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Which indispose me for my food,

And rob me of my rest,
7 Lord, I am sick, regard my cry,

And set my spirit free:
Say, canst thou let a sinner die,

Who longs to live to thee. 131


C. M.
TOW, Lord, to whom for help I call,

Thy miracles repeat ;-
With pitying eyes behold me fall

A leper at thy feet.
2 Loathsome, and vile, and self-abhorr'd,

I sink beneath my sin:
But if thou wilt, a gracious word

Of thine, can make me clean.
3 Thou seest me deaf to thy command,

Open, O Lord, my ear;
Bid me stretch out my wither'd hand,
And lift it


4 Silent, (alas! thou know'st how long.)

My voice I cannot raise :
But, O! when thou shalt loose my tongue,

The dumb shall sing thy praise. 5 Lame at the pool, I still am found :

Give, and my strength employ;
Light as a hart I then shall bound;

The lame shall leap for joy.
6 Blind from my birth to guilt and thee,

And dark I am within :
The love of God I cannot see,

The sinfulness of sin.
7 But thou, they say, art passing by!

O let me find thce near:

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Jesu, in mercy hear my cry,

Thou. Son of David, hear! 132

C. M. 1 WH

THILE dead in trespasses I lie,

Thy quick’ning Spirit give;
Call me, thou Son of God, that I

May hear thy Voice and live.
2 While full of anguish and disease,

My weak, distemper'd soul Thy love compassionately sees,

O let it make me whole!
3 If thou impart thyself to me,

No other good I need;
If thou, the Son, shalt make me free,

I shall be free indeed.
4 I cannot rest, till in thy blood

I full redemption have :
But thou, through whom I come to God,

Canst to the utmost save.
5 From sin, the guilt, the power, the pain,
Thou wilt redeem


soul Lord, I believe, and not in vain:

My faith shall make me whole. 6 I too, with thee, shall walk in white,

With all thy saints shall prove, What is the length, and breadth, and height,

And depth of perfect love. 133

C. M. 1

For, oh! the storm is high! Oh save me or I perish, Lordi

I sink+ I faint! I die !


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2 My soul thou know'st is much opprest,

I'm troubled night and day;
Far as the east is from the west,


3 To thee for pardon now I look,

I ask thy grace divine;
write my name within thy book

And make me truly thine.
4 I long to hear thee speak the word,

I struggle to be free;
I wait for thy salvation, Lord,

Thy face, may I see. w.S. & H. B. 184

S. M.
THEN shall thy love constrain,

And force me to thy breast? When shall my soul return again

To her eternal rest?
2 Ah! what avails my strife,

My wand'ring to and fro?
Thou hast the words of endless life;

Ah! whither should I go?
3 Thy condescending grace

To me did freely move;
It calls me still to seek thy face,

And stoops to ask my love. 4 Lord, at thy feet I fall ! groan

to be set free: I fain would now obey the call,

And give up all for thee ! 5 To rescue me from woe,

Thou didst with all things part; Didst lead a suffering life below,

To gain my worthless heart.


6 My worthless heart to gain,

The God of all that breathe Was found in fashion as a man,

And died a cursed death.
7 And can I yet delay

My little all to give ?
To tear my soul from earth away,

For Jesus to receive ?
8 Nay, but I yield, I yield !

I can hold out no more:
I sink, by dying love compellid,

And own Thee Conqueror !


135 10

C. M. 1 THAT thou would'st the heavens rent,

In majesty come down;
Stretch out thine arm Omnipotent,

And seize me for thy own.
2 Descend, and let thy lightnings burn

The stubble of thy fue;
My sins o'erturn, o'erturn, o'erturn

And make the mountains flow ! 3 Thou my impetuous spirit guide,

And curb my headstrong will;
Thou only canst drive back the tide,

And bid the sun stand still.
4 What though I cannot break my

Or e'er throw off my load;
The things impossible to men

Are possible to God.
5 Is there a thing too hard for thee

Almighty Lord of all ?
Whose threat’ning looks àry up

1 And make the mountains fall.

the sea,



6 Lo! to the hills I lift mine eye ;

Thy promis'd aid I claim :
Father of Mercies, glorify

Thy favourite Jesus' Name.
7 Salvation in that name is found,

Balm of my grief and care ;
A medicine for my every wound,

All, all I want is there. 186

C. M.
ESU ! Redeemer, Saviour, Lord,

The weary sinner's Friend ; Come to my help, pronounce the word,

And bid my troubles end.
2 Deliv'rance to my soul proclaim,

And life and liberty;
Shed forth the virtue of thy Name,

And Jesus prove to me! 3 Faith to be heal'd, thou know'st I have ;

For thou that faith hast given : Thou canst, thou wilt the sinner save,

And make me meet for heaven. 4 Tliou canst o'ercome this heart of mine ;

Thou wilt victorious prove: For everlasting strength is thine,

And everlasting love. 5 Speak, and the deaf shall hear thy voice,

The blind his sight receive;
The dumb in songs of praise rejoice;

The heart of stone believe. w.


6 . . NOME, O thou Traveller unknown,

Whom still I hold but cannot see !

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