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Page Apparatus, etc., regulations as to use of .

66, 67, 68 care, custody, repair and improvement of

66, 67 defective ballot-boxes may be replaced

67 examination of ballot-boxes by secretary of Common

wealth, etc.
persons of whom ballot-boxes are purchased to give

to be sent to polls by Board of Election Commissioners 68
to be used where the ballots are printed and distributed
at the public expense

88 if impossible to use, proceedings to be as presiding officer shall direct

88 penalty for injuring or destroying . Applicants for registration. (See Registration of Voters.) Applications, certificates, or affidavits taken by assessors to be preserved for two years

14 of aliens, for naturalization .

129-135 Arrangement of names upon official ballot

40, 70, 71 Arrest of persons for disorderly conduct, etc., at polls

83 Assessed polls, list of, assessors to make, post, etc.

14, 15 correction of errors in

14 street lists of, assessors to make and distribute .

15 number of, to be certified to secretary of Commonwealth . 31 secretary to report same to legislature

102 penalty on assessors for making false entry of .

115 Assessment, of voters, evidence in prosecution for violation

of laws relating to ... of taxes upon polls and estates

14-16, 58 errors in to be corrected

14 of persons omitted from lists of assessed polls .

15 to be subject to P.S., C. II, section 73

16 of male persons moving into city subsequently to May 1 . inquests to be held in cases of alleged violation of laws relating to

128 Assessors of taxes, notices of, relating to elections, place of posting

7 to make lists of persons assessed, etc.

14, 15, 24 to correct errors in names and residences, etc.

14 to preserve applications, certificates and affidavits for two years

14 to transmit to Board of Election Commissioners lists of persons assessed

14 to notify collectors of changes in lists, etc.

14 to furnish information necessary to aid Board of Election Commissioners





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vious year


Page Assessors to inquire as to residence of women voters of pre

14 to make list of such voters so found

14 to transmit same to Board of Election Commissioners to make street lists of assessed polls

15 to print same in pamphlet form

15 to deliver copies to Board of Election Commissioners 15 to hold remaining copies for public distribution

15 to assess voter not previously assessed

15, 24 to give certificate to person assessed, etc.

15, 24 certificate of, to be taken as prima facie evidence by Board of Election Commissioners

15, 18 to assess persons not assessed May 1

15, 24 to keep records of applicants and witnesses .

24 to post, in places of assessment, laws prescribing penalties for illegal registration

24 to hold sessions for assessment of persons not assessed May I

25 to require proof of residence in such cases

15, 24 to be notified of changes in names and residences of voters, etc.

27 to be furnished with map or description of voting precincts

59 penalty for making false list of assessed polls, etc.

115 for refusal or neglect to inquire at residences of women voters and make and transmit lists

115 for wilful neglect or refusal .

115 for giving false information to, etc.

for refusing to give information to Assistant registrars of voters, appointment of

17 powers, duties and compensation of

17, 18 qualifications, removal, vacancy, etc.

17 penalties for refusing, etc., to require applicant for reg

istration to read from Constitution and write name . 115 for refusing, etc., to announce name of applicant in clear, etc., tone of voice

115 for preventing, etc., voter from registering

115 for krowingly registering name of any person not qualjfed to vote.

115 for fraud or corrupt conduct, generally . Assistants may be appointed to have charge of divisions of election department .

13 Attorney-General to be member of Ballot Law Commission . 55

to be elected annually on the Tuesday next after the first
Monday in November

78, 139


I 20

115, 118

Page Attorney-General, returns of votes for, to be transmitted to secretary of Commonwealth

93 to give consent to withdrawal, etc., of petition for statement of election expenses

113 to attend inquests in election cases

I 28 Auditor, state, to approve ballot-boxes, blank forms and apparatus . .

66, 67 to be elected annually on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November .

78, 139 returns of votes for, to be transmitted to secretary of Commonwealth .

93 to approve blank forms for statements of election expenses, etc..




