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ABDUCTION, Trials for, i., 42

Abercrombic, James, Speaker of the Avocat, a French, i., 195

Commons, ii., 207 ; Sinecurist, Peer, Avonmore, Lord (Barry Yelverton), No-
and Pensioner, 225

tice of, i., 25; Friendship for Curran,
Abirger, Lurd (See Sir James Scar- 303

Ball, the Dublin Tabinet, i., 328
Acris, The Fifteen, ii., 166

Bar, Calamities of the, i., 186
Adelaide, Queen, and the Melbourne - Costume in Ireland, ii., 107
Ministry, ii., 209

- Catholics excluded from the, ii.,90
Afficiavit, Oratory of the, i., 72

- License of the, i., 277
Agrarian Disturbances, Caus!'s of, ii., -- -- American compared with the Eng-

lish and Irish, i., 272
"All Ireland, Member for," i., 257 - Catholic, ii., 75
* All the Talents," in Office, i., 240;— French, i., 194

can not carry Catholic Emancipation, Irish, i., 62; Qualifications for

65; Discipline for, 66; Ludependence
American compared with English and of, 68
Irish Bar, i., 272

- Precedence at the, ii., 98; Train-
American Murchioness (Wellesley), i., ing for the, 156

Bar-Mess, Mock Trials before, i., 27
Amherst, Lord, his Embassy to China, Bar Travelling, Etiquette of, i., 21
i., 183 ; ii., 38.5

Barrington, Sir Jonah, Notice of, i.,
Anglesey, Margnis of, encourages Irisli 247 ; at Dublin Election, 270 ; Scene

Agitation, i., 387; M-moir of, ii., 255 with Lord Norburv, ii., 7
Antidot., The, Sir Harcourt Lrcs’Jour- Barristor and Atwrney, diff'rent Status
mul, i., 319

of, i., 28
Anti-Tithe Emeute in Limerick, i., 229 Burister, Confissions of a Junior, ii.,154
Appeals, heard by the Prers, i., 17) Barristers, Irish, Term Dinners in Lon-
Appruvers, Irish, i., 23; ii., 54

don, ii., 156
Argyle, Duk, of, ii., 317

Barry, Sir Charles, Architect, i., 251
Aristocracy, Irish Catholir, i., 365; Beaconstield, Goold's Visit to, i., 242

joia Catholic Association, 380 Branty, Irishi, at Tabinet Bill, i., 331
Assistant-Barristers, Duties of, i., 67 ; Bedfordd, Duke of, Luish Viceroy, i., 159
as County Julges, ii., 100

Ball, Jocky, Notice of, ii., 350
Askizes, at Limerick, i., 151; at WeX-B llamy's, i., 158; Scene at, ii., 251

ford, i., 287 ; at Clonmel, ji., 14 Bellow, Sir Elward, ii., 92
Associ'itions, Catholic, their History, Bill w, William, Cintholic Barrister, ii.,
i., 359

99; Admission, 93; D. meanor, 94;
Attorney and Barrister, different Status extensive Practice, 96; Pension, 98;
of, i., 28

Religious Profession and Practice,
Attorneys, how admitted to the Bar, 104; Scene in the Rolls Court with,
i., 29

105; Promotion, 354

Beresforiis, the, i., 242

Burrowes, Peter-hisAbsence of Minel,
Best, Chief-Justice (Lord Wynford), i., 127; as an Advocate, 127; Notice
i., 278

of, ii., 124; Plunket's Character of,
Bethel, Counsellor of the Half-Crown,'! 125
ii., 113

Burton, Judge, Votice of, i., 273 ; at
Bexley, Lord, Notice of, ï., 352 Clonmel Assizes, ii., 137
Bianconi, Charles, his Mode of Travel-BUSHE, CHIEF JUSTICE, SKETCH OF,
ling, i., 287

1 i., 121; Desceut, 122; Early E!
Bible-Teaching, O'Connell on, i., 223 quence, 123 ; on Anti-C'nionist, 13;
Blackburne, Lord-Chancellor, an Anti- Promotion, 132; as an Orator, 133;

Catholic, ii., 120; his Demeanor, Conversation and Eloquruce, 13);
126; his early Anti-Curran Manifes- Brougham's high Opiniou of, 113;
tation, 128; Progress at the Bar, 129;1 his Wit, 144
Sits as Judyp under the Insurrection - Memoir of, i., 146; Elevation 10

