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name on a

shall be sent to

To be filed

of the city committee a written request for the with-
drawal of his name, such request shall be complied
with, and the secretary of the city committee shall im-
mediately notify the person filing the nomination paper
of such withdrawal and the provisions of this section
relating thereto; and the said person may, within twenty-
four hours after the time at which said notice was sent
from the secretary's office, present a new
paper signed by himself. Said new paper shall have the
same force and authority as that originally presented.
In case of the non-receipt of a new paper, as herein
specified, the chairman and secretary of the city com-
mittee may fill the vacancy.

84. Not less than seven week days prior to the day Papers upon which the caucuses are to be held, the secretary of the city committee shall place in the hands of said board the board of nomination papers filed with him in accordance with the commisprovisions of said act of eighteen hundred and ninety-five. 1895, c. 507,

All nomination papers required to be filed with said board $ 15. shall be filed in their office before five o'clock in the after- before five noon of the last day fixed by said act for the filing thereof, P.M. last

day of 85. The city shall provide and said board shall pre-ing. pare ballots to be used in caucuses, and such ballots shall City shall

provide be in accordance with the provisions of said act of eighteen ballots.

Ibid. § 16. hundred and ninety-five.

No other ballots shall be received or counted in a cau- No others cus in said city held under the provisions of said act.

At the top of each ballot shall be printed the words Certain “ The official ballot of (here shall follow the party name words, etc., of the committee.)” On the back and outside, when

printed folded, of each ballot shall be printed the words Official ballot of the (here shall be inserted the party name) city back. committee,” followed by the number of the ward for which the ballot is prepared, the date of the caucus and a facsimile of the signature of the secretary of the party which has caused the ballot to be prepared.

The chairman and secretary of the city committee may City determine the number of ballots to be furnished each

committee ward, not to exceed one for each registered voter in said mine num.

shall be used.

shall be

on front and

may deter.

ment of names on

Candidates for dele.

gates and

for dele.

tion about

ber ballots ward. In case of their failure to do so, said board shall for each ward. determine the number. Arrange 86. Names of candidates for all elective offices shall

be arranged alphabetically according to their surnames. ballot.

Names of candidates for caucus officers, for ward 1595, c. 507, § 17.

committees and for delegates to conventions may be arranged in groups in the order in which they are filed.

But shall be arranged alphabetically according to their for commit. tees may be surnames whenever written request therefor is made to grouped.

the secretary of the city committee by any ward comOr alphabetically, by mittee, or whenever the city committee shall vote so request.

to do. Residence of candi. Against the name of a candidate for a caucus officer, for date, except

an elective office, or a ward committee, shall be printed gate, to be the street and number, if any, of his residence. printed. Informa.

Against the name of a candidate for an elective office or

a political convention shall be printed the statement which candidates to be is contained in the nomination paper placing the candidate printed.

in nomination. Only names duly nomi.

87. No names shall be printed on a ballot other than printed. those which have been duly presented on nomination İbid. § 18.

papers. Blank

Immediately following the names of candidates blank writing in

spaces for the insertion in writing of other names equal

to the number of persons to be chosen shall be probe voted for vided.

Upon the ballot shall be stated the number of persons A star (*) to be voted for for the different positions to be filled.

A star (*) against a name shall indicate that a person is

a candidate for reëlection. A cross (X) A cross (X) marked against a name shall constitute a against a

vote for the person so designated.

But if a voter marks a cross against more names than there are persons to be elected to an office, his vote for that office shall not be counted.

The form of ballots and the arrangement of printed dates, vote

matter thereon shall be in general that observed in ballots Form of provided by the state at elections, except as herein other

wise provided.

nated to be

spaces for

other names. Number to

shall be stated.

indicates a candidate for reëlection.

name constitutes a vote. If more naines are marked than candi

not to be counted.


to deliver all ballots

§ 19.

record book shall be

ballots shall

88. Said board shall, on the day on which a caucus is Board to be held, before the opening of the polls, deliver at the polling place to the warden if present, or, if not present, and voting then to the clerk, and if both warden and clerk are absent, list at poll. then to any inspector who may be present, the sample bal- ing place.

1895, C. 507, lots, together with the ballots hereinbefore provided for and the voting lists required by law to be used in caucuses.

Said board shall also prepare at the expense of the Blanks, city and deliver at the time and place aforesaid, suitable seals and blank forms and apparatus for canvassing and counting the ballots and making the returns required by this act, furnished. a seal of suitable device for each polling place, and a record book.

It shall be the duty of the presiding officer of each six facpolling place, at or prior to the hour of opening the simile caucus, to cause to be conspicuously posted or placed in copies of such polling place not less than six fac-simile copies of

be posted the ballots to be used in the caucuses, such copies to be in polling printed on tinted paper. They shall be kept so posted place. or placed during the whole time that balloting is in progress.

