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W. S.


The bar of unbelief remove,

And enter every heart. 2 Shower down thy blessings from on high,

And write thy law within ;
The blood of sprinkling now apply,

And make an end of sin. 88

C. M. 1 YOME Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire Let us thine influence

prove; Source of the old prophetic fire,

Fountain of Life and Love. 2 Come, Holy Ghost, (for mov'd by thee,

The prophets wrote and spoke :) Unlock the truth, thyself the Key,

Unseal the sacred Book. 3 Expand thy wings, celestial Dove,

Brood o'er our nature's night; On our disorder'd spirits move,

And let there now be light. 4 God, thro' himself, we then shall know,

If thou within us shine;
And sound, with all thy saints below,

The depths of love divine. 89 C. M.

NATHÈK of all, in whom alone 1 We live, and move, and breathe ; One bright, celestial ray dart down,

And cheer thy sons beneath. 2 While in thy word we search for thee,

(We search with trembling awe !) Open our eyes, and let us see

The wonders of thy law.


3 Now lat our darkness comprehend,

The light that shines so clear! Now the revealing Spirit send,

And give us ears to hear. 4 Before us make thy goodness pass,

Which here by faith we know; Let us in Jesus see thy face,

And die to all below.



C.M. 1 YOME, O thou weary pilgrim's friend,

And bring thy nature in;
Now let the fire from heaven descend,

And burn up every sin.
2 The power of unbelief destroy,

Let faith stretch out her hand; Fill every heart with peace and joy,

And bring us safe to land. w.s. & H. B. 91

C. M.
1 VTILL, for thy loving kindness, Lord,

I in thy temple wait:
I look to find thee in thy word,

Or at thy table meet.
2 Here in thine own appointed ways,

I wait to learn thy will :
Silent I stand before thy face,
And hear thee say,

as Be still !
3 “ Be still! and know that I am God!”

"Tis all I live to know;
To feel the virtue of thy blood,

And spread its praise below!


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W. S.


6 lines 8's.
GAIN, O Lord, we're met to pray,

And breathe our wishes to thy throne; Remove our doubts and fears away,

And make thy great salvation known:
Bestow on us thy heavenly grace,
And let thy glory fill the place.

C. M.
1 NTO our never-ceasing cries,

Most gracious Lord attend, And send deliverance from the skies,

Thy Holy Spirit send.
2 The powers of darkness overthrow,

On sin and Satan tread;
O Lord, avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head. 3 O come, thou all-victorious Lord,

No longer now delay,
But, with thy Spirit's two-edg’d sword,

The crooked serpent slay: 4 Make bare thine arm, and give the blow,

Root out the hellish seed; O Lord avenge, &c. w. a. by H. B. & w. s.


Inward Religion. 94

L. M. 'A ", , :

Whose Spirit breathes the active Faith, like its Finisher and Lord,

To-day, as yesterday the same :

2 To thee our humble hearts aspire,

And ask the gift unspeakable; Increase in us the kindled fire,

In us the work of faith fulfil. 3 By faith we know thee strong to save;

(Save us, a present Saviour thou !) Whate'ér we hope, by faith we have,

Future and past subsisting now. 4 To híın that in thy name believes,

Eternal life with thee is given;
Into himself he all receives,

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven. 5 The things unknown to feeble sense,

Unseen by reason’s glimmering ray, With strong, commanding evidence,

Their heavenly origin display. 6 Faith lends its realizing light,

The clouds disperse, the shadows fly; Th' Invisible appears in sight,

And God is seen by mortal eye. w. 95 S. M.

COW can a sinner know

His sins on earth forgiven?
How can my gracious Saviour show

My name inscrib'd in heaven?,
2 What we have felt and seen,

With confidence we tell;
And publish to the sons of men

The signs infallible.
3 We who in Christ believe,

That he for us hath died,
We all his unknown peace receive,

And feel his blood apply'd ;




4 Exults our rising soul,

Disburthen'd of her load,
And swells, unutterably full

Of glory, and of God.

S. M.
1 E by his Spirit prove

And know the things of God; The things which freely of his love

He hath on us bestow'd : 2 His Spirit to us he gave,

And dwells in us we know:
The witness in ourselves we have,

And all its fruits we show. 3 The meek and lowly heart

That in our Saviour was, To us his Spirit doth impart,

And signs us with his cross ; 4 Our nature's turn’d, our mind

Transform'd in all its powers; And both the Witnesses are join'd,

The Spirit of God with ours. 5 Whate'er our pardoning Lord

Commands, we gladly do;
And guided by his sacred Word,

We all his steps pursue: 6 His glory our design,

We live our God to please ; And rise, with filial fear divine,

To perfect holiness.


4 lines 8's & 2-6's. I THOU great mysterious God unknown,

Whose love hath gently led me on,


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