Federal Reincorporation of Commodity Credit Corporation: Hearings ... , 80-2 on H.R. 6263 ... , April 13 ... 19, 1948

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Halaman 131 - Commission shall study and investigate the present organization and methods of operation of all departments, bureaus, agencies, boards, commissions, offices, independent establishments, and instrumentalities of the Government except the Judiciary and the Congress of the United States to determine what changes therein are necessary in their opinion to accomplish the purposes set forth in section 1 of this Act.
Halaman 30 - States in collecting debts from bankrupt, insolvent, or decedents' estates; to determine the character of and the necessity for its obligations and expenditures, and the manner in which they shall be incurred, allowed, and paid...
Halaman 13 - ... makes any statement knowing it to be false, or whoever willfully overvalues any security, for the purpose of obtaining for himself or for any applicant any loan or extension thereof by renewal, deferment of action, or otherwise, or the acceptance, release, or substitution, of security therefor, or for the purpose of influencing in any way the action of the...
Halaman 31 - Procure agricultural commodities for sale to other Government agencies, foreign governments, and domestic, foreign, or international relief or rehabilitation agencies...
Halaman 7 - ... bylaws, rules, and regulations governing the manner in which its business may be conducted and the powers vested in it may be exercised...
Halaman 7 - Bank shall be entitled to the use of the United States mails in the same manner and upon the same conditions as the executive departments of the Government.
Halaman 20 - Governor and other officers should be appointed by the President, with the consent of the Senate; and be subject to removal, &c., in like manner that they were by the old Congress, whose functions had ceased.
Halaman 38 - May I ask a question there, Mr. Chairman? The CHAIRMAN. Yes. Mr.
Halaman 23 - October 16, 1933, shall continue, until April 1, 1937, or such earlier date as may be fixed by the President by Executive Order, to be an agency of the United States.
Halaman 127 - In the Corporation's purchasing and selling operations with respect to agricultural commodities (except sales to other Government agencies), and in the warehousing, transporting, processing, or handling of agricultural commodities, the Corporation shall, to the maximum extent practicable consistent with the fulfillment of the Corporation's purposes and the effective and efficient conduct of its business, utilize the usual and customary channels, facilities, and arrangements of trade and commerce.

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