89. The notice for such caucus shall designate by Temporary name or office the person who shall call such caucus chairman. to order; and the person so designated shall call the 1895, C. 489,

$ 12. caucus to order and preside until a chairman is chosen. In case, however, the person so designated is absent at the time appointed, any member of the ward committee present sliall call the caucus to order, and preside until a chairman is chosen.

90. The order of business in caucuses shall be as Order of follows:

1895, C. 507, (1) Any necessary preliminary business that may prop

$ 20. erly come before the meeting shall first be transacted. (2) Thereafter balloting shall be allowed to proceed

Balloting uninterruptedly until half-past eight o'clock in the even-ceed till 8.30 ing, when the polls shall be closed unless the caucus shall P.M. unless vote to keep them open until a later hour.

tended. (3) At the conclusion of the balloting, any other business properly before the caucus shall be in order.




time is ex

Other business,

No person
to vote, etc.,

name is not
on list.


In case of a tie vote for


a conven.


In case of a tie vote for

Voting lists

91. In balloting the voting lists last published accordshall be used as ing to law, with such subsequent additions thereto as may check lists. 1895, c. 489, be certified by the board of election commissioners, shall $ 13

be used as check lists.

No person shall be entitled to vote or to take part in such caucus whose name does not appear upon said list.

92. The person or persons receiving the highest numPlurality

ber of votes in a caucus shall be deemed and declared to Ibid. & 14. be elected or nominated.

In case of a tie vote for delegates to a convention, or in

of a place being unfilled in a delegation, or in case of a delegates to

vacancy occasioned by inability or neglect of a delegate elected to attend a convention, such vacancies shall be filled only by vote of the remaining menbers of the delegation at a meeting duly called for the purpose. Such meeting shall choose a chairman and secretary, and the secretary shall notify the secretary of the convention of the action of the meeting so far as it relates to a vacancy.

In case of a tie vote for members of a ward commitmembers of tee, or for caucus officers, the members duly elected shall mittee, or

fill the vacancy, or vacancies.

In case a majority of a delegation, or ward commitIn case of a tee, or caucus officers are not elected, or in case of a majority are

tie vote for candidates for an elective office, the caucus not elected, shall at once proceed to another ballot, unless some one tie vote for present entitled to vote objects; in case objection is made for elective the caucus shall adjourn until the following or other sub

sequent day. The hour and place shall, if practicable, be

the same as that named in the original call. Certificates

The presiding officer and secretary of each caucus

shall within five week days thereafter deliver, send or delegates,

cause to be sent to each delegate to a political convention etc., within and to each member of a political committee, a certificate after caucus of his election, and to each candidate for an elective office

a notice of his nomination.

If at any caucus held under the provisions of said per. act of eighteen hundred and ninety-five the right of a per

son offering to vote is challenged for any cause recognized lenged

by law, the presiding officer shall require the name and

ward com.

caucus offi. cers.

tie when



of clection shall be sent to all

is held.

Ibid. § 15. In case

right of son to vote is chal.


No officer


Ballots not to be


made and

to sent to

residence of the person so offering to vote to be written same pro. by himself, or by some one in his behalf, on the outside ceeding as

at general of the ballot so offered, and the presiding officer shall add thereto the name of the person so challenging and the 1895, C. 507, assigned cause for which the challenge is made, before $ 21. such ballot is received; but nothing in this section shall be construed as permitting officers in the caucus to receive any ballot which by law they are required to refuse. No officer, otherwise than as above required or per

shall give mitted, and no person other than an officer of the caucus,

information shall make any statement or give any information in re- in regard to gard to a ballot cast by a voter so challenged at any such a hallot caucus, except as required by law.

95. Immediately after the polls are declared closed, but not before, the ballots shall be counted in full view of counted till

polls are the voters.

Ibid., $ 22. When the total result and counting of ballots has in full view been ascertained the presiding officer shall make pub- of voters. lic announcement thereof in open meeting, and shall result to be in open meeting cause the clerk of the caucus enter in words at length in the record book, provided board of for his use by the board of election commissioners, commisthe total number of names checked on the voting list, the total number of ballots cast, the names of all persons voted for, the number of votes received for each person, and the title of the delegation or office for which he was proposed. Each clerk of a caucus shall forth with make a copy of the record so made by him, certify and seal the same, and transmit the same with the record book to said board as hereinafter provided.

The clerk shall then, in the presence of those who are Before adresponsible for the count and before the adjournment of journinent, the caucus, seal up all ballots which have been cast, together with the check lists used in the caucus and a state- lots, check ment regarding any challenge which has been made.

lists, etc. The warden and clerk of the caucus shall indorse upon and clerk to such package the name of the political party holding the nakenier caucus, for what delegations and candidatures and in what of certain ward the ballots were cast, and the date of the caucus.



clerk to seal up all bal


facts on the sealed

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