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designated for preparing new general registers voters may be registered at the central registration office in said city : but during the month of September of said years said board shall keep open one or more places for registration in each ward of said city, as said board shall deem sufficient, where alone registration of the citizens of that ward shall be made daily from eight o'clock in the forenoon to ten o'clock in the afternoon, except Sunday.

34. Said board shall hold such day sessions as the Sessions for said city may by ordinance prescribe, and such additional registrasessions as they shall themselves deem necessary; and

1894, C. 271, they shall, in any event, hold in or near each ward şi. in said city not less than ten evening sessions, each of at least three hours' duration, in the period beginning with the second day of September and ending with the twentieth day preceding the annual state election, and the same number of like sessions in the period succeeding the annual state election and ending with the twentieth day preceding the annual city election in said city; and they shall hold at their principal office a con- Continuous tinuous session, from nine o'clock in the morning until sessions. ten o'clock in the evening, on the twentieth day preceding the annual state election, and a like continuous session on the twentieth day preceding the annual city election in said city.

35. In said city registration shall cease at ten o'clock in When the evening on the twentieth day preceding the annual registration state election, and shall be discontinued from that date

in the city until the election shall have been held; and registration of Boston. shall likewise cease at ten o'clock in the evening on the Ibid. § 2. twentieth day preceding the annual city election in such city, and be discontinued thenceforth until the election shall have been held.

36. In case an election is to be held in said city on Registra. a day other than the day of the annual state (or) city election therein, said board shall, for the registration of special elecvoters in said city, hold in some suitable and con- 1993, c. 417, venient place therein, a continuous session from twelve $41: o'clock, noon, until ten o'clock in the evening, on the c. 2, § 1.

shall cease

tion for


names on

after close

$ 42.

Notices of sessions for

seventh day preceding such election, or if such day would fall on a Sunday or legal holiday, then on the eighth day preceding such election ; registration in said city shall cease at ten o'clock in the evening of the day on which such session is held, and be discontinued

therein until the election shall have been held. Entering 37. Said board shall not, after ten o'clock in the even

ing of a day on which registration is to cease as provided registers

in the preceding sections, register any person as a voter, of registra. previous to the next succeeding election, except that tion, etc.

nothing contained herein or in any section of this title 1893, C. 417, shall prevent the entering upon the registers, after such

time, of the names of persons whose qualifications as voters have been already examined, or the correction, in accordance with the provisions of this title, of any errors or omissions; but said board shall in every case require the vote by which such entry or correction is made to be attested by their secretary.

38. Said board shall prepare, and shall post or publish

proper notices, in which they shall state the places and registra. tion, etc.

hours for holding day and evening sessions, and last sessions preceding an election, and shall further state in such notices that after ten o'clock in the evening of the last day fixed for registration they will not before the election add any name to the registers except the names of voters examined as to their qualifications since the preceding thirtieth day of April.

39. Said board shall keep in blank books, to be proregister. vided for the purpose and to be known as general registers, records of all

persons, both male and female, applying for registration, qualified to vote in said city. They shall enter in the general register the name of every such voter written in full, or instead thereof the surname and first Christian name or that name by which he is generally known, written in full, and the initial of every other name which he may have, and also his age, place of birth, residence on the preceding first day of May, or at the time of first becoming an inhabitant of said city after the first day of May,

Ibid. $ 43


Ibid. § 44.


Voter to

name in

the date of his registration and his residence at such date, his occupation and place of occupation, the name and location of the court which has issued to him letters of naturalization and the date thereof, if he is a naturalized citizen, and such other particulars as may be

write his necessary fully to identify him as a voter; and said board shall require each voter to write his name in the register. register.

The books used for the general registers shall have uni- Blank form headings in substantially the following form, and books to blank books suitable for the purpose shall be furnished by nished. the secretary of the Commonwealth at cost price on application therefor:


$ 3.

