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60. The board of election commissioners shall, from Voting the names entered in the annual register of voters, pre- lists, conpare voting lists for use at the several elections to be tents, ar

rangement, held therein. In such voting lists they shall place in aphabetical order the names of all voters entered on the 1893, c. 417, annual register, and they shall place opposite the name $ 62. of each voter his residence on the preceding first day of May, or at the time of becoming an inhabitant of such city after the first day of May; and they shall place the Women names of women entered as voters in separate columns or voters, lists. They shall prepare such voting lists by wards, To be preand if a ward of a city is divided into voting precincts, pared by

wards and they shall prepare the same by precincts, and shall

precincts. place upon the lists for each ward or precinct, as the case may be, the names of all voters having therein a residence as above provided. They shall place upon the voting lists no names not entered in the annual register.

61. Said board shall, at the end of the voting lists Names of of each ward, or voting precinct, as the case may be, certain place together, under a proper heading, the names of all persons who, by changes in city boundaries, may be

Ibid. $ 63. by law entitled to vote for a part only of the whole number of officers to be voted for in a state election in such city

62. Said board, twenty days at least before the annual Posting. city election, and twenty-four days at least before the Ibid. $ 64. annual state election, shall cause to be posted in their principal office and in one or more other public places in the city of Boston, copies of the voting lists prepared in accordance with the provisions of the preceding sections. Said board shall, in addition, cause copies of the voting lists of each precinct to be posted in one or more public places in the precinct.

63. After the voting lists have been prepared from the Posting or annual register and copies thereof have been posted as publishing provided in the preceding sections, said board shall, additional

voters at end.


tificate in case of



1893, c. 417, within forty-eight hours after adding a new name to the § 65.

annual register, cause such name to be added to the lists so posted in their principal office. If, however, the city council shall authorize said board to publish the names so added to the register, they may, instead of posting as aforesaid, cause all additional names to printed in some

one newspaper published in said city. Voting 64. Said board shall, on the day of any election, give lists, cer

to a registered voter whose name has been omitted from

the voting lists, or in whose name or residence, as placed omission or on the voting lists, a clerical error has been made, a cer

tificate containing the correct name and residence of the Ibid. $ 66.

voter, signed by said board, or a majority of them, and directed to the presiding election officer of the voting

precinct in which the voter was registered. On presings at

entation of such certificate to the presiding officer, polls.

the person therein named shall be allowed to vote, and his name shall be properly checked on the certificate, and the certificate shall be attached to and considered a part

of the voting lists and returned and preserved therewith. Voting 65. Said board, before every election and meeting

at which voting lists may be required to be used, shall at polls.

cause to be prepared voting lists for each precinct in which such election or meeting is to be held, containing the names of all persons qualified to vote therein, with the residence of each such voter, as the same appears upon the annual register, and they shall seasonably transmit the same to the election officers in every such precinct. Such voting lists shall be provided and furnished in duplicate for all elections and meetings in which duplicate lists are by law required to be used. In providing such lists for an election or meeting, other than an annual state (or) city election, voting lists in the form used or as printed for the preceding annual state (or) city election, as the case may be, may be used with such omissions, additions and corrections

as by law are required therein. Special lists Said board shall, from the names entered in the annual

register of voters, prepare voting lists for the special use of

lists for use

Ibid. § 67.

for use of

tered voters, etc.

the election officers at the several elections to be held there-election in. They shall prepare the same by precincts, and they

officers. shall place opposite the name of each male voter, arranged S95. C. 125, alphabetically, his residence on the preceding first day of May, together with his age and date of registration. There shall be a blank space opposite each name on said list, and every person upon applying to vote shall be required to write his name in said blank space, upon request of any election officer. A voter who, when so requested, refuses to write his name as aforesaid shall, before voting, be required to obtain from said board a certificate of his right to vote: provided, however, that Proviso. the provisions of this act shall not be construed to apply to any person exempt under the constitution or amendments thereof.

66. Said board shall forth with, after every last day Return of for registration before an annual state (or) city elec- assessed tion, fixed by law, certify to the secretary of the Com-polls, regis. monwealth the number of assessed polls and the number of registered male and female voters in said city, 1893, c. 417, and in each ward and precinct therein; and they shall $ os. also certify the number of persons who by law are entitled to vote for a part only of the whole number of officers to be voted for at a state election in said city and in each ward and precinct therein, together with the titles of the officers for whom such persons are entitled to vote.

67. Said board whenever a caucus is called in said Voting list city in accordance with the provisions of the act relating thereto, shall, on request of the person designated ibid. $ 69. in the notice thereof to call the caucus to order, furnislı 1895, c. 459, him for use in the caucus a certified copy of the voting $ 13. lists of the ward of the city, for which the caucus is to be held, as last published according to law, together with such names of voters as have been added thereto since such publication.

68. Said board, immediately after the annual city List of votelection in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and ers, new di. in every tenth year thereafter, shall, for the purpose of vision of


use at


ciiy into


$ 70.

furnishing to the city council and the board of aldermen

the information necessary for the making of a new division 1993, c. 417,

of said city into wards and voting precincts, prepare, and, before the tenth day of February next ensuing, deliver to the city clerk of said city a list of all the male voters therein who were registered for such city election, which list shall be so made and arranged as to show the number of such registered voters who reside in each lot or block surrounded by streets in the limits of said city and any other subdivision of the city which the city council or board of aldermen may, before the first day of February, designate. Said board shall likewise in any other year, upon request of the board of alderen of said city, furnish for such purpose a list of the male voters of any ward in said city, made and arranged as aforesaid.




" Political

69. Terms relating to caucuses shall have application Terms deas hereinafter set forth, unless other meaning is clearly fined. apparent from the language or context, or from manifest 1895, C. 49,

§ 2. intent.

The term “political party,” shall apply to a political “Political party which at the preceding annual state election polled

party.” for

governor at least three per cent. of the entire vote cast in the state for that office.

The term “elective office,” shall apply to candidates “ Elective for any office to be voted for at a state or municipal elec- office.” tion. The term “ caucus officers,” shall apply to wardens, “Caucus clerks, inspectors, chairmen, secretaries and tellers, and, when on duty, to additional officers specially elected, or elected to fill a vacancy and taking part in the conduct of caucuses.

The term “ caucus,” and “political convention,” shall“ Caucus,” apply only to such as shall be called and held in pursuance convenof this act. The term “political committee,” shall apply only to " Political

committee." such as shall be elected in pursuance of this act.

The term “ nomination papers,” shall apply only to nation those used in connection with caucuses, as

herein 1895, c. 507,

papers.” provided

§ 1. 70. All notices for holding caucuses shall apply to all notices members of the political party whose caucuses are to be 1895, c. 489, held, and to them only.

$ 7. No person having voted in the caucus of one political voting in party shall be entitled to vote or take part in the caucus of

one party another political party in the same calendar year. Each city committee may make reasonable regulations, another

during not inconsistent with the provisions of law, to determine membership in the party, and to restrain others than those City comwho are entitled to vote at the caucus from attendance make reguthereat or taking part therein.

lations, to But no political committee of any party shall deprive membership


" Nomi.

To whom


caucus of

cannot vote in that of

same vear.


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