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Warden to transmit to board



for three

recount must be filed within

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shall recount within two

The warden shall forth with transmit to said board by

the police officer or by some other legal officer stationed the sealed by said board in attendance at the caucus, all the ballots package.

cast and the voting lists, the copy of the records, sealed as aforesaid, together with the record book of the clerk.

Said board shall safely keep such sealed packages for to keep all

not less than three months, and shall produce the same if packages

called for by any court, justice, tribunal, or convention months, etc. having jurisdiction of the same. Request for 96. If, within the twenty-four hours next succeeding

the day of any caucus held under the provisions of said

act of eighteen hundred and ninety-five, ten or more quali24 hours.

fied voters of any ward shall file with said board a statement 1895, c. 507, that they have reason to believe that the records and returns

made by the caucus officers of such ward are erroneous, Said board and shall specify wherein they deem them in error, said

board shall, in case of state offices, forth with transmit

such statements to the State Ballot Law Commission, and, days.

in case of city offices, shall within two days next succeeding the day of such caucus open said package or packages and recount said ballots and determine the question raised, and such recount shall stand as the true result of the vote cast in such caucus.

And each candidate interested may appear and be present during such recount, either in person or by an

agent appointed by him in writing. Special 97. Caucuses relative to a special election shall be

held at such time and place and subject to such reason1895, c. 489, able notice as the political committee whose duty it is to $ 16.

provide for holding the same may determine. By whom

All calls for the same shall be issued by the chairman

and secretary of said political committee. Names and 98. In said city, in each year, at the caucus held in a number of ward for the choice of delegates to the state convention

there shall be chosen one warden, one clerk and at least 1895, C. 507,

five inspectors, and such additional inspectors in wards $ 26. having more than five precincts as the city committee of

the political party whose caucuses are to be held may each year determine.

Candidate or agent

may be








same as re.




officers to serve in one


They shall be qualified voters of the ward in which they Qualifica. are elected and members of the political party whose caucus is to be held.

Every caucus officer so elected shall hold office for the Terın of term of one year, beginning with the firstd ay of October succeeding his election and until his successor is elected.

99. The respective duties of caucus officers shall be in Duties general the same as those required of election officers at

quired of elections, as provided in chapter four hundred and seven-election teen of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-three and 1895, C. 507, all acts in amendment thereof. They shall, for the per

§ 27. formance of their respective duties, attend in their re- Shall attend spective wards at the times and places duly designated all caufor caucuses.

If at any caucus a majority of the caucus officers Additional shall so vote, additional officers, to serve in that caucus only, may be elected by a majority vote of the caucus officers present and voting thereat, and in case of the

only, may absence of any caucus officer the vacancy thus occurring be elected. shall be filled in the same manner.

Ibid. § 28. In case of a vacancy in the number of caucus officers by Vacancy to death, declination of election, resignation, removal from be filled by

remaining the city, or otherwise, the vacancy shall be filled by a majority vote of all the remaining caucus officers.

A removal from the ward during the year for which an officer was elected shall not disqualify him from serving ward shall in the caucus of the ward wherein he was elected.

qualify. No person shall be eligible to the position of warden A candidate or clerk who is a member of a ward committee, and tive office or no person shall serve as a caucus officer at any caucus

mittee can. wherein he is a candidate for an elective office or for a not serve as nomination to an elective office, or candidate for ward Sfficer. committee.

The several political city committees shall, not Caucus less than ten days prior to holding any caucus under the first caucus provisions of chapter five hundred and seven of the acts

held after

adoption of of eighteen hundred and ninety-five appoint such caucus this act officers as are hereinbefore provided for in each ward to pointed. serve at the first caucus to be held under said act.


Removal from the

not dis.

for an elec.

ward com


officers for

ibid. § 29.


