Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior, Volume 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891

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Halaman 158 - Church Mission: Rev. WG Langford, DD, Bible House, New' York. Friends Yearly Meeting: Levi K. Brown, Goshen. Lancaster County, Pa. Friends, Orthodox: Dr. James E. Rhoads, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Methodist Missionary Society: Rev. CC McCabe, 150 Fifth avenue, New York. Methodist (Southern): Rev. IG John, Nashville. Tenn. Mennonite Missions: Rev. AB Shelly, Milford Square. Pa. Moravian: J. Taylor Hamilton, Bethlehem. Pa. Presbyterian Foreign Missionary Society: Rev. FF Ellinwood, DD, 5:i Fifth avenue, New York.
Halaman 62 - Indian tnbes and the Indian service, together with the principal of bonds held in trust for Indian tribes, and of funds placed in the Treasury to their credit, and of interest annually arising from such bonds and funds ; also, a statement showing the transactions arising on account of moneys derived from the sales of Indian lands, all being sufficiently in detail to enable a proper understanding of the subject.
Halaman 62 - TRUST FUNDS AND TRUST LANDS. The following statements show the transactions in the Indian trust funds and trust lands during the year ending October 31, 1891.
Halaman 62 - Statement of stock-account, exhibiting in detail the securities in which the funds of each tribe are invented and now on hand, the annual interest on the same, and the amount of abstracted bonds not provided for by Congress.
Halaman 63 - Slates in trust for the various Indian tribes, showing the amount now on hand; also abstracted bonds, for which Congress has made no appropriation.
Halaman 62 - G show in detail the various stocks, funds in the Treasury to the credit of various tribes, and collections of interest. Following these statements is a consolidation of all interest collected, and a st»teineut of interest appropriated by Congress on non-paying State stocks for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1803.
Halaman 65 - The changes in the statement of funds held in lieu of investment are accounted for as follows: These funds have been increased by— The establishment of the "Blackfeet .Reservation 4 percentfund...
Halaman 66 - Winue bagoes, proceeds of lands. On account of claims of settlers on Round Valley Indian Reservation in California, restored to public lands. Fulfilling treaty with Cherokees, proceeds of Osage diminished reserve lamia in Kansas.
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