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The full announcement is given in Toner's Anniversary Oration as follows:


(Second street east, Capitol Hill, Washington, D. C.] This institution, which is under the control and direction of the Sisters of Charity, is now open to the public.

All persons suffering from casualties or noncontagious diseases will be admitted.

The buildings are spacious and, with the alterations recently made, well adapted to hospital purposes.

The location is elevated and salubrious, the grounds are extensive and well shaded, affording ample facilities for air and exercise.

Providence Hospital is admirably suited to patients wishing to avail themselves of the advantages of a hospital and yet enjoy the comforts and quiet of home.


Private rooms, from $7 to $10, according to the nature of the disease and the attendance required.

General wards, $1.

Dr. J. M. Toner is the attending physician and surgeon of the house, but all the physicians in the District will have an equality of privilege in the institution; consequently any physiciiin who may send a patient to the hospital can attend the same, if he wishes to do so.

Application can be made at the hospital or to Dr. J. M. Toner.

In Congress the hospital early found a powerful and persistent friend in the Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, of Pennsylvania, and afterwards Hon. Samuel J. Randall and on. James A. Garfield were numbered conspicuously among its supporters. The appropriation of $6,000 a year “for the support, care, and medical treatment of 40 transient paupers, medical and surgical patients, in some proper medical institution in the city of Washington, to be selected by the Commissioner of Public Buildings," was the main financial dependence of the new hospital.

This appropriation was continued for three years, but failed in 1865, only to be doubled in the act of April 7, 1866. The act of July 28, 1806, made a second appropriaờion of $12,000 and increased the number of patients to be treated from 40 to 60. The same act appropriated $30,000 for the purpose of aiding in the erection of an additional building to the Providence Hospital, and provided that in case the property should ever be sold or diverted from hospital uses as expressed in the charter, then the sum of $30,000 shall first be paid out of the proceeds into the United States Treasury to reimburse the sum appropriated. Two years later a further appropriation of $30,000 was made for the completion of the hospital; and it was provided that “all expenditures under appropriations of Congress shall be made under the direction and control of the Surgeon General of the Army, whose duty it shall be to report at the December session of every Congress a full and complete statement of all expenses incurred under and by virtue of appropria

Annual Report of Providence Hospital, 1896.
2 Senate Ex. Doc. No. 84, Forty-tifth Congress, second session, p. 119,

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