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Even rom my infant days :
Mine inmost soul expose to view,
And tell me, if I ever knew

Thy justifying grace.
2 If I have only known thy fear,
And follow'd, with a heart sincere,

Thy drawings from above;
Now, now the farther grace bestow,
And let my sprinkled conscience know

Thy sweet forgiving love.
3 Short of thy love I would not stop,
A stranger to the Gospel-hope,

The sense of sin forgiven :
I would not, Lord, my soul deceive,
Without thy inward witness live,

That antepast of heaven.
4 If now the witness were in me,
Would be not testify of thee,

In Jesus reconcil'd ?
And should I not with faith draw nigh,
And boldly, Abba, Father, cry,

And know myself, thy child?



Prayer in General.

4 lines 7's.
YREAT Jehovah, sovereign Lord,

Source of everlasting love,
By angelic hosts ador'd

In the shining realms above; 2 In thy presence we appear,

All our wants to thee are known,
Now in mercy bow thy ear,
While we supplicate thy throne.

3 Stripp'd of all we come to thee,

On thy mercy we depend;
Poor and needy, Lord, are we,

But thou art the sinner's friend. 4 All thy promises are sure,

Thou canst not thyself deny;
On thy word we rest secure;
Save us, Jesus, or we die. w.s. & H. B.

C. M. 1

ORD Jesus, thou hast bid us pray,

Pray always, and not faint;
With thy own word, the power convey

pour out our complaint. 2 No quiet shalt thou ever know,

Till we from sin are freed;
O Lord, avenge us of our foe,

And make us free indeed.


3 We have, O Lord, begun to cry,

And we will never end
Until we find salvation nigh,

And grasp the sinner's friend :
4 Both day and night we'll speak our woe,

With thee, in faith, we'll plead; O Lord 5 Speak but the word, and we shall be

From all our bands releas’d; 'Tis only thou canst set us free,

By Satan long opprest:
6 Now, Lord, thy power almighty show,

Arise the woman's seed;
O Lord avenge, &c. w. a. by H. B.

avenge, &c.

100 II

C. M.
KNOW in thee all fulness dwells,

And all for wretched man;
Fill every want my spirit feels,
And break off


2 My humble soul shall then like thine,

Abhor the thing unclean;
And, sanctified by love divine,

For ever cease from sin. w. a. by H. B. 101

L. M. 1

Thee, only thee, I want to know; Now let


faith and love increase,
I want to pray and never cease.
2 But oft when I begin to pray,

My thoughts would rove to earth away;
Objects of sense would charm my sight,

And fill my soul with vain delight:
3 But, Lord, command them all to flee,

And may I worship only thee;
Jesus, call back my roving heart,

And bid the tempter now depart.
4 And when I reach thy blest abode,

My thoughts no more shall rove abroad ; I there shall' in thy likeness shine, And triumph in thy love divine. w.s. & H. B. 102 T. M. 1 THEN Hannah, press'd with grief, forth her soul in

prayer, She quickly found relief,

W Poura


And left her burden there :
Like her, in every trying case,
Let us approach the throne of grace.
2 When she began to pray,

Her heart was pain’d and sad ;
But ere she went away,

Was comforted and glad.
In trouble, what a resting place
Have they who know the throne of grace.
3 Though men and devils rage

And threaten to devour;
The saints from age to age,

Aré safe from all their power;
Fresh strength they gain to run their race,
By waiting at the throne of grace.

C. M.
REAT source of uncreated light,

Thy mercy's beams display;
Disperse the gloom of hellish night,

And take our sins away.
2 Now break the bars of unbelief,

And spoil the powers of hell;
Enter each heart victorious Chief,

And there for ever dwell.
3 Come, Jesus, come, thy right maintain,

Thine image now restore ;
Now let thy grace triumphant reign,

That we may sin no more. w.s. & H. B. 104

6 lines 8's. INCOURAG’D by thy gracious word,

I now present my prayer to thee;
I wait for thy salvation, Lord,






And humbly hope thy face to see;
Thee in my heart I long to feel,
Now, gracious Lord, thyself reveal.
2 Without thy love I cannot rest,

Thou only can'st my spirit cheer;
Speak, Lord, and make me truly blest,

And bid me cast off every fear;
Answer me now by blood divine, [& H. B.

Andósay, “ Poor sinner, thou art mine." w.s. 105

L. M.




Must shortly lay this body down;
But ere my soul from earth remove,

O let me put thine image on!
2 Saviour, thy meek and lowly mind,

Be to thine aged servant given;
And glad I'll drop this tent, to find

Mine everlasting house in heaven. 106

C. M.
YHINE on our souls, eternal God,

With rays of glory shine;
O let thy favour crown our days,

And all their round be thine. 2 With thee let every week begin,

With thee each day be spent;
For thee each fleeting hour improv’d,

Since each by thee is lent.
3 Thus cheer us through this desart road,

Till all our labours cease;
And heaven refresh our weary souls

With everlasting peace.



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