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L. M. 1 ESUS, thou source of light and love, J

Shower down thy blessings from above; Arise with healing in thy wings,

And raise our hearts from earthly things. 2 Great Sun of Righteousness divine,

In every heart vouchsafe to shine ;
The beauties of thy face display,

And shine unto the perfect day.
3 While here assembl'd in thy name,

Impart the pure seraphic flame;
Burn up our dross, our hearts refine,

And consecrate us ever thine.
4 And when we've run our heavenly race,

May we, in glory see thy face;
There may we in thy bosom rest,

And share a lot among the blest. w.s.&H.B. 108

4 lines 7's. 1 T ;

NIME, by moments, steals away, Small the daily loss appears,

Yet it soon amounts to years : 2 Thus another year is flown;

Now it is no more our own,
If it brought or promis'd good,

Than the years before the flood. 3 Spar'd to see another year,

Let thy blessing meet us here;
Now thy glorious work revive,

Bid thy drooping garden thrive: 4 Sun of righteousness arise!

Warm our hearts, and bless our eyes;



Let our prayer thy bowels move,

Make this year, a year of love. 109 4 lines 8's & 2-6's. 1 ESUS, to me the joy impart,

Which fills each faithful pastor's heart,
While I


children see Walk as the heirs of joys above, Walk in the truth of holy love,

And genuine piety.
2 Then would I cheerfully resign
My soul into thy hands divine,

And sing at my release,
Now lettest thou thy servant, Lord,
Depart, according to thy word,

In everlasting peace. W. 110

C. M. 1 TOW, Lord, thy chosen heralds bless,


And may thy precious word of grace,
Be heard in


2 The blessing which thy Son hath bought,

To sinners we proclaim;
Let signs and wonders still be wrought

In Jesus' conqu’ring name.
3 Now let thy Holy Spirit strive,

And bring the wand'rers home;
Now, mighty God, thy work revive,

And let thy kingdom come.
4 Maintain, maintain, thy sovereign sway,

And bid all sin depart;
The beauties of thy face display,

And shine in every heart.


5 And when to that bright world we come,

Where all is peace and joy,
We'll shout the heavenly harvest-home,

And praise thee in the sky. w. s. & H. B. 111

L. M.
THAT various hindrances we meet

In coming to the mercy-seat!
Yet who that knows the worth of prayer,

But wishes to be often there? 2 Pray’r makes the darken'd clouds withdraw,

Pray’r climbs the ladder Jacob saw,
Gives exercise to faith and love,

Brings heavenly blessings from above. 3 Restraining pray'r, we cease to fight;

Pray’r keeps the christian's armour bright; And Satan trembles when he sees,

The weakest saint upon his knees. 4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide,

Success was found on Israel's side;
But when through heaviness they fail'd,

That moment Amalek prevail'd. 112

P. M.
GUIDE us, O thou great Jehovah !

Pilgrinus through this barren land;
We are weal, but thou art mighty ;

Hold us with thy powerful hand;
Bread of heaven, Feed us till we want no more.
2 Open, Lord, the crystal fountain,

Whence the healing waters flow;
Let the fiery cloudy pillar

Lead us all our journey through : Strong Deliverer,Be thou both our strength and shield. 3 When we tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid each anxious fear subside :



Root up

Bear us through the swelling current,

Land us safe on Canaan's side: Praise and glory We will ever give to thee. 113

4 lines 77's.
ESUS meet thy saints to-day,

Bid our unbelief depart;
Give us power to watch and pray,

Make us of one mind and heart. 2 Shine upon us from above,

all the seeds of sin; Shed abroad thy dying love,

Bring thy heavenly nature in.
3 God of love, our meeting bless,
Teach us all,


to heaven.
While we now thy throne address,

Let the Holy Ghost be given. 4 Oft we meet and part below,

But we soon shall meet above;

Where we shall his triumphs show, Lost and swallowed up in love. w.s. & H.B. 114

L. M.
HOU, Lord, thro' every changing scene

Hast to thy saints a refuge been : Thro'

every age, eternal God,
Their certain home, their safe abode.
2 In thee our fathers sought their rest;

In thee our fathers still are blest;
And, while the tomb confines their dust,

In thee their souls abide, and trust. 3 Lo, we are risen, a feeble race;

Awhile to fill our fathers' place ;



Our helpless state with pity view,

And let us share their refuge too.
4 Through all the thorny paths we trace

In this uncertain wilderness,
When friends desert, and foes invade,

Revive our heart, and guard our head. 5 So when this pilgrimage is o'er,

And we must dwell on earth no more,
To thee our separate souls shall come,

And find in thee a surer home.
6 To thee our infant race we leave:

Them may their fathers' God receive ;
That voices yet unform'd may raise,

Succeeding hymns of humble praise. 115

C. M.
1 VTERNAL Father, God of grace,

Our sacrifice receive;
Incline our hearts to seek thy face,

And help us to believe.
2 Now let that mighty faith be given,

Which makes the mountains flow;
The faith that shuts and


This moment, Lord, bestow.
3 'Tis thou that brings salvation near,

And bids our sins depart;
Now, O thou Son of God, appear,

In every waiting heart.
4 Subdue our hearts by power divine,

And mould us into love,
That we may in thy likeness shine,

And reign with thee above. w.s. & H.B.

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