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ORDERED BY THE COURT, That the Thirty-third Rule of this Court be amended so as to read as follows:

33 MODELS, DIAGRAMS, AND EXHIBITS OF MATERIAL. 1. Models, diagrams, and exhibits of material forming part of the evidence taken in the court below, in any case pending in this Court, on writ of error or appeal, shall be placed in the custody of the marshal of this Court at least one month before the case is heard or sub mitted.

2. All models, diagrams, and exhibits of material, placed in the custody of the marshal for the inspection of the Court on the hearing of a case, must be taken away by the parties within one month after the case is decided. When this is not done, it shall be the duty of the marshal to notify the counsel in the case, by mail or otherwise, of the requirements of this rule; and if the articles are not removed within a reasonable time after the notice is given, he shall destroy them, or make such other disposition of them as to him may seem best.

Promulgated November 23, 1885.



VOLUMES 106, 107, 108; 109.


Co. v.

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Co. o.


B. "Abatoir Place, U. S. 0.".

128 | Balt. & P. R. R. Co. v. Fifth Baptist Adams o. Conn. 970 Church,

739 Adams, Trustee, o. Crittenden,

99 Bank, Cent. Nat. of Boonville, Howard Adams 0. Johnson, 386

738 Adams, N. O. Nat. Banking Asso. o.

910 Bank, Cook Co. Nat., v. United States 537 Adams County, Osborne o.

129 Bank, First Nat. of Xenia, v. Stewart, Adams County, Osborne 0. 835 Admr.,

592 "Adriatic, The," Marshall v.

497 Bank, First Nat. of Youngstown, v. Hughes, 268 Adriatic Fire Ins. Co, r. Treadwell, 754 Bank, Int. of Chicago, Jenkins, Assignee v. 304 Ætna L. Ins. Co., Kankakee County 0. 309 Bank, Masonic Sav., Stucky, Assignee 0. 640 Alabama, Memphis & Charleston R. R. Bank, Merch. & Mfrs. Nat., v. Slagle, 204

618 Bank, Monongahela Nat. v. Jacobus, 935 Alabama, Pace o. 207 Bank, Nat, of Lancaster, Miller o.

289 Alabama Gold Life Ins. Co. o. Nichols, 915 Bank of St. Thomas 0. The Julia Blake, 595 Albright o. Emery,

1064 Banking Asso., N. 0. Nat., v. Adams, 910 Albright o. Teas, 295 “Barber v. Schell,"

490 Alexander Co. o. Kimball, 311 'Barker, Clough e."

134 Allen . McVeigh,

572 Barnard, Assignee, Clark, Treas., t. 780 Allen, Exrx., Russell 0. 397 Barney o. Cox,

601 Ambler o. Choteau, 322 Barney v. Friedman,

601 Ambrose, United States o. 746 Barney v. Isler,

601 Amendments to Rules 1 and 10, Matter of, 629 Barton, Assignee, v. Geiler,

687 American Cent. Ins. Co. of St. L., Gracev. 932 Basket o. Hassell, Admr.

500 American Cotton Tie Co. v. Simmons, 79 Basket v. Hassell, Admr.

719 Ames o. Quimby, 100 Bayly o..Wash. & Lee University,

97 Andrews, Hayward v. 271 Bedford v. Burton,

112 Anthony, Wing v. 110 · Belgenland, The,”

685 Antoni 0. Greenhow, Treas., 468 · Belgenland, The," 0. Jensen,

825 Armes, Bigelow 0. 631 Bendey v. Townsend,

1065 Armes, Admr., District of Columbia v. 618 Bernards Township, Inhab. of, v. Morrison, 956 Arnson o. Murphy, Coll., 920 “Bernards Township o. Stebbins,

956 Arthur, Coll., 0. Fox, 675 Bigelow 0. Armes,

631 Arthur, Coll., Newman v. 883 Blake, Hawkins, Assignee, v.

775 Arthur, Coll., 9. Pastor,

882 Board of Comrs. of Cherokee Co. 0. WilAtlantic Mut. Ins. Co., Ellis o.

son, -

1053 Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co. o. Good Intent Tow- Board of Liquidation of City Debt v. L. & Boat Co.