In case of a redivision



In the case of a redivision of the city into wards, at the first caucus held in the next succeeding year, the caucus of city into officers to serve in such caucuses shall be appointed by 1895, C. 507,

the city committee, and at the aforesaid caucuses the $ 30. regular caucus officers shall be chosen as hereinbefore


103. All caucuses held under the provisions of chapter of chap.417, acts 1893, as five hundred and seven of the acts of eighteen hundred to conduct and ninety-five, except as is herein otherwise provided, manner of shall be held in general accordance with the provisions to apply to 'relative to the conduct of elections and the manner of

voting at elections contained in chapter four hundred and

seventeen of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninetyIbid. § 31.

three and acts in amendment thereof. Penalties. 104. The penalties imposed by law upon officers and Ibid. $ 32.

voters who violate the provisons of acts regulating state elections are hereby imposed upon officers and voters who violate the provisions of said act of eighteen hundred and

ninety-five. Supreme The supreme judicial court and the superior court shall

have full power at law or in equity to enforce the provisions of said act.

caucuses held under this act.

and superior court have full power to enforce.


caucus and convention.


105. Any convention of delegates representing a politi- Nomina

tions by cal party which, at the preceding annual state election, polled for governor at least three per centum of the entire vote cast in the state for that office, and any convention 1893, c. 417, of delegates who have been selected in caucuses called and $ 75. held in accordance with the provisions of this title, and any caucus called and held in accordance with those provisions, may, for the state or for the city, district, or division, for which the convention or caucus is held, as the case may be, make one such nomination for each office therein to be filled at the election, by causing a certificate of nomination to be duly filed.

106. Any political party which at the five annual state Nomina. elections next preceding shall have cast for any office tions by voted for at a state election as large a number of votes as

political equals the number of petitioners required to nominate for

parties. that office by nomination papers, may nominate candidates 1895, C. 323, for any such office, and shall be entitled to have the names $ 1. of its candidates printed on the official ballot, subject only to such restrictions as apply to a party that casts three per cent. of the vote for governor.

107. Every certificate of nomination shall state such Certificate facts as by the preceding sections are necessary for its of nomina

tion, signa. acceptance, and as are required by the provisions of section seventy-nine (one hundred and eleven of this digest) of this oath of offititle, shall be signed by the presiding officer and by the sec- cers. retary of the convention or caucus, who shall add to their 1893, c. 417,

$ 76. signatures their places of residence, and shall be sworn by such officers to be true to the best of their knowledge and belief; and certification of their oaths shall be annexed to the certificate of nomination.

108. Nominations of candidates for any offices to be Nomination filled by the voters of the state at large may be made by papers, nomination papers, setting forth such facts as are required

signatures. by section seventy-nine (one hundred and eleven of this Ibid. $ 77. digest) of this title, and signed in the aggregate for each candidate by not less than one thousand qualified voters of

ture and

number of


the state. Nominations of all other candidates for offices to be filled at a state election, and of all candidates for offices to be filled at a city election, may be made by nomination papers as aforesaid, signed in the aggregate for each candidate by qualified voters of each electoral district or division for which the officers are to be elected, not less in number than one for every one hundred persons who voted for governor, at the preceding annual state election, in such district or division, but in no case less than fifty. In the case of a first election to be held in a newly established ward of a city, the number of fifty shall constitute a sufficient number of signatures of voters upon a nomination paper for the nomination of a candidate who is to be voted for only in such ward.

109. Every voter signing a nomination paper shall papers, sig. sign the same in person, and shall add to his signature natures, etc.

his place of residence, with the street and number thereof, 1895, c. 262, $ 1. if any; and every voter may subscribe to as many nomina

tions for each office to be filled as there are persons to be

elected thereto, and no more. Women qualified to vote may sign

for members of the school committee may sign nomination committee. papers for candidates for the school committee. Every

nomination paper shall, before being filed, be seasonably submitted to the board of election commissioners, who shall forthwith certify thereon the number of signatures which are names of qualified voters both in said city and

in the district or division for which the nomination is Certificate made. They shall not, however, be required in any

to certify upon a nomination paper a greater

number of names than such number as is required to make sioners, etc.

a nomination as aforesaid, with one-fifth of such number added thereto, and the secretary of the Commonwealth shall not be required in any case to receive and file nomination papers after receiving and filing such papers containing a sufficient number of certified names to make a nomination, with one-fifth of such number added thereto.

One of the signers to each separate nomination paper shall signer, etc.

swear that the statements therein are true, to the best of his knowledge and belief, and the certification of such


for school


of board of election cominis

Oath of

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