Act, 130; his Promotions, 133 the Bench, 149; redeems liis Fam.
Blake, Anthony Richard, i.,79; a Cath ily Estate, 299; at Wexford A sizes

olic Privy Councillor, ii., 78; Elu 299; reforns Abuses on Circuit, 302:
cation Commissioner, 260

pleads against Catholic Committee,
Blarney-Stone, the, i., 63

377; Epigrains by, ii., 213
Bloomfield, Lord, Notice of, i., 388 Butler, Charles, ii., 91; Memoir of, 197
Bolster's Magazine of Ireland, i., 12 Butler, Sir Augustine, at Clare Elces
Bottle-Riot, the, i., 266; Trial for, 279 tion, ii., 279
Boulter, Primate, i., 360; ii., 88 Butler, Sir Theobald, ii., 79; Capitu.
Brady, Maziere, Lord-Chancellor of lation and Treaty of Limerick, 80;
Ireland, ii., 134

pleads in Parliament against its to
Bridge of Wexford, Massacre on the, lation, 82; Argument against the Pr.
i., 297

nal Code, 83 ; Death, Character, and
Brinkley, Bishop, the Astronomer, i., Epitaph, 87

Byron, Lady, ii., 348
Bristol, Earl of (Bishop of Derry), No- Byron, Lord, Opinion of Sherilan, i..

tice of, i., 234; Anecdote of, 386 138 ; Monody on Sheridan, 139; on
Bristol, Marquis of, ii., 348

Reversal of Lord E. Fitzgerald's Al-
Bristol, Reform Riots in, ii., 210

tinder, 345; on Royal Visit, 379; on
Brougham, Henry, cntraps Peel, ii., 34;/ Mrs. Wilmot Horton, ii., 103; Opis-

his Chancery Reform, 97; Memoir ion of Curran, 127 ; ou Lord Angite
of, 208; his Person, 209; his Elo- sev, 256
quence, 210; Reply to Peel, 214; CALAMITIES OF THE BAR, i., 186: Scene
Dinner to Catholic Deputation, 216;| in Chancery, 190; Life of an Eini-
his Conversation, 217; his Levee 118 nent Lawyer, 196; Henry Mac Dou-
Lord-Chancellor, 339; his Promo gall, 200; Pomposo, 203; Lord Aron-
tion, 343; Residence, Costume, and | more and the Monks of the Serw.
Visitirs, 344

206; Nor ott, the Rinegade, Siery
Brummell, and the Duke of Lcinster, of, 210
i., 344

Callaghan, Daniel and Gerald, ii., 76
Brunswick Clubs, ii., 315

Callanan, Jeremiuh, Irish Port, i., 13
Buckland, Dr., Oxford Professor, ii., Calvin, John, burns Servetus, i., 167

Camden, Lord-Chancellor, Notice of,
Buggins, Lady Cecilia (Duchess of In- i., 104; his Independence, ii., 119
verness), ii., 219

Camuen, Marquis, a Model Sinerurist,
Bulls, Irish (vide Sir Boyle Roche), ii., 329
ii., 10; Rationale of, 11

Campbell, Lord, Plunket's bon-mort
Bulwer, Sir E. Lytton, Satire on Sir on, i., 117; his Irish Chancelleriep,
J. Scarlett, j., 37

| 119; as Chief Justice, ii., 340
Burdeti, Sir Francis, Notice of, ii., 203; Campbell, Thomas, the Poet, i., 12
his Attire, 205

Canning, George, his Career, i., 3.9.2
Burke, Edmund, Memoir of, i, 238 Canterbury, Archbislıop of, ii., 344

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Canterbury, Viscount (see Manners Sut- Chiefs, on the Bench, i., 176

China, Embassies to, i., 183
Carring in Tipperary, i., 71

Circuit Abuses, Reform of, i., 302
Carleton, Lord Chief-Justice, ü., 19 Circuit, the, North Wales, i., 26; Mun.
Carnarvon, Earl of, ii., 346

I ster, 35; Leinster, 287
Caroline, Queen, her Counse), i., 264; Circuit, Mock-Trials on, i., 27

Bribed Witnesses at her Trial, ii., 35 Circuits, the Law, i., 19
Carroll, Father, of Wexford, Trial of, Clanricarde, Marquis of, ii., 352
i., 304

