The history of Scotland... to the present time, Volume 5

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Halaman 61 - As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.
Halaman 569 - ... the said crown and government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such person or persons being Protestants as should have inherited and enjoyed the same in case the said person or persons so reconciled, holding communion or professing or marrying as aforesaid were naturally dead.
Halaman 569 - That the two kingdoms of England and Scotland shall upon the first day of May which shall be in the year one thousand seven hundred and seven, and for ever after, be united into one kingdom by the name of Great Britain...
Halaman 179 - That King James II., having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between king and people ; and by the advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws and having withdrawn himself out of the kingdom, has abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby vacant.
Halaman 446 - William, entitled, an act for the further limitation of the crown, and the better securing the rights and liberties of the subject.
Halaman 569 - One thousand seven hundred and seven, and for ever after, be united into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain; and that the Ensigns Armorial of the said United Kingdom be such as Her Majesty shall appoint, and the Crosses of St. George and St. Andrew be conjoined in such manner as Her Majesty shall think fit, and used in all Flags, Banners, Standards and Ensigns, both at Sea and Land.
Halaman 582 - That after the decease of her present Majesty, (whom God long preserve) the sovereign succeeding to her in the royal government of the kingdom of Great Britain, shall in all time coming at his or her accession to the crown, swear and subscribe, that they shall inviolably maintain and preserve the foresaid settlement of the true protestant religion, with the government, worship, discipline, right, and privileges of this church, as above established by the laws of this kingdom in prosecution of the...
Halaman 575 - That the laws which concern publick right, policy, and civil government, may be made the same throughout the whole united kingdom, but that no alteration be made in laws which concern private right, except for evident utility of the subjects within Scotland.
Halaman 133 - What an affecting and forcible testimony to the value of that peace of mind, which innocence alone can confer ! We know not who this man was ; but when we reflect, that the guilt which agonized him was probably incurred for the sake of some vain title, or at least of some increase of wealth, which he did not want, and possibly knew not how to enjoy, our disgust is turned into something like compassion for that very foolish class of men, whom the world calls wise in their generation.
Halaman 569 - England, in the first year of the reign of their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary, intituled An Act declaring the rights and liberties of the Subject and settling the Succession of the Crown...

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