N. R. R. Co.

916 Atlantic Works o. Brady,

438 Board of Miss. Levee Comrs. Meath o. 930 B.

760 Boese, Receiver, v. King, Assignee, * Bonebrake, Medsker v.

654 Bachman 0. Lawson, - 1067 Bonebrake, Assignee, Metsker 0.

654 Bacon o. Rives, 69 Booth v. Tiernan,

907 Badger, Coll., o. Ranlett,

194, 196 Borcherling o. Glenwood Cemetery, 408 Badger, Coll., Schmidt o. 328 Bostwick, Receiver, o. Brinkerhoff,

73 Bailey, Coll., o. N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. Co., 81 “Bowden o. Johnson,"

386 Bailey o. United States, 988 Bowler, Town of Pana v.

424 Baker, Treas., o. United States ex rel., 915 Boyer, Ex parte,"

1056 “ Baldwin o. Stark,” 526 Boyer's Petition, In Matter of,

1056 Baldwin o. Starks, 526 Brady v. Atlantic Works,

438 Balt. & O. R. R. Co., Ex parte, 78 Branch v. Jesup,

279 Baltimore & O. R. R. Co., Ex parte, 812 Brin! ff, Bostwick, Receiver, o. Baltimore & O. R. R. Co., Randall v. 1003 Britton, United States v.


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Co. o.


Britton, United States v. 698, 701, 703 Clough o. Gilbert & B. Mfg. Co., 134, 138
Broughton, Tr., Manhattan L. Ins. Co. v. 878 Coasting Co., Steamboat Co. o.

Brown, City of Parkersburg o.
238 Cochran v. Schell, Coll.,

490, 543 Brown v. Colorado, 132 Colorado, Brown v.

132 Brown, Evans o.

898 Commissioners of Cherokee Co. o. Wilson 1053 Brown Township Trustees, Louis v. 892 Commissioners of Douglas Co.,Chapman c. 378 Brownville, Ft. K. & P. R. R. Co. Thom

Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, Peo1018 ple of N. Y. v.

383 Bruce, Gibson 0. 825 Conn, Adams v.

970 Burdett, Estey o. 1058 Conn, Flash v.

966 Burgess o. Seligman, Exr.

359 Conn. Mut. L. Ins. Co. v. Cushman, 648 Burlington & Mo. Riv. R. R. Co. Mills Co v. 578 Conn. Mut. L. Ius. Co. v. Luchs,

800 Burnett, United States ex rel. 0. Teller, Connecticut M. L. Ins. Co., Warner r. 962 Secy. 352 "Connemara, The,”

751 Burton, Bedford 0. 112 Conness, County of Green v.

872 Bush o. Kentucky,

354 Cook Co. Nat. Bk. v. United States 537
Cooke, Exrx., City of Quincy o.

Cooper, Sinclair v.


Cordesman Bros., Fay v. Call 0. Palmer, 61 Cornell, Admr., King o.

60 Campbell, Hewitt r. 871 Cotton Tie Co., Am. v. Simmons,

79 Campbell, Tyler v. 162 “Cotzhausen o. Nazro,"

540 Campbell v. United States,

592 Coughlan, Admr., v. District of Columbia, 74 Canada Southern R. R. Co. 0. Gebhard, 1020 Council of New Orleans, Louisiana ex rel.,0. 823 Canal Co., Union, Gilfillan v. 977 County of Adams, Osborne v.

