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cated in Europe. Probabilities as to the future. In-

tends to come home.

Letter CXCII. 30 May. Not a word from America. His
spring passage lost. Doubtful where he can find one.
His son at the Hague.


Letter CXCIII. 8 April-9 June. Anxious for news from
home. Out of spirits. Advice to his sons and daugh-
ter. Has accomplished a correspondence between med-
ical societies.

Letter CXCIV. 19 June. Is uncertain whether his resig-
nation has been received. At Versailles. Mode of ad
dress of princes and princesses. They should have a

Letter CXCV. 7 September. Has received the joint

commission to make a treaty of commerce. Duties to

be performed. Invites her to Europe. Reasons for

and against her coming.

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Malesherbes defends Louis XVI. France ambitious un-

der every government.

Letter CCXI. 27 February. Effect of the fermentation in
Europe. Trial of Paine in England. Attorney Gene-

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Letter CCXXIV. 1 April. Effect of the embargo.
Violent measure proposed in the House of Representa-
tives. The times are critical.

Letter CCXXV. 3 April. Is charmed with her farm-

ing. Many wild projects. Has been wonderfully

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Danger of war. Wish

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Letter CCXXXI. 10 May. Congress and the democrat-
ical societies. Curious spectacle in the Senate. Debt-
ors declaim against the corruption of Congress. .
Letter CCXXXII. 17 May. Boston comes on. Well-
born Winthrop. Error of the federalists. Progress of
elections. Visionary ideas of government.
Letter CCXXXIII. 26 May. Letters of Randolph and
Hammond. Danger of a war. The Academy of Arts
and Sciences. Has resigned as President. Message
to his brother.

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