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Mr. BROWN. We require them to get a statement from the Pension or Deputy Commissioner.

Representative NORTHWAY. They get an answer as to the status of their claims ?

Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir.

Representative NORTHWAY. They simply go there and inquire as to the condition of their claims?

Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir.
Representative NORTHWAY. Can they get an answer up there?

Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir; frequently they do. They are told how soon a decision may be expected; that it may take three or four days, a week, or maybe six months.

Representative NORTHWAY. In other words, they get the same kind of answer that Members of Congress get?

Mr. Brown. I presume it is about the same. And we know when the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner says a case is likely to be through in three or four days that there is strong prospect of it being done. We frequently get cases made special and that assists them very materially.

Representative NORTHWAY. I have no doubt that it would.

Mr. BROWN. And I think we do more of that than, perhaps, anybody would think.

Representative NORTHWAY. I suppose, from talking with the old soldiers, you can see that they are objects of charity!

Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir.
Senator MCMILLAN. You get an appropriation of $2,500?
Mr. BROWN. Yes, sir.
Senator MCMILLAN. Is that sufficient to carry on your work?

Mr. Brown. It is not quite sufficient to carry on the work, but still we have been able to get along with the additional contribution we get outside.

Senator MCMILLAN. Have you any other questions, Colonel Northway?

Representative NORTHWAY. No, sir; I think not.

Senator MCMILLAN. That is all, then. That, I think, finishes our hearings.

Maj. J. B. BURKE. Mr. Chairman, your committee has perhaps noticed my presence here daily since these hearings begun. My excuse for being here to-day is to ask this committee to accord me or the committee that I represent an opportunity to present to this committee a statement. I may say also that I have another excuse for being here, and that is that I am largely responsible for the bringing about of these hearings; it was on charges that I made to the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Appropriations for the District of Columbia. I think now it is only fair that we should have an opportunity to further prove the charges that I then made, and as an opportunity was given some gentlemen yesterday to present a paper in five or six days, I would like to have the same privilege.

Senator MCMILLAN. We would like to have any statement in writing that you want to present. You can send it in in a few days.

Major BURKE. Can we have until next Monday?
Senator MCMILLAN. Yes, sir; there will be no trouble about that.
The committee thereupon (at 3.15 p. m.) adjourned.






RETURN A.--Administration.
Name of institution or association: The Associated Charities of the
District of Columbia.

Location of institution or office of association: 811 G street NW.,
Washington, D.O.

Date of organization: January 16, 1882.
Date of incorporation: January 21, 1882.
Date of approval of act under which incorporated: May 5, 1870.
Extent of lands occupied : None.
Amount of endowment: None.

RETURN C.-Income and expenditure for year ending October 31, 1896.

Income from Congressional appropriations: None.
Income from other public sources, stating such sources: None.
Income from private gifts: 84,919.26.
Income from endowment: None.

Income from all other sources, stating such sources: Rent from subletting, $319; loan, $500; interest on bank account, $8.15.

Total income: $5,746.41.
Amount of indebtedness: $500.
Amount paid for interest: None.

Amount paid for salaries, in detail: General secretary (11 months), $1,375; stenographer, clerk, and 6 field agents, $1,570.17.

All other expenses, in detail: Rent, $796.80; printing and stationery, $364.47; fuel and light, $116.75; telephone, $72, janitor, $85; collector, $104; office furnishings, $104.20; car fare, $123.89; postage, $79.79; miscellaneous, $222.15.

Total cost of maintenance, $5,014.22.

WASHINGTON, D.O., March 15, 1897. The Joint Select Committee to Investigate the

Charities and Reformatory Institutions of the District of Columbia.

GENTLEMEN: Inclosed I send you statements as requested in blanks A, B, and C in reference to the work of our association.

These forms, however, do not give much information in reference to the work of our association, as they have evidently been drawn up with special reference to institution work. I send you by this mail, however, a copy of our last annual report; also a copy of our constitution and by-laws. The objects and methods of the work of this society are very briefly stated on the first page of the constitution.

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