Clare Election, ii., 265; Vesey Fitz
Castle, the, i., 160

gerald opposed, 266; O'Connelltukes
Castlereagh, Lord (Marquis of London- the Fieli, 270; Nomination, 287 ;

derry), Notice of, i., 131; how he Candidates' Speeches, 289; Inci-
carried the Union, 248

dents in the Election, 295; O'Con-
Catherine, Queen, Trial of, i., 91 | nell elected, 302
Catholic Aristocracy, their Support of Clare, Lord-Chancellor, Notice of, i.,
the Union, ii., 98

167; his Flippancy, 228
- Association founded, i., 379 Clark, Lord Eldin, Anecdote of, i., 188
- Bar, ii., 76; Sir Theobald Butler Clergy, Catholic and Protestant, i., 308
and the Treaty of Limerick, 79; Cath- Clive, Lord, Royal Gifi to, i., 153
olics excluded from the Bar, 90; ad- Clogher, deposed Bishop of, i., 290
mitted, 91; Bellew, 93; Union ob- Cloncurry, Lord, Notice of, i., 147 ;
tained on False Pretences, 98; Scene suspected of Disaffection, ii., 15
in Court, 105

Clonmel. Lord, Notice of, i., 151
- Board, the, i., 133

CLONMEL ASSIZES, ii., 41: Murder of
- Deputation, ii., 192; Visit to Dr. / Mr. Chadwick, 42; Murder of Dan-
Milner, 195; arrive in London, 202;/ iel Mara, 47 ; Earl of Kingston, 48;
altend Debate in House of Commons, an Approver, 54; the Keoghs, 61;
207 ; Dinner at Brougham's, 216 ; Crime in Tipperary, 66 ; Arthur
Public Meeting in London, 220; Din-| Young on Whiteboyism, 67 ; the Pe-
ner at Norfolk House, 224

nal Code, 69; Policy of Concilia-
- Emancipation, opposed by George tion, 74
III., and supported by his Ministers, Cobbett, John Morgan, ii., 319
i., 367; carried by Wellington, ii., 266 Cobbett, William, sued and cast by
- LEADERS AND Associations, i., Plunket, i., 102; his History of the

359; Penal Laws, 361; Keogh's Lead-| Protestant Reformation, ji., 198; his
ership, 363; Denis Scully, 370; ()' Career, 319; at Penenden Heath,
Connell, 372; Royal Visit, 377; Cath- 320; Resemblance to Sir Walter
olic Association founded, 379; sup- Scott, 321
ported by the Catholic Priesthood Cockle, Mr. Sergeant, his Half-Fce,
and Aristocracy, 381

ii., 114
- Irish, Existence of acknowledged, Coif, Dignity of the, i., 174
i., 362

Coke, T. W., of Norfolk (Earl of Lei-
Magistrates, ii., 178

cester), i., 221
- Mectings, i., 281, and ii., 220 Colclough, Cæsar, Epigram on, ii., 214
- Politics in 1825, ii., 192

“ Collegians, The," Origin of, i., 42
Relief Bill, ii., 302

Colles, Surgeon, Notice of, i., 198
Cazales, Opinion of Burke, i., 238 Colonels, the Three, O'Connell's Epi-
Chadwick, Mr., Murder of, ii., 42 gram on, i., 257
Chambers, Sir William, i., 330 Combermere, Lord, consulted by Lord
Chancery, Court of, ii., 96; Delays in, Norbury, ii., 37
97; Reform of, 97

“ Comical Miscreant,''Cobbett so called
Chantrey, Sir Francis, Sculptor, i., 332; by O'Connell, i., 284
Charlemont, Earl of, brings Plunket Commons, Irish House of, i., 130
into Irish Parliament, i., 99

Commons, Nobility in the, ii., 231
Chesterfield, Earl of, Irish Viceroy, ii.,88 Compensation to Irish Boroughmon-
Cheyne, Dr. John, Notice of, i., 198 1 gers, i., 249