40. Said board shall, after the first day of May Annual every year, prepare an annual register containing the register.

1894, c. 268, names of all qualified voters in said city for the current year, beginning with such first day of May. The names of voters in the annual register shall be arranged in alphabetical order, and, opposite the name of each voter, his residence on the first day of May preceding, or at the time after the first day of May of his first becoming an inhabitant of said city.

They shall enter in the annual register every name con- Names to be tained in the lists of persons assessed a poll tax for the entered. current year as transmitted to them by the assessors, giving as his residence on the first day of May the place at which he was assessed a poll tax; and likewise the name and residence, as aforesaid, of every woman voter whose

Naines of women voters to be registered.


name is contained in the list of women voters made by the assessors and transmitted to said board, as provided in sections sixteen and seventeen of chapter four hundred and seventeen of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninetythree as amended by sections one and two of chapter two hundred and sixty-eight of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-four; provided, however, in every case said board are able to identify the name so transmitted to them as that of a man or woman whose name was borne on the voting list of said city at the last preceding

election. Board They shall make all necessary inquiries and investigato make

tions in order to complete every such identification, and inquiries,

they shall not enter in the annual register the name of a investigations, etc.

person objected to by any one of them until such person has been duly notified, and given an opportunity to be heard before said board.

They shall also forth with enter in the current annual register the name of every other person, whose qualifications as a voter have been determined by them in the current year, and whose name has accordingly been entered in the general register.

They shall also annually, before the first day of May in each year, transmit to the assessors a list of the women

whose names are contained upon the register of voters, registered together with their residences as they appear on the

register of the preceding year. Registra 41. Every person, whether male or female, whose tion, per

name has not been entered in the annual register in acapplication cordance with the provisions of the preceding section

must, in order to be registered as a voter in said city register.

and vote therein, make application in person at a place 1893, C. 417, appointed for registration, and prove that he possesses the § 46.

qualifications of a voter in said city. Any mem. 42. Any member of said board may, in a place apboard may pointed for registration, during the hours designated for the

purpose, on any day, except days on which registration is discontinued by law, receive applications for registration and examine under oath applicants and witnesses, but all

Board to transmit to assessors names of



when name is not in annual

examine applicants, etc.

Ibid. § 47

tion when

tions of




must read

his doings shall be subject to the revision and acceptance of said board.

43. If an applicant's qualifications have not been de- Examinatermined by said board within the four years next pre

qualificaceding his application, they shall examine him under oath in regard to his qualifications, and shall, unless he is

applicant prevented by physical disability from so doing, or unless have not he had the right to vote on the first day of May in the been de. year eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, require him to within four read, in such manner as to show that he is neither years, etc.

1894, c. 291, prompted nor reciting from memory.

§ 1. For the purpose of testing the ability of the applicant Board to be to read as required by this section, said board shall be

with consti. furnished by the secretary of the Commonwealth with the

tution, constitution of the Commonwealth printed on uniform printed pasteboard slips, each containing five lines of said consti- slips. tution printed in double small pica type.

Said board shall place said slips in a box to be provided Applicant by the secretary of the Commonwealth and so constructed

from slip as to conceal the same from view. Each person applying drawn from for registration shall be required to draw one of said slips box. from the box and read the five lines printed thereon, in full view of the registration officers. Each slip shall be returned to the box immediately after the test is finished, and the contents of the box shall be shaken up by a registration officer before another drawing is made. No person failing to read the slip thus drawn shall be registered as a voter. Said board shall keep in said box at No person all times a full number of said printed pasteboard slips.

to be regis.

tered who The secretary of the Commonwealth shall upon request fails to read furnish new slips to said board to replace those worn out slip. or lost. The applicant shall also be required to write his Applicant name in a general register, as required by section forty- to write his four of chapter four hundred and seventeen of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-three.

44. Every male applicant for registration shall present Registraa certificate from the assessors, or a tax bill or notice from tion of male the collector of taxes, showing that he has been assessed

1895, c. 61, as a resident of the city on the preceding first day of s r.



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