129 Cape Ann Isinglass & Glue Co. Manning o. 793 County of Adams, Osborne v.

835 Carey, City of Ottawa v. 669 County of Alexander v. Kimball,

311 ('arli, Petitioner, Ex parte, 288 County of Green o. Conness,

872 Carpenter, Township of Chickaming o. 307 County of Kankakee v. Ætna L. Ins. Co , 309 Carpenter Co., Geekie, Shff., 157 County of Madison v. Warren,

311 Carter v. Greenhow, 860 County of Phillips, Meath 0.

819 (arusi, Howard v. 1089 County of Sherman o. Simonds,

1093 Central Nat. Bk. of Boonville, Howard County Court of Knox Co. v. United States

ex rel.,

Chapman v. Co. Comrs. of Douglass Co. 378 County Court of Macon Co. v. Huidekoper, 915
Chemical Works, Oliver o.
862 Cox. Barney. o.

601 Cherokee Co., Comrs. of, v. Wilson, 1053 Cox, St. Clair v.

222 Chicago, Escanaba Company v." 442 Cragin o. Lovell, Exr., ;

903 Chicago, City of, Escanaba & L. M. Trans. Crane Iron Co. v. Hoagland,

Co. o.
442 Crittenden, Adams, Trustee o.

99 Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. o. Union Roll

Crossley & Sons v. New Orleans,

ing Mill Co.
1081 "Crow Dog, Ex parte,"

1030 Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. o. Wiggins

Cummings, Grand Trunk Ry. Co. o. 266
Ferry Co.

636, 638 Cunningham v. Macon & B. R. R. Co., 992 Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Co., Mills Co. o. 578 Curtis, Petitioner, Ex parte,

232 Chicago, D. & V. R. R. Co. v. Fosdick, 47, 59, 64 Curtis, United States o.

534 Chickaming, Township of, v. Carpenter, 307 Cushing, Foster v.

391 Choteau, Ambler v. 322 Cushing v. Laird,

391 City of Chicago, Escanaba & L. M. Trans.

Cushman, Conn. Mut. L. Ins. Co. 0... 648
Co. o. -

442 City of Detroit o. Dean,


D. City of East St. Louis, Wiggins Ferry Co. v. 419 Daggs, Ewell 0.

682 City of New Orleans, Crossley & Sons o. 667 Dalles City, Missionary Society v.

545 City of New Orleans o. N. 0., M. & Tex. Dana, Inhab. of Montclair Township, o. 436 R. R. Co. 635 Daniel, City of Opelika o.

873 City of Opelika o. Daniel,

873 Davis, United States ex rel.,Baker, Treas.,0. 915 City of Ottawa v. Carey, 669 Davis, Ellis 0.

1006 City of Parkersburg v. Brown,

238 Davis, U. S. ex rel., Knox Co. Court o. 914 City of Parkersburg, Parkersburg & Ohio Davis v. South Carolina,

Riv. Trans. Co. 0.
584 Dean, City of Detroit v.

City of Plattsmouth, Read v.
414 Dennett, Laver o.

807 City of Quincy o. Cooke, Exrx., 549 Densmore, Matthews 0.

912 City of Shreveport, Lewis v. 728 Denvir, United States v.

264 Civil Rights Cases,

835 Des Moines Valley R. R. Co., Dubuque Clark, Treas., v. Barnard, Assignee, 780 & S. C. R. R. Co. v.

952 Clark, Coll. v. Keith, 302 Detroit, City of, v. Dean,

300 Clark v. Weeks, 96 Devoe Mfg. Co., In Matter of,

764 Clarkson v. Stevens, 139 Dickinson, Hilton v.

688 Clements v. Odorless, etc., Co.,

1060 Dinsmore, Mo. Kan. & Tex, Ry Co. v. 640 Close o. Glenwood Cemetery,

408 District of Columbia v. Armes, Admr., 618 “Clough v. Barker,”

134 District of Columbia, Coughlan, Admr.,0. 74

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Co. o.