Confederation, the Irish, i., 11 Curtis, Archbishop, Notice of, ii., 336;
CONFESSIONS OF A JUNIOR BARRISTER, Correspondence with the Duke of

ii., 155: Training for the Bar, 156; Wellington, 388
Speech at Aggregate Meeting, 158; Cutting and Maiming, Ellenborough's
a Lawyer in Love, 162; a Double Act against, i. 34
Confidant, 165; the Gain of Godli- Darnley, Earl of, ii., 317
ness, 166 ; hope deferred, 167; dan- Dawson, Alexander, at Louth Election,
cing into Practice, 170

ii., 235
Connaught, serving Writs in, i., 70 Dawson, George Robert, ii., 32
Conyngham, Marchioness of, a Royal Day, Judge, at Killarney, i., 301
Favorite, i., 378

Denman, Lord Chief-Justice, his Inde-
Cooper, C. P., of Chancery Bar, edits pendence, ii., 112; his Career, 253

Brougham's Judgments, ii., 345 Derangement of the Mind, Dr. Cheyne
Copley, Sir John (sce Lord Lyndhurst) on, i., 199
County Judges, Irish, ii., 100 Derry, Bishop of (Earl of Bristol), i.,
“Cork Mercantile Chronicle," i., 12 234
Cork-screw, Sheil and the, i., 13 D'Esterre, Duel with O'Connell, i., 76
Cornwallis, Lord, ii., 98

D'Este, Sir Augustus, ii., 219
Corporation of Dublin and Lord Man- D’Este, Mademoiselle, now Lady Tru-
ners, ii., 181

ro, ii., 219
Coulin, Singing of the, i., 296 "Devil," the Judge's, i., 228
Counsel for Prisoners, ii., 51

Devonshire, Duke of, ii., 217
Counsellor, Title of, i., 29

Devonshire, Georgiana, Duchess of,
Court, Inns of, i., 28

ii., 327
Coutts, Thomas, his Wealth, ii., 203 Dickens, Charles, Original of his EJ-
Crampton, Judge, Notice of, i., 314 itor Pott, ii., 258
Crampton, Sir Philip, ii., 26

Dinner-Bell, the soubriquet of Edmund
Cranworth, Lord-Chancellor, an Anti- Burke, i., 239
Liw-Reformer, ii., 97

Disraeli, Benjamin, his Character of
Cove of Cork, Name changed, i., 22 | J. W. Croker, i., 214
Cowley, Curran’s happy Quotation from, Dock, Irish Criminal, i., 31
i., 303

Doctors of Civil Law, Practice of, i.,
Croker, John Wilson, i., 213

Croly, satirizes “ The Tenth" in a Com- DOHERTY,Chief Justice, the late, i.,311;
edy, i., 355

Promotion, 313; Parliamentary Con-
Crotty, Dr., Pres. of Maynooth, i., 383 test with O'Connell, 325; made Chiet
Cronan, Larry, Trial of, i., 33

Justice, 325; Official Qualifications,
Cumberland, Duke of (King of Hano 326; prosecutes the Murderers of

ver), Grand-Master of the Orange Daniel Mara, ii., 47; his Promotion
men, i., 290; heads the Brunswick- resisted by Lord Manners, 181
ers, ii., 315

Doneraile Conspiracy, i., 325
Curran, John Philpot, Anecdotes of, i., Donoughmore, Earls of, i., 371

63; Varied Powers 67 ; Defence of Donnybrook Fair, Decline and Fall of,
the Sheareses, 99; his Opinion of i., 23
Charles Phillips, 124; Description Downes, Lord, i., 176; described by
of Lord Downes, 177 ; with Monks Curran, 177; Vice-Chancellor of
of the Screw, 207 ; with Lord Avon Trinity College, 290
more and a Dublin Jury, 275; Rec- Downing Street, London - locale of
onciliation with Lord Avonmore, 303; Government Offices, i., 254
his Irish Grave, 354 ; bon-mot on Lord Doyle, Doctor, Bishop of Kildare and
Norbury, ii., 7; his career, 127 ; de- Leighlin, i., 318; joins Catholic As.
scribed by Byron and Phillips, 128; sociation, 381; Memoir of, 382
Description of Peel, 211; his Con- Doyle, Sir John, Anecdotes of, i., 193
versation, 216

Drumgoole, Doctor, a Catholic Leader,
Curran, William Henry, writes his Fa-l i., 374
ther's Life, ii., 128

Dublin Cast]c, i., 160

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Dublin Election, in 1803, i., 270; in Embassies to China, Cost os, i., 183
1831, ii., 357

