Digest of Highway Cases, Together with All the Principal Statutes Relating to Highways, Bridges and Locomotives

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Sanitary Publishing Company, 1903 - 650 halaman

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Halaman 168 - Subject to the foregoing provisions the ancillary receiver and his deputies shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties with respect to the administration of such assets, as a receiver of an insurer domiciled in this state.
Halaman 186 - Any civil penalty under this subsection shall be assessed and collected in the same manner, and subject to the same provisions, as in the case of civil penalties assessed and collected after notice and opportunity for hearing on the record in accordance with section 554 of title 5.
Halaman 37 - ... correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding one calendar month.
Halaman 363 - We think that the true rule of law is that the person who, for his own purposes, brings on his land and collects and keeps there anything likely to do mischief if it escapes, must keep it at his peril, and if he does not do so is prima facie answerable for all the damage which is the natural consequence of its escape.
Halaman 136 - ... or is not lighted to the satisfaction of the urban authority, such authority may, by notice addressed to the respective owners or occupiers of the premises fronting adjoining or abutting on such parts thereof as may require to...
Halaman 160 - Summary Jurisdiction Acts" means as follows : As to England, the Act of the session of the eleventh and twelfth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter forty-three, intituled "An Act to facilitate the performance of the duties of justices of the peace out of sessions within England and Wales with respect to summary convictions and orders...
Halaman 30 - Highways, to show cause why the said hedges are not cut. pruned, or plashed, or such trees not pruned or lopped, in such manner that the carriageway...
Halaman 135 - All streets being, or which at any time become, highways repairable by the inhabitants at large within any urban district, and the pavements, stones, and other materials thereof, and all buildings, implements, and other things provided for the purposes thereof, shall vest in and be under the control of the urban authority.
Halaman 77 - Every person who suffers to be at large any unmuzzled ferocious dog, or sets on or urges any dog or other animal to attack, worry, or put in fear any person or animal...
Halaman 49 - ... hereby empowered to take by way of recognizance or otherwise; but if upon the return of such warrant it shall appear that no sufficient distress can be had whereupon to levy the said penalty or penalties, and such costs as aforesaid, and the same shall not be forthwith paid, or in...

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