F. District of Columbia, Wash. & G. R. R. Ferry Co., Chicago & Alton R. R. Co. v. Co. c. 807

638, 638 District of Columbia o. Washington Mar- Ferry Co. v. East St. Louis,

419 ket Co.,

714 Fifth Baptist Church, Balt. & P. R.R. Co.o. 739 Dodge c. Freedman's Sav. & Trust Co., 206 Fink v. O'Neil,

196 Dodge, Schell o.

601 First Nat. Bk. of Xenia o. Stewart, Admr., 592 Doster, Phænix Mut. L. Ins. Co. o. 65 First Nat. Bk. of Youngstown v. Hughes, 268 Double Pointed Tack Co. o. Two Rivers Fisher, United States o.

885 Mfg. Co., 877 Fitzgerald, Union Trust Co. v.

490 Douglas County, Comrs. of, Chapman 0. 378 Fitzpatrick v. Flannagan,

211 Downton o. Yaeger Milling Co., 789 Flannagan, Fitzpatrick v.

211 **Downton o. Yeager Milling Co.” 789 Flannagan, McGinty o.

215 Dubuque & S. C. R. R. Co. v. Des Moines Flash o. Conn.,

966 Valley R. R. Co.,

952 Folsom Brothers, Louisiana ex rel., o. Duff o. Sterling Pump Co., 517 Mayor, etc., of N. 0.,

936 Duncan, Stebbins o.

641 Forty Three Gallons of Whisky, United Durant, Rogers 0.

803 Duvall, Young 0. 1038 Fosdick, Chicago, D. ü V. R. R.

· 47, 59, 64 E. Foster o. Cushing,


675 Easton, Hodges 0.

Fox, Arthur, Coll. o. 169

131 East St. Louis, City of, Wiggins Ferry Co.v. 419 Freedman's Sav. & Trust Co., Dodge o.

Fraser v. Jennison,

206 E. E. Bolles Wooden Ware Co. v. United States,

128 Frerichs, United States v. 230 Friedman, Barney 0.

601 Ehman, Roth o.

499 Elgin, Town of, o. Marshall,

Funge, Winchester & Partridge Mfg.
Co. 0.

1064 Ellett, Admr., Wilkins o.

718 Elliott, Louisiana es rel., 0. Jumel, 448

G. Elliott e. Sackett, 678

601 Elliott c. Wiltz, Gov.,

Gage o. Herring,

448 Ellis c. Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co.,

668 Gage v. Pumpelly, Exr., 747

857 Ellis o. Davis,

Gale, United States o.
Gallun, King o.

870 Embry, Admr. o. Palmer, Admr.,

346 Emery, Albright o.

Gas-Light Co. o. Taxing District of Shel-
by Co.

976 Ensminger o. Powers, 732

256 “Equator, The and The Sterling,"

Gay o. Parpart,

98 Equator Mining & Smelting Co.'o. Hall. 114 Gebhard, Canada Southern R. R. Co. o. 1020

157 Erie Ry. Co., United States o.

Geekie, Shff., v. Kirby Carpenter Co.,
Geiler, Barton, Assignee o.

687 Erie Ry. Co., United States v. 385

216 "Escanaba Company o. Chicago,"

442 Georgia o. Jesup,
Gibbons, United States v.

906 Escanaba & L. M. Trans. Co. o. City of

Gibson 0, Bruce,

825 Chicago,


Gilbert & B. Mfg. Co. Clough 0. - 134, 138 Estey o. Burdett,

Gilfillan o. Union Canal Co.,

977 Evans o. Brown, 898

408 Ewell o. Daggs,

Glenwood Cemetery, Borcherling 0. 682

408 Ex parte B. & O. R. R. Co.,

Glenwood Cemetery , Close 0. • 78

686 Ex parte Balt. & O. R. R. Co.,

Goldenberg o. Murphy, Coll., 812

Good Intent Tow-Boat Co. 0. Atlantic "Et parte Boyer,"

Mut. Ins Co.,

874 Ex parte Carll, Petitioner, 288

61 "Ex parte, Crow Dog,"

Gosling o. Roberts,

1030 Ez parte Curtis, Peticioner,

932 232

Grace 0. Am. Cent. Ins. Co. of St. L.,
Ex parte Hung Hang,

Grand Street, P. P. & F. R. R. Co. Slaw.

