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lists of inale

To inake list of wo. men voters.

The assessors, by one or more of their number, or by one or more assistant assessors, shall, in the month of

May or June in each year, visit every building in their liable to a respective cities and towns, and, after diligent inquiry, poll tax.

make true lists containing, as near as they can ascertain 1994, c. 26S, the same,

the name, age, occupation and residence, on the § 1.

first day of May in the current year, and the residence on the first day of May in the preceding year, of every male person twenty years of age or upwards, residing in their respective cities and towns, liable to be assessed for a poll tax; and shall inquire at the residences of the women voters whose names are contained in the list transmitted to said assessors by the board of election commissioners, according to the provisions of section forty-five of chapter four hundred and seventeen of the acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-three, whether such women voters are residents thereat, and shall thereupon make a list of the women voters so found by them.

The assessors shall, upon the personal application of an assessed person for the correction of any error in their original lists, and whenever informed of the existence of any such error, make due investigation, and, upon proof of error, correct the same on their books. They shall cause to be preserved for the space of two years all applications, certificates and affidavits received by them under this section.

The assessors in the city of Boston shall promptly,

from time to time, and before the fifteenth day of July in lists, notices,

each year, transmit to the board of election commissioners the lists made as provided in the preceding section, or certified copies thereof, and shall promptly transmit to said board and to the collector of taxes notices of every addition to and correction in the lists made by them; and

every assessor, assistant assessor and collector of taxes, Ibid. § 2. shall furnish all information in his possession necessary to

aid the said board in discharge of their duties.

Correction of errors.


Assessors to furnish

etc., to election cominis. sioners and col. lectors.

etc., street

lists of as.

§ 18.

contents of street lists.

23. The assessors of said city shall, on or before the Assessors fifteenth day of July in each year prepare street lists con- to make, taining the names of all persons assessed by them for poll taxes for the current year, which lists shall be arranged sessed polls. by voting precincts. They shall print such lists in pam- 1893, c. 417, phlet form, shall deliver to the said board as many copies thereof as they may require, and shall hold the remainder of the copies for public distribution.

24. The assessors, in the preparation of street lists as Form and above provided, shall name or designate all buildings used as residences, in the order in which they stand on Ibid. § 19. the street or other way on which they are located, shall give the number or other definite description of each building, so that it can be readily identified, and shall place opposite or under each number or other description given of a building, the name, age and occupation of every person residing in such building on the first day of May of the current year and assessed for a poll tax, with his residence on the first day of May of the preceding year.

25. If a male person, who has not been previously Assess. assessed for a poll tax for the year beginning with the ment of a preceding first day of May, shall, on or before the day

previously fixed by law for the close of registration in said city, assessed. appear in person and prove to the satisfaction of the as- Ibid. $ 20. sessors that he was on such preceding first day of May an 1895, c. 61,

$$ 1, 2. inhabitant of such city and liable to pay a poll tax therein, and shall under oath furnish a true list of his polls and of his estate, both real and personal, not exempt from taxation, the assessors shall thereupon assess him for his polls and estate, and shall give him a certificate of such assessment, which on presentation to the board of election commissioners shall be taken by them as prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated.

26. The assessors of said city, upon receipt from the Assessment board of election commissioners of notice of the registration by them as a voter, of a person who was a resident from board of said city on the preceding first day of May, but who commis. was not assessed therein for a poll tax, shall forth with 1893, c. 417,


person not

of a person

on notice


assess such person for his polls and estate, unless he is

by law exempt from assessment. Subject to

27. All assessments made in accordance with the preP. S. c. 11, $ 73; collec. ceding two sections shall be subject to the provisions of

section seventy-three of chapter eleven of the Public 1893, c. 417, Statutes, and shall be entered in the tax list of the col$ 22.

lector of taxes of said city, and be collected by him

according to law. Names, 28. The city registrar shall, on the first day of every etc., of cer.

month, and also two days before every election, transmit

to the board of election commissioners a list of the names deceased to of ali residents of said city of twenty-one years of age

or upwards who have deceased within the preceding board of

month, or since the date of the list previously transmitted, commis together with a statement of the street and number therein, sioners. and the ward, if any, in which such person resided at the Ibid. § 23. date of his death.

tain per


be sent to





The board of election commissioners shall, be- Assistant tween the first day of May and the first day of October in registrars,

appoint. each year, appoint assistant registrars of voters, not ex

ment, term ceeding four for each ward, who shall hold office for the

of office, term of one year beginning with the first day of October, political unless sooner discharged by said board. In the making representaof appointments both for the full term and in the filling

1893, c. 417, of vacancies, said board shall so appoint assistant regis- $ 33. trars that they shall represent so far as possible the different political parties.

30. Said board may cause any of the duties devolving Sessions, upon a single member thereof under the various sections regulations,

etc. of this title to be performed by one or two assistant regis

Ibid. § 34. trars, and may designate two assistant registrars to hold such sessions as are by law required to be held outside of the principal office of said board; and in such case said board shall, so far as possible, designate for such duty, assistant registrars of different political parties. Said board shall make such regulations for the Assistant government of the assistant registrars in accordance with registrars,

regulations, the provisions of law as they may deem necessary; but in the performance of such duties every assistant registrar shall be subject to the same obligations and penalties as the registrar in the like case. All doings of assistant registrars shall be subject to the revision and acceptance of said board. Assistant registrars shall each be

office, comsworn to the faithful discharge of his duties by some

pensation, member of said board, and they shall receive such com- removal, pensation for their services as the city council shall deter- etc. mine, but such compensation shall not be regulated by the number of names registered upon any list of voters. Said board may remove any assistant registrar, and

may fill any vacancy occurring in the number of assistant registrars for the remainder of a term.

31. No person shall be appointed a member of the Election board of election commissioners or an assistant registrar of voters in the city of Boston, who is not a qualified voter


Oath of

commis. sioners and assistant

other offi. ces, etc.

Office room,


registrars of said city, and no person shall be so appointed who to be quali holds an office by election or appointment under the fied voters, not to hold government of the United States, or, except as a justice

of the peace, notary public, or an officer of the state

militia of the Commonwealth, or who holds an office 1895, C. 207, in said city either by election or by direct appointment $ 1.

of the mayor of said city. The acceptance by a member of said board or assistant registrar of an office which he is so prohibited from holding, shall be taken to be a resignation of his office as such member or assistant registrar.

32. The city of Boston shall furnish office room for 1893, C; 417, said board and such aid as may be needed by them, and $$ 32, 36.

shall provide them with suitable quarters in which to hold sessions for the purpose of determining the qualifications of persons to be registered as voters.

33. Said board shall, between the first day of May and register of

the first day of October in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and in every tenth year thereafter, make a new

general register of the qualified voters of said city. Said 1895, C. 449, general register shall be prepared in the manner provided § 6.

by law for preparing general registers, but in determining the residence of any voter for registration said election commissioners shall receive as prima facie evidence of such residence a certificate from the assessors of taxes, or a tax bill, or notice from the collector of taxes in said city showing that such person has been assessed for a poll tax as a resident of said city on the first day of May, and in case the applicant shall fail to present such certificate, bill, or notice, he shall be required to otherwise satisfy the said commissioners as to such residence. Changes may be made in said new general register on account of illegal registration, and after the year in which a new general register is made all laws relating to general registers of voters shall be applicable to said new general registers, and the annual registers and voting lists of said city shall be prepared therefrom, in the manner provided by law for preparing annual registers and voting lists in cities. Until the first day of September of the years

voters, prepara. tion, etc.

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