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40 40



Ballots, evidence in prosecution for violation of laws relat

ing to
regulations for receiving, counting, etc., may be made by

Board of Election Commissioners .
(for Caucuses) to be prepared by Board of Election

no others to be received and counted
to have official heading, with party name, etc.
number to be printed to be fixed by city committee

or by said board, if not otherwise determined to have names for elective offices arranged alphabetically, to have other names grouped, on request except for delegates, to have place of residence printed

against names to contain brief statement regarding candidate . to contain only names duly presented on nomination

papers to have blank spaces for insertion of written names to state number of persons to be voted for to indicate by a (*) a candidate for reëlection form of, same as provided for state elections, except how marked by voter not to be counted if more names are marked than are to

be chosen to be arranged as for elections to be delivered to warden at polling place . fac-simile copies to be furnished by said board .

to be kept posted in polling places during balloting to have name of challenged voter, etc., written on outside, not to be counted until polis are closed

40 40 40 40 40 40


40 41 41 41 43 43


Page Ballots to be counted publicly

43 to be sealed up with check list and indorsed .

43 to be transmitted to Board of Election Commissioners .

44 to be kept by said board not less than three months

44 to be produced when called for by court, etc.

44 to be recounted on request of ten voters

44 by State Ballot Law Commission in case of state offices, 44 by Board of Election Commissioners in case of city offices

44 (for State and City elections) supplies for marking at voting places . .

65 preparation, printing, and distribution of, at public expense

69-73 general, for use of male voters, description of, etc. .

69, 70, 72 special, for use of women in voting for school committee, 70, 72 arrangement of names upon

70, 71 blank spaces to be left equal to number of candidates to be voted for

70 official indorsement on

70 number of, to be furnished to be in packages, books, or blocks .

72 to contain the names of candidates legally nominated, etc., 69, 73 new, to be furnished in case of death, etc., of candidate . 73 also, in case of loss or destruction

77 partial, for use of voters who are entitled to vote for a part only of the officers to be chosen

73 specimen, to be prepared and furnished .

74 to be packed in sealed packages, etc.

76 delivery of, to Board of Election Commissioners

76 delivery of, to election officers, etc.

76; 80 two sets to be provided for each polling place

76 one set to be sent to each polling place

77 one set to be retained until called for

77 receipts for, and record of, to be preserved specimen, to be posted up in polling place

80 to be deposited in state ballot-boxes

80, 86 not to be removed before closing of polls

81, 87 statement of number of, cast, not to be made by officers

before polls are closed .
time for deposit at close of polls

82 marking of, by voter

84-86 only one to be given to voter .

84 when to be marked " cancelled spoiled, to be returned, others may be furnished . voter may be assisted in marking, when . distinguishing mark not to be placed on .

76, 77



85 85 85






Page Ballots, manner of depositing in ballot-box ..

86 cast by voters whose right to vote is challenged

87, 105 blank forms and apparatus to be used in the count and canvass of ..

88 count and canvass of

88-90 at close of polls, to be counted aloud and whole number

to be kept in view of voters until they are placed in en-

not to be counted unless deposited in ballot-box, etc. . 90
or unless provided in accordance with law

go when to be marked “ defective"

" defective " not to be counted, but to be preserved
to be sealed up and indorsed by election officers after

having been counted, declared, etc. .
to be transmitted, sealed, to Board of Election Commis-

board to retain, the required time, and then cause them
to be destroyed without examination

91 whole number of, given in, to be stated in words at length

in records and copies of records of caucuses and

43, 89, 101 to be retained until contested election is determined, etc., 103 recount of, in case of contested elections, etc.

103, 104 when returns are believed to be erroneous .

103, 104 in elections in Boston, by Board of Election Commissioners

103, 104 of votes on license question

103, 104 petitioners for, to present in writing name of person to represent them at .

104 contesting candidates to be notified and may be present .

104, 105 to be only on questions designated in petition for recount

105 penalty for violating provisions regarding printing and distributing . .

122, 123, 124 for altering, depositing, or removing, with intent to cheat, 124 for fraudulent marking of

123, 124 inquests to be held in cases of alleged violation of laws relating to

128 Ballot-boxes, to be furnished by secretary, at expense of Cominonwealth .

66 to be approved by secretary, treasurer and auditor, etc., 66 to be kept, repaired and replaced by Board of Election Commissioners, at expense of city

66 defective boxes to be replaced, how .


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