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been changed, the board of aldermen of the city shall be pub

lished, etc. forth with cause to be published a map or description of

1993, c. 417, the divisior, in which the new precincts shall be desig- ş ico. nated by numbers or letters, as the case may be, and shall be defined clearly and, so far as possible, by known boundaries; and they shall cause such map or description to be posted in ten public places, at least, in each precinct of a ward so divided, and also cause a reasonable number of copies thereof to be furnished to the board of election commissioners [in Boston], and the assessors of such city, and to the election officers of each precinct so established.

134. Whenever voting precincts have been established Notice to be in a city and whenever a change has been made in the given to

secretary wards or voting precincts of a city the clerk of the city, or [in Boston] the board of election commissioners, shall wealth, forth with give a notice thereof in writing to the secretary etc. of the Commonwealth, stating therein the number and Ibid. § 105. designation of the wards and of the precincts in each ward of a city.

of Cominon.



Election 135. The board of election commissioners in the month officers, in of September in each year, or as soon thereafter as Boston,

possible, shall appoint as election officers for each voting qualified voters, ap- precinct, one warden, one deputy warden, one clerk, one pointment. deputy clerk, four inspectors and four deputy inspectors, 1893, C. 417, who shall be qualified voters in the ward of which such § 106.

precinct forms a part. Said board may in like manner

appoint, in addition to the above, two inspectors and two Equal deputy inspectors. Such election officers shall be so political

appointed as equally to represent the two leading political representa

parties, except that, without disturbing the equal representation of such two parties, not exceeding two of such election officers

may be appointed from qualified voters not representing either of such two parties. The warden and two of the inspectors so required to be appointed shall be of a different political party from the clerk and the other two inspectors, and in each case a principal and his deputy shall be of the same political party. Every election officer so appointed shall hold office for the term of one year beginning with the first day of November succeeding his appointment and until his successor is appointed and qualified, or until his removal, as hereinafter provided. Any such election officer may be removed by said board, upon written charges of incompetency or official misconduct, preferred by not less than six qualified voters of the

ward in which the officer is appointed to act. Vacancies, 136. In case a vacancy in the number of the election appoint officers appointed in accordance with the preceding section

shall occur on or before the first day of November in any Ibid. § 107.

year, or, in a city, shall occur after the annual state election and one week at least before the annual city election, or in case any one of such election officers shall. decline his appointment and give notice of his declination to said board, on or before the first day of November, or, if for an election other than the annual state (or) city election, the office of an election officer is for any reason vacant, said board shall appoint a person duly

Term of office.



vacancy, election.

qualified to fill the office so vacant; and appointments for filling such vacancies shall be so made as to preserve the equal representation of the two leading political parties. In Election case the warden and deputy warden, or clerk and deputy Officers, clerk, or an inspector and his deputy, shall be absent on the day of election, either at the opening of the polls or at any time during the day, a suitable person shall be elected by the qualified voters of the precinct on nomination and by hand vote, and he shall have full power to act during the remainder of the time of that election, in place of the absent officer.

137. No person shall at a state or city election be Candidates eligible for appointment or election as an election offcer in at state or a voting precinct in which he is a candidate for election, city elec.

tions not and if a person who has been appointed an election officer

eligible as, subsequently becomes such a candidate, and shall neglect resignation, forth with to resign his position, said board shall, if he is removal. a candidate at a state election, remove him from office 1893, C. 417,

$ 110. before the first day of November, or, if he is a candidate at a city election, they shall so remove him eight days at least before the day of the election.

138. If a warden, clerk, or inspector is absent at the Deputy to opening of the polls or subsequently on the day of election, act in abor his office has become vacant, the person appointed as

principal, deputy of such officer shall act thereafter for that election, etc. in his place, as warden, clerk, or inspector, as the case may Ibid. § 111. be. Except as aforesaid, no deputy officer shall have power to act in an official capacity, or be admitted to the space reserved for election officers while the polls are open or during the counting of the votes thereafter.

139. Every election officer appointed or elected in ac- Election cordance with the preceding sections shall, before enter- officers ing upon the performance of the duties of his office,

to be sworn,

be sworn to the faithful discharge of his duties. Such oath may be administered by any member of said board or by a oath. justice of the peace; and an election officer who has been Ibid. § 112. chosen at the polls to fill a vacancy, or who has not been sworn before the day of election, may also be sworn by the warden or clerk of the voting precinct for which he is elected.

sence of

administra. tion of


Ballot 140. In all elections of state officers in a city, and in clerks of

all elections of city officers in a city, the presiding elecprecincts, detail, du.

tion officer of each voting place or precinct shall deties. tail two inspectors, who shall be of different political 1893, C. 417, parties, to act as ballot clerks, who shall have charge of § 113

the ballots and shall furnish them to voters in accordance with the provisions of said chapter four hundred and

seventeen. Election

141. Election officers shall, for the performance of their officers,

respective duties, attend in their respective voting preattendance,

cincts at the times and places duly designated for the Ibid. $ 118. elections. Compensa. 142. Election officers in each city shall receive such tion.

compensation for each day's actual service as the city Ibid. § 119. council of the city may from time to time determine, but

no deputy officer shall receive compensation, except for attendance at the opening of the polls or for services in

place of an officer who is absent. Super 143. The governor, by and with the consent of the visors of

council, shall, upon the petition in writing of ten qualified election,

voters of a ward in a city whether divided into voting appointment, polit. precincts or not, presented to him twenty-one days, at ical repre. least, before a state or city election therein, appoint for sentation. such ward or for each of such voting precincts as may Ibid. § 120. be named in the petition, two qualified voters of the

city who shall not be signers of the petition or members of any regularly elected political committee or candidates for any office, to act as supervisors at such election. Such supervisors shall be appointed, one from each of the two leading political parties. They shall be sworn to

the faithful discharge of their duties by one of the mempowers bers of said board or by a justice of the peace. The

supervisors shall be present at the several precincts or polling places for which they are appointed, shall have the right to challenge illegal voters, and shall throughout witness the conduct of the election and the counting of votes, but they shall not make any statement tending to reveal the state of the polls, before the public declaration of the vote; and they shall remain where the ballot boxes are kept, at all times after the polls are open

To be


and duties.

and until the ballots are duly sealed in envelopes for transmission to the officers entitled to receive them. Each . supervisor shall have the right to affix his signature, for the purpose of identification, to the certificate of the number of votes cast, or to attach thereto any statement which he may desire to make touching the truth or fairness or conduct of the election. Supervisors so appointed shall receive such compensation for each day's actual Compenservice as the city council of the city may from time to time determine.


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