Emmett, Robert, Trial and Defence of,
“ Dublin Evening Mail,” ii., 176 i., 100; Plunket's Speech against,
“ Dublin Evening Post," i. 354; prog- 101; Reproof to Lord Norbury, ii., 15
ecuted by Government, 372

Emmett, Temple, his brief Career, i.,
Dublin, Four Courts in i., 58

Dublin, Stute of Parties in, ij., 354 Emmett, Thomas Addis, Notice of, i.,
DUBLIN TABINET BALL, i., 328; Ori- 100

gin of, 329 ; Beauty at, 331; Lord England and Ireland compured, ii., 200
and Lady Wellesley at, 335; Sir Har- England, Bishop, ii., 213
court Lees at, 310; Duke and Duch- English Judicature, i., 174
css of Leinster at, 350; the Younger English Law in Ireland, i., 58
Grattan at, 352; Officers of “The Equity Judges, ii., 97
Tonth” at, 355 ; Miss O'Connell at, Errol, Earl of, ii., 347

| Erskine, Lord-Chancellor, i., 139
Dublin Theatre, “ Bottle Riot,” i., 266, Esmonde, Sir Thomas, ji., 196

Ex-Chancellors, hear Appeals as Law-
“Dublin University Magazine" on Plun- Lords, i., 175
ket and Emmett, i., 103

Executions in Ireland, i., 53
“ Dublin Warder," i., 310

Falstaff, a Legal (Bumbo Green), ii.,
" Dublin Weekly Register," i., 118 1 109
Dudley, Sir Henry Bate, i., 294 Farnham, Lord, ii., 351
Duelling in Dublin, i., 69; at the Bar, Fauntleroy, Henry, Doubts of his Exe-

153; Lord Norbury's, ii., 6; Extinc- cution, i., 57
tion of, 268

Fees, Lawyers', i., 19; Anecdotes of,
Duffy, Mr., Editor of "The Nation," ii., 114
ii., 118

Fermoy, Magistrates at, ii., 178
Duigenail, Dr., Notice of, i., 78 “Fighting Fitzgerald," j., 6
Dumferline, Lord (see Abercrombie). Fiugal, Earl of, i., 373; Notice of, ü.,
Dulcary, Name changed to Kingston, 102; Chairman of Aggregate Meet-
i., 80

ing, 158
Durham, Earl of, ii., 218

| Fitzgerald, the Appruver, ii., 54
Dying Declarations of Criminals, i., 55 Fitzgerald, Lord Edwarri, i., 344; Me-
Elgeworth, Miss, the Irish Novelist, moir of, 345
i., 91

Fitzgerald, Sir Augustus, ii., 289
"Edinburgh Review," Macaulay a Con- Fitzgerald, Prime Sergeant, his Nation-

tributor to, i., 213; how founded, ality and Death, i., 290
i., 346

Fitzgerald, W. Vesey (Lord Fitzgerald
Education in Ireland, i., 221; too pros and Vesci), opposed at Clare Elec-
elyting, 223

tion, ii., 266 ; Notice of, 271; Hust.
Eldin, Lord, Anecdote of, i., 188 ings Speech at Clare, 290 ; Defent,
Eldon, Lord, bis Career, i., 104; An- 302

ccrlote of, 188; his Chancery De- Fitzgibbon (Earl of Clare), Notice of,

lays, ii., 97
Elections, Duration of, ii., 293 Fitzgibbon, Mr., and the Small Fee,
Elertive Franchise granted to the Cath- ii., 114
olies, i., 368

Fitzherbert, Mrs., and George IV., ii.,
Ellenborough, Lord, his Act, i., 34; 35

Partisanship on Hone's Trial, ii., 112 Fitzpatrick, General, on Burke, i., 239
Ellis, Master in Chancery, M. P. for Fitzwilliam, Earl, Notice of, i., 240; at

Dublin, i., 261 ; how elected, 352 | Norfolk House, ii., 226
Eloquence, Character of O'Connell's, Fletcher, Mr. Justice, ii., 29; his angry
i., 221

Vibrations, 30
Elrington, Bishop, i., 287 ; suppresses Flood, Sir Frederick, ii., 7

the Historical Society, and denoun. Flood, Henry, in the British Parlia.
ces Books of Necromancy, 290 I ment, i., 113

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