Skillmans of New York

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Jones, 1892 - 90 halaman

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Halaman 86 - Remission of all my sins and be saved by the precious death and merrits of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Christ Jesus and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken, to be buried in such Decent and Christian manner as my Executor hereafter named shall be thot...
Halaman 86 - Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my executors/ nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection/ I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God/ and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this Life/ I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form.
Halaman 88 - I Commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who Gave it me and my Body to the Earth...
Halaman 21 - God and calling to remembrance the uncertain Estate of this Transitory Life and that all flesh must Yield to death, when it shall please God to call, do make...
Halaman 86 - First, and principally I commit my Soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named, and after my debts and funeral charges are paid, I devise and bequeath as follows.
Halaman 88 - York, yeoman, being sick and weak in body, but of a perfect, sound and disposing mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last will and testament...
Halaman 21 - Jesus and my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such decent and Christian manner as to my Executors hereafter named shall be thought meet & Convenient and as touching such worldly Estate as the...
Halaman 90 - Bequest to the testator's three children to be equally divided between them, share and share alike...
Halaman 89 - Together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining.
Halaman 88 - ... performed according to the true intent and meaning thereof. In witness, whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty fifth day of February, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, seven hundred seventy three.

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