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Halaman 28 - early to bed and early to rise, is the way to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Halaman 271 - Lusavoritch." He was of the reigning family of the Arsacidae, and lived and wrought towards the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth centuries...
Halaman 24 - The cows are tethered in a row on one side of the shed, and the lace-makers sit cross-legged on the ground on the other side, with their feet buried in straw. The cattle, being out in the fields by day, the poor women work all night for the sake of the steaming warmth arising from the animals.
Halaman 219 - ... molten silver. To add to the effect of the landscape, silence the most absolute brooded over it, except when the scream of a seamew, wheeling about drowsily in the sunny air, broke upon the ear. The mount itself, with its ancient monastic towers, rearing their...
Halaman 63 - CURIoSITY is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. Every advance into knowledge opens new prospects, and produces new incitements to further progress. All the attainments possible in our present state are evidently inadequate to our capacities of enjoyment...
Halaman 285 - C'esteit uns de ses granz déporz Qu'od Danzeles , ce suis recorz ; Un jor qu'il veneit de chacier En choisi une en un gravier, Dans le ruissel d'un fontenil , Où en blanchisseit un cheinsil, Od autres filles de borgeis Dunt aveit od li plus de treis. Tirez aveit ses dras en sus, Si cum pucelles ont en us Par enveisure é par geu Peeres quand sunt en itel leu.
Halaman 175 - Lapides quoque, quos in ruinosis locis et silvestribus dsemonum ludifieationibus decepti venerantur, ubi et vota vovent et deferunt, funditus effodiantur, atque in tali loco projiciantur, ubi nunquam a cultoribus suis inveniri possint.
Halaman 288 - J'ai tué , ajouta-t-elle, en élevant extrêmement la voix, j'ai tué un homme pour en sauver cent mille; un scélérat pour sauver des innocens ; une bête féroce pour donner le repos à mon pays. J'étais républicaine avant la révolution, et je n'ai jamais manqué d'énergie.
Halaman 78 - A list of all those who drew was entered in the register of the department, with the number drawn marked opposite. The next operation the conscript had to perform was to step up to the toise, in order to have his height ascertained ; and the result was declared with a loud voice by the giant who stood by the instrument. If any one appeared not to be ambitious of getting credit for his full height, the giant put one of his paws upon his back, and the other upon his chest, and thus soon brought him...
Halaman 220 - ... calico. I never in my life saw so many demoniacal faces together. All the evil passions, nourished by habit, and irritated, not subdued, by punishment, were there, clothed with flesh and blood, and still hungering fiercely after crime. Like Dante and his guide, we made our way through this hell in miniature, a hundred villains scowling at us as we passed, and, crossing several passages and small vaulted chambers, entered a still...

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