576 Ex parte Kang-gi-shun-ca,

· 1030

Grand Trunk Ry. Co. t. Cummings, 266 Ex parte Mead, 914

237 Ex parte Norton,

Grant o. Phenix M. L. Ins. Co., 709

634 Ex parte Pennsylvania,

Gray o. Howe, 894

Green Bay & Minn. R. R. Co. o. Union
Ex parte Tom Tong, -

Steamboat Co.,

413 E parte Wall, 552

872 Ex parte Warden,

Green County v. Conness,
Greenhow, Treas. Antoni 0.

468 Express Co., Southern, St. L. I. M. & 8. Ry. Co. o.

860 638

Greenhow, Carter v.
Greenhow, Treas., Poindexter o.

Greenhow, Smith v.

1080 Greenhow, White o.

860 "Fairbanks, Hawley 0." 820 Gross o. U. S. Mortgage Co.,

795 Fairbanks, United States ex rel., Hawley o. 820 Guaranty & Indemnity Co. o. Water Co., 484 Parlow Receiver o. Kelly, 726 Guion 0. Liverpool, etc. Ins. Co.,

895 Farmer's Loan & T. Co., Turner 0. 273

Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. o. Waterman, 115
Fay o. Cordesman Bros.,
979 Habersham, Exr. Jones, Ext. 0.

401 Feibelman o. Packard 634 Hahn o. United States,

527 Hall, Equator Min. & Smelting Co. o. 114

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son o.


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I. Hall, Independent School Dist. o. 237 | Ins. Co., Am. Cent. of St. L., Grace 0. 932 Hall 0. Macneale,

367 Ins. Co., Atlantic Mut., Ellis o. Halstead, Admr., U. S. ex rel., Wyman Ins. Co., Atlantic Mut., o. Good Intent Treas. 0. 1068 Tow Boat Co.,

874 Hamilton, Trustee Kahn v.

635 Ins. Co., Conn. Mut. L., o. Cushman, 648 Hamilton, United States v. 857 Ins. Co., Conn. Mut. L., 0. Luchs,

800 Hamilton, Trustee Woolf 2.

635 Ins. Co., Conn. Mut. L., Warner o. 962 Hampton, Admr, 0. Phipps,

719 Ins. Co., Liverpool, L. & G., Guion o. 895 Harding, Hill o.

493 Ins. Co., Liverpool, L. & G., Ird. SouthHardwick, Richardson 0.

ern R. R. Co. 0.

895 Harris, United States v.

290 Ins. Co., Manhattan L. v. Broughton, Tr., 878 Harshman, U. S. ex rel., Knox Co. Ins. Co., Mass. Mut. L. o. Union Rolling Court v.

Mill Co.,

1081 Haskins v. St. L. & S. E. Ry. Co., 873 Ins. Co., N. W. Mut. L., Mason v.

129 Hassell, Admr., Basket o.

500 Ins. Co., Ocean, Sun. M. Ins. Co. ?'. 337 Hassell, Admr., Basket v.

719 Ins. Co., Phænix Mut. L., 0. Doster, 65 Hawkins, Assignee, c. Blake, 775 Ins. Co., Phænix M. L., Grant r.

237 " Hawley v. Fairbanks,”

820 Ins. Co., Sun. M. v. Ocean Ins. Co., 337 Hawley 0. United States ex rel.,

820 International Bk. of Chicago, Jenkins, Hayden . Manning,

Assignee v.

