately $5,000,000 will not be needed.

The recommendation of $4,000,000 for medical and hospital services is brought about by the new legislation of July 3, 1930, necessitating a large number of medical examinations, also by increased demand for hospitalization requiring the use of all available beds in other Government hospitals, and an unanticipated increase in the trend of expenditures for burials.

The item of $818,000 on account of national soldiers' homes is due to the placing in operation of a large number of additional beds. through the completion of new facilities and the increase in the number in the homes. It is estimated that the average number of members to be cared for during the fiscal year 1931 will approximate 22,900.


The sum of $50,000 is recommended for traveling expenses and for clerical assistance for the commission created by the act of June 27, 1930, to study and consider amending the Constitution of the United States to provide that property may be taken by Congress for public use during war and methods of equalizing burdens and to remove the profits of war, together with a study of policies to be pursued in the event of war. The commission is organized and has recommended the appropriation of this sum to be available until December 31, 1931, the law requiring a report with definite recommendations to be transmitted to Congress not later than the first Monday in December, 1931.


The total amount recommended for the District of Columbia is $866,617.56. This sum includes $253,900 for salaries of the police department, $225,600 for salaries of the fire department, and $13,900 for salaries of the park police, due to the legislation of last session increasing the pay of such personnel.

The bill also includes $118,317.40 for expenses of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia for 1931 and prior years on account of the increase in litigation and $43,328.81 for payment to the United States for District prisoners maintained in United States penitentiaries.

Under Public Welfare there is included $5,000 for home care for dependent children, $22,000 for the workhouse and reformatory, $7,500, each, for the maintenance of indigent patients in the Children's Hospital and the Emergency Hospital, and $30,000 for additional water supply at the District Training School. The items for the workhouse and the District Training School are largely occasioned by the drought of the past summer, which resulted in a shortage of water supply at each place and also occasioned additional expense for maintenance because of the failure of certain food supplies normally produced at the institutions.

Items of $84,666.27 for payment of judgments and $19,114.18 for settlement of claims and suits adjusted by the commissioners under existing law have been included in the bill as recommended.


The sum of $50,000 is recommended for rent of buildings and $18,000 for labor and materials to provide space for the removal of bureaus of the department necessitated by the construction program for the new extensible office building. The sums of $50,000 under the Bureau of Plant Industry and $150,000 under the Forest Service are recommended for expanding the program for the eradication and control of the white pine blister rust. These sums will be used to supplement amounts in the regular annual appropriation bill by work in the national forests and in cooperation with private and State owners. The sum of $50,000 is included for expenses incident to a determination of the title to the Malheur Lake bird reservation, Oreg., $75,000 to supervise licenses classifying cotton under the supervision of the cotton standards act, and $22,500 additional for enforcement during 1932 of the grain standards act.

The committee was requested to reappropriate for 1932 the unexpended balance of the appropriation of $1,740,000 granted for 1931 for work in connection with the Mediterranean fruit fly, the estimated amount to remain unexpended at the end of the present fiscal year approximating $450,000. The committee recommends the reappropriation of the balance under the following conditions: $80,000 to be available for research work in the Hawaiian Islands, Brazil, and the West Indies and the remainder of the balance, possibly $375,000, to be set up as a reserve fund for use on order of the President if an infestation of the fly requires such use.


Appropriations of $120,000 for salaries in the Secretary's office, $60,725 for contingent expenses, and $10,000 for printing and binding, totaling $190,725, are included on account of the President's emergency committee on unemployment. The committee was organized when Congress was not in session and its expenses have been financed from Department of Commerce appropriations. The amount included in the bill is to restore to departmental appropriations the sums diverted to the purposes of this committee amounting to approximately $60,000 to January 1, and to provide funds for support of the committee until June 30, next.


