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Thurman, Allen G.-Continued.
resolutions offered by-
that F. C. Humphreys was not a United States shipping-commissioner on
the 7th day of November, 1876.....

that inasmuch as the votes of the people of Louisiana for electors of Presi-

dent and Vice-President in November last have never been legally
canvassed and declared, therefore the votes parporting to be votes
of electors of that State for President and Vice-President ougbt
not to be counted, and no electors of President and Vice-President
can be regarded as chosen in that State. Offered as a sabstitute for
a resolution offered by Mr. Commissioner Morton....

interlocutory remarks and questions by, on the-
business of the Commission....

.33, 267,522, 523, 549, 600, 637
Florida case

...30, 63, 69, 73, 81, 87, 146, 167, 188, 192, 371
Louisiana case .224, 227, 237, 238, 279, 281, 282, 315, 316, 319, 330, 336, 337, 347, 360,

362, 378, 379, 380, 389, 391, 394, 403, 409, 420
Oregon case

..475, 476,532, 552, 559, 595, 599,633
letter from, announcing bis inability to attend the sessions of the Commission,

and asking that the vacancy caused by his absence may be filled as
provided by law.

arguments by, in the consultations on the-
Florida case.

Louisiana case

Townsend, Martin I., a Representative from New York-
incidental remarks by, in joint convention....

Trumbull, Lyman, counsel-

interlocutory remarks by, on the Louisiana case. .218, 231, 239, 300, 339, 342, 415
argument by, on the Louisiana case.

300, 322
Tucker, J. Randolph, an objector on the part of the House-
objections offered in joint convention by, to the certificate from the State of

resolution offered by, that Daniel L. Crossman was not appointed an elector

by the State of Michigan, as its legislature directed, and that the
vote of said Daniel L. Crossman, as an elector of said State, be not

interlocutory remarks by, on the Florida case.

argument by, on the Florida case.

Tyner, James N., Postmaster-General, a witness-
examination of, in the Oregon case.




Vance, John L., a Representative from Ohio-
motions made by-

to take a recess.
that certain testimony relating to the recent election in South Carolina be

read ....
that a resolution offered by Mr. Representative Wood be laid on the table

that Mr. Representative Walling be excused from voting....
Vermont, the State of—(see Electoral votes.)
Virginia, the State of-

electoral votes of, counted






Waddell, Alfred M., a Representative from North Carolina-

incidental remarks by, in joint convention ....,
Wallace, William A., a Senator from Pennsylvania,

objections offered in joint convention by, in the Louisiana case
Walling, Ansel T., a Representative from Ohio,
motions made by-

to reconsider certain votes..

that a resolution offered by Mr. Representative Cochrane be amended....
appeal from decision of the Speaker by...
Watts, John W., a witness -

examination of, in the Oregon case.
West Virginia, the State of

electoral votes of, counted

709, 818




Whitney, William C., counsel..
brief submitted by, in the Florida case

Whyte, William Pinkney, a Senator from Maryland-
motions made by, to take a recess..

424, 440
resolution offered by, that while it is the sense of the Senate that no Sena-

tor or Representative or person holding an office of trust and profit
under the United States shall be appointed an elector, and that this
provision of the Constitution shall be carried in its whole spirit into
rigid execution, yet that the proof is not such as to justify the ex-
clusion of the vote of Daniel L. Crossman as one of the electors of

the State of Michigan, and that his vote should be counted..... 444
Wilson, Jaines, a Representative from Iowa-
motion made by, that the Senate be notified by the Clerk of the action of

the House in regard to the electoral vote of Rhode Island, and that
the House is ready to meet the Senate at once and continge the

counting of the electoral votes for President and Vice-President.... 658
resolution offered by, that the Clerk of the House notify the Senate that the

House is now ready to meet them iu joint meeting of the two
Houses to count the vote for President and Vice-President.

Windom, William, a Senator from Minnesota-
motion made by, to take a recess.

Wisconsin, the State of—(see Electoral votes.)
Witnesses, examination of-
Hamphreys, F. C., (in the Florida' case)..

143, 144
McGrew, J. N., (in the Oregon case).

Raney, George P., (in the Florida case).

Tyner, James N., (in the Oregon case).

Watts, John W., (in the Oregon case)

Yonge, James E., (in the Florida case).

141, 142
Woodburn, William, an objector on the part of the House.



Yeas and nays...

137, 195, 196, 197, 372, 416, 417,415, 419,
420,421, 633, 639, 640, 641, 701, 702, 704

Yonge, James E., a witness--

examination of, in the Florida case.

141, 142

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