304 Hays, Waples o. 632 Iron Co. o. Hoagland,

630 Hayward v. Andrews, 271 Iron Co. v. Meeker,

898 Hemingway, Treas., v. Stansell,

245 Iron Silver Mining Co., Sullivan v. 1028 Henry, Town of Red Rock v. 251 Isinglass & Glue Co., Manning v.

793 Herring, Gage v. 601 Isler, Barney v.

601 Hewitt v. Campbell,


J. Hill v. Harding,

493 Hill Mfg. Co., Prov. & N. Y. Steamship Jackson o. Roby,

990 Co. o. 1038 Jackson o. Stickney, Admrx.,

529 Hilton o. Dickinson, 688 Jackson, Williams, v.

529 Hoagland, Crane Iron Co. ?'. 630 Jacobus, Monongahela Nat. Bk. ..

935 Hoagland, Wurts v. 630 Jaffray v. McGehee,

495 Hodges v. Easton,

169 Jenkins, Assignee, 0. Int. Bk. of Chicago, 304 Hoffheins v. Russell, 332 Jennison, Fraser o.

131 Hotel Co. v. Kountze, 609 Jessen, The Belgenland v.

825 Hovey v. McDonald, 888 Jesse Williamson The, Starin v.

730 Howard v. Carusi, 1089 Jesse Williamson, Jr., The,

730 Howard Co. o. Cent. Nat. Bk., 738 Jessup v. United States,

85 Howe, Gray v. 634 Jesup, Branch o.

279 Hudson, Assignee, Leroux o. 1000 Jesup, Georgia v.

216 Hudson, Assignee, Schott v. 1003 Jesup, Mayor etc. of Savannah,

276 Hughes, First Nat. Bk. of Youngstown o. 268 “Jesup, Savannah 0.”

276 “Hughes, Youngstown Bank v. 268 Johnson, Adams v.

386 Huidekoper, Macon Co. Court v. 915 “Johnson, Bowden o.”

386 Hung Hang, Ex parte, 811 Johnson, Exr., o. Waters, Admi.,

630 Hunt o. Oliver, 897 Jones, Exr., v. Habersham, Exr.,

401 I.

267 Jones, Morrill, Coll., 0. Jones, Adir., United States v.

1015 Illinois, People of, Illinois Cent. R. R. “Julia Blake, The,” Bank of St. Thomas v. 595 Co.o. 818 Jumel, Louisiana, ex rel., v.

448 Illinois, People of, Ruggles o.


Illinois Cent. R. R. Co. v. People of Illinois, 818
Independent School Dist. 1. Hall,
237 Kang-gi-shun-ca, Ex parte,

1030 Independent School Dist. v. Stone 90 Kahn 0. Hamilton, Trust.,

635 Ind. Southern R. R. Co. o. Liverpool, etc. Kankakee County v. Ætna L. Ins. Co., 309 Ins, Co., 895 Kaufman o. Lee,

171 Indseth, Pierce o. 254 Keith, Clark, Coll., v.

802 Inhabitants of Bernards Township o. Mor- Kelly, Farlow, Receiver, v.

726 rison,

956 Kelly, Mayor, etc., of Savannah, v. 696 Inhabitants of Bernards Township v. Steb- Kelly, Missionary Society v.

549 bins, Exr., 956 Kendall 0. United States,

437 Inhabitants of Montclair Township v. Kentucky, Bush v.

354 Dana, 436 Keyes o. United States,

954 Inhabitants of Montclair Township 0. Kimball, Alexander Co. v.

311 Ramsdell, 431 King, Assignee, Boese, Receiver v.

760 Inland & Seaboard Coasting Co.,Potomac King o. Cornell, Admr.,

60 Steamboat Co. r. 1070 King o. Gallun,

870 In Matter of Boyer's Petition, 1056 King, Warren v.

769 In Matter of Devoe Mfg. Co.,

764 Kirby Carpenter Co., Geekie, Shff., e. 157 Ins. Co., Adriatic Fire v. Treadwell, 754 Kirk o. Lynd,

193 Ins. Co., Ætna L., Kankakee County o. 309 Kirkbride o. Lafayette Co.,

705 Ins. Co., Ala. Gold Life, v. Nichols, 915 Knevals, Van Wyck o.


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