The amount recommended for the Department of the Interior is $4,159,881.46. Of this total, $803,744.98 is included for appropriation out of the general fund for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The main items comprise $90,000 for transportation of supplies for the Indian Service, $94,500 for miscellaneous construction of Indian agency buildings, $52,439.51 to pay awards to the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico in accordance with the findings of the Pueblo lands board, $20,000 for purchase of a site and establishment of an Indian village near Elko, Nev., in accordance with the act of January 31, 1931, $50,000 additional for administration of Indian forests resulting from the drought and the consequent large number of destructive forest fires, $33,000 for completion of the Coolidge Dam and the power plant on the San Carlos Reservation, Ariz., $200,000 for construction or purchase of a power distributing system for the Flathead Reservation project, Montana, $125,000 for payment as provided by law to the Middle Rio Grande conservancy district, New Mexico, and items for physical improvements at various Indian schools and hospitals as follows:

Water supply, Ute Mountain School, Colorado, $15,000; dairy sheds, milkhouse and equipment, and sidewalks and curbing, Riverside school, California, $25,000; repairs and improvements to the heating system, Charles H. Burke boarding school, Fort Wingate, N. Mex., $30,000; and improvement of the water supply and central heating plant, Tacoma, Wash., Indian hospital, $27,500. Items of $10,000 and $15,000, respectively, are included for school buildings at Nome and Shungnak, Alaska, for education of natives of Alaska and an item is included in the bill providing for the transfer of unexpended balances of appropriations for the current year for education and medical relief of natives in Alaska from the Office of Education to the Bureau of Indian Affairs upon order of the Secretary of the Interior. Appropriations from Indian tribal funds are recommended as follows: $100,000 to the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Indians, of Oklahoma, $270,000 to the Sisseton and Wahepton bands of Sioux Indians, $25,000 from the funds of the Chippewa Indians for repairs and construction at the Red Lake hospital in Minnesota, and $100,000 in lieu of the Budget recommendation of $50,000 to be set aside as a fund for fees and expenses of litigation involving the Osage mineral rights in Oklahoma.

The sum of $2,500,000 is recommended for roads and trails in national parks and monuments and of approach roads. to national parks and national monuments, the additional amount has been authorized by the act approved January 31, 1931.

Additional improvements are recommended in national parks as follows: $71,000 for construction and operation of a power plant and distributing system at Yakima Park in Mount Rainier National Park, Wash.; $50,000 for water supply system in the Wind Cave National Park, S. Dak.; $32,500 for completion of a sewage disposal system in Yosemite National Park; and $3,000 for a water supply at the Chaco Canyon National Monument.

By order of the President, acting under authority vested in him by law, the administration of the Virgin Islands, through temporary

government, has been transferred from the Navy Department to the Department of the Interior. The bill includes for this purpose $643,300 for the remainder of the fiscal year 1931 and for the fiscal year 1932. The portion of the $643,300 assignable to the fiscal year 1932 supersedes the estimate submitted in the regular Budget of $432,000. The distribution of the amount recommended is as follows:

Fiscal year 1931:

Additional deficit, municipal revenues, 1931...

Salaries of additional civilian employees to replace naval personnel, 1931 (averaged one-fourth year) –

Public works projects..

Fiscal year 1932: Cost of municipal government.
Rehabilitation program:

Remodeling hotel at St. Thomas.

Bay oil development in St. John_


Industrial and agricultural school in St. Croix-
Reorganization of agricultural experimental station in St. Croix...
Reforestation of the islands..

$22, 000

25, 000 53, 000 380, 700

30, 000

3, 500

72, 000 30, 500

21, 600 5, 000


643, 300

The situation of the inhabitants of the Virgin Islands has become acute, due to the failure of the sugar industry and to the drought of the past summer. The committee feels that a constructive, practical program has been prepared for rehabilitation and development and recommends the full amount of the estimate.


The total recommended for the Department of Justice is $6,503,237.60, of which $1,345,282.76 represents supplemental and deficiency amounts for salaries and expenses of maintenance and operation of United States courts. The committee recommends the full amount of the Budget estimate with the exception of small items of $3,591 for a few additional employees in the United States customs court and $18,750 for 15 law clerks to United States circuit judges from March 1 to June 30, next. These clerks are provided for in the 1932 bill and the committee feels that their employment might well wait until that time.

For United States penitentiaries there is recommended for maintenance and for minor items of improvement, repair, and equipment, $904,186.55. This sum is due in the main to increased population at various institutions and in some measure to increased per capita costs. An item of $1,000,000 is included as a supplemental amount for the current year for the maintenance of United States prisoners in city and county jails and State institutions.

For completion of the United States Northeastern Penitentiary near Lewisburg, Pa., there is recommended $1,900,000, which is $250,000 less than the Budget recommendation. The total authorized cost of the institution is $3,850,000, and the amount recommended, together with the previous appropriation of $1,700,000, make a total of $3,600,000. The committee is of the opinion that the amount recommended will be sufficient to complete the new construction, the

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