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Minutes of the Proceedings


Medical Association of the State of Alabama.


Ield in the City of Selma, April 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, 1879.

FIRST DAY-Tuesday, April 8. The Association assembled in the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association, on Broad street, at 9 o'clock A. M.

The following Counsellors and Delegates appeared and registered :

COUNSELLORS. 1. William Henry Anderson...

Mobile. 2. William Henry Abernethy..

Sedan. 3. Paul DeLacy Baker

Eufaula. 4. Milton Columbus Baldridge.. ..Huntsville. 5. Joseph Bevans...

Gadsden. 6. William David Bizzell..

Mobile. 7. Peter Bryce....

Tuskaloosa. 8. Jerome Cochrane..

.Mobile. 9. James Marsliall Collier .

..Troy. 10. John Jefferson Dement..

.Huntsville. 11. Charles Drennen..

Arkadelphia. 12. Charles Higgs Franklin.

Union Springs. 13. John Perkins Furniss.

Selma. 14. Edmund Pendleton Gaines.

.Mobile. 15. John Brown Gaston..

.Montgomery. 16. James Myers Godfrey

Sumterville. 17. Henry Seaton Hudson....


18. Daniel Stiles Hopping.

.Letohatchie. 19. Walter Clark Jackson...

Montgomery. 20. Robert Dandridge Jackson.

Selma. 21. John David Johoston..

Huntsville. 22. William Henry Johnston..

Selma. 23. Mortimer Harvey Jordan.

.Birmingham. 24. Caleb Bliss Lampley....

Greenville. 25. John Cooper Lee....

.Blount Springs. 26. Edward Davies McDaniel.

..Camden. 27. John Alexander McKinnon.

Selma. 28. Thomas Alexander Means..

Montgomery. 29. Richard Fraser Michel

Montgomery. 30. William Augustus Mitchell...

Eufaula. 31. Clifford Daniel Parke...

Selma. 32. John Albert Pritchett.

.Hayneville. 33. Augustus Jordan Reese..

Mobile. 34. Nicholas Davis Richardson

Athens. 35. Benjamin Hogan Riggs.

..Selma. 36. William Henry Sanders.

.Mobile. 37. John William Sears ....

.Birmingham. 38. Samuel Dibble Seelye.

.Montgomery. 39. Lucius Ernest Starr.....

.Tionus. 40. William Horatio Thornton...

Eufaula. 41. Job Sobieski Weatherly

Montgomery 42. Robert Dickens Webb...

.Livingston. 43. William Washington Wilkerson.......Marion.


Barbour County Medical Society.-Albert Goodwyn, Eufaula.

Bibb County Medical Society.-J. W. Crawford and Ralph Davis, Centreville.

Butler County Medical Society.Job Thigpen and C. B. Herbert, Greenville.

Blount County Medical Society.-William L. Thomas, Summit.

Bullock County Medical Society.Jos. A. Hayes, Union Springs.

Chilton County Medical Society.William E. Stuart, Clanton.

Clay County Medical Society.-Martin G. Slaughter, Pinckneyville ; C. W. Darby, Coleta.

Choctaw County Medical Society.D. L. Foster, Tuskaloosa.

St. Clair County Medical Society.-D. E. Cason and J. A. Fulton, Ashville.

Conecuh County Medical Society.-Andrew Jay, Jr., Evergreen.

Dallas County Medical Society.—Courtney C. Clark and W. C. Phillips, Selma.

Etowah County Medical Society.-John P. Ralls, Gadsden.

Elmore County Medical Society.-MeN. Crawford, Wetumpka.

Greene County Medical Society.-C. P. Sanders, Pleasant Ridge; T. J. Turpin, Forkland.

Hale County Medical Society.-J. Huggins, Newbern; Thos. R. Ward, Greensboro.

Lowndes County Medical Society.John P. Mushat, Hayneville.

Macon County Medical Society.-C. H. Fort and H. A. Alexander, Tuskegee.

Madison County Medical Society.-J. W. Barclay, Huntsville.

Marengo County Medical Society.-E. H. C. Bailey, Demopolis.

Mobile County Medical Society.-J. Grey Thomas, and William D. Bizzell, Mobile.

Montgomery Medical and Surgical Society.—William O. Baldwin, Montgomery.

Morgan County Medical Society.Benj. F. Cross, Decatur. Perry County Medical Society.-J. C. Dozier, Marion.

Pickens County Medical Society.-J. T. Hancock, Stafford Mills.

Pike County Medical Society.-J. T. Davis, Goshen; John D. Stearns, Orion.

Shelby County Medical Society.-J. H. Williams, and H. N. Rosser, Montevallo.

Sumter County Medical Society.-J. H. C. Houston, and J. C. Parham, Belmont.

Walker County Medical Society-J. A. Goodwin, Jasper.

Wilcox County Medical Society.-W. L. Purnell, Prairie Bluff; J. Paul Jones, Camden. Counsellors.. .43 Delegates...


The Association was called to order by the President, Robert Dickens Webb, of Livingston, at 12 o'clock M.

Ex-Presidents Richard Fraser Michel, of Montgomery ; Job Sobieski Weatherly, of Montgomery; John Jefferson Dement, of Huntsville ; Edward Davies McDaniel, of Camden; and Peter Bryce, of Tuskaloosa, were present, and occupied seats on the right and left of the President.

There were present of the Board of Censors and Committee on Public Health : Jerome Cochran, Senior Censor, of Mobile; Clifford Daniel Parke, of Selma; Job Sobieski Weatherly, of Montgomery; Charles Higgs Franklin, of Union Springs; John Brown Gaston, of Montgomery; Samuel Dibble Seelye, of Montgomery; William Henry Anderson, of Mobile; and Mortimer Harvey Jordan, of Birmingham.

George Augustus Ketchum, of Mobile, and George Ernest Kumpé, of Leighton, ex-Presidents and members of the Board of Censors, were absent by reason of sickness.

The exercises were opened with prayer by the Rev. Dr. T. W. Hooper, of the Broad Street Presbyterian church. After which Dr. Clifford D. Parke, of Selma, chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, delivered the following address of welcome :

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama :

Again you honor Selma by your presence; and it becomes my pleasing duty, as the representative of the Selma Medical Society and the citizens of our city, to extend to each and every member of the Association a most cordial welcome,

Were this a mere formal meeting of the representative men of the professiou from all parts of the State, it would seem but natural that our citizens and medical gentlemen should feel highly honored by so distinguished a presence. How much more, then, when we recognize in this organization a power in the land--a power which has already conferred substantial good upon the people and profession of the State, and to which we look with confidence for grand results in the future.

When I pass in review the giant strides which have been taken by the

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