Amendment to Packers and Stockyards Act: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States Senate, Seventieth Congress, First Session on S. 2506 and S. 3368...February 29, March 1, 2, and 5, 1928

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Halaman 7 - ... liable to the person or persons injured thereby for the full amount of damages sustained in consequence of any such violation of the provisions of this act...
Halaman 50 - No complaint shall at any time be dismissed because of the absence of direct damage to the complainant.
Halaman 7 - Commission find the same to exist, and shall not thereafter publish, demand, or collect any rate or charge for such transportation in excess of the maximum rate or charge so prescribed, and shall conform to the regulation or practice so prescribed.
Halaman 7 - If any provision of this act or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the validity of the remainder of the act and of the application of such provision to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
Halaman 7 - When used in this title the term "stockyard" means any place, establishment, or facility commonly known as stockyards, conducted or operated for compensation or profit as a public market, consisting of pens, or other inclosures, and their appurtenances, in which live cattle, sheep, swine, horses, mules, or goats are received, held, or kept for sale or shipment in commerce.
Halaman 7 - Commission a certificate that the present or future public convenience and necessity require or will require the construction, or operation, or construction and operation, of such additional or extended line of railroad...
Halaman 207 - ... covered by the charges, he shall make a report in writing in which he shall state his findings as to the facts, and shall issue and cause to be served on the packer an order requiring such packer to cease and desist from continuing such violation. The testimony taken at the hearing shall be reduced to writing and filed in the records of the Department of Agriculture.
Halaman 7 - Make or give, in commerce, any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to any particular person or locality in any respect whatsoever, or subject...
Halaman 163 - It shall be the duty of every stockyard owner and market agency to establish, observe, and enforce just, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory regulations and practices in respect to the furnishing of stockyard services, and every unjust, . unreasonable, or discriminatory regulation or practice is prohibited and declared to be unlawful.
Halaman 7 - Civil penalties owed under this Act shall be paid to the Secretary for deposit into the Treasury of the United States and shall accrue to the United States and may be recovered in a civil action...

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