Wisconsin Session Laws

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Democrat Printing Company, state printer, 1859

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Halaman 447 - ... the sum or net amount of the insurance becoming due and payable by the terms of the insurance, shall be payable to her, to and for her own use, free from the claims of the representatives of her husband, or of any of his creditors ; but such exemption shall not apply where the amount of premium annually paid shall exceed 300 dollars.
Halaman 364 - Mayor and City Clerk, and said officials, by the execution of said bonds, shall adopt as and for their own proper signatures their respective facsimile signatures on said coupons.
Halaman 411 - Corporations formed under this Act shall be bodies corporate and politic for the period for which they are organized; may...
Halaman 36 - Commissioner shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution, and file the same in the office of the Secretary of State; and...
Halaman 336 - In all actions arising under the laws respecting copyrights the defendant may plead the general issue, and give the special matter in evidence.
Halaman 150 - States who shall neglect, fail, or refuse to comply with the provisions of this act and the act to which this is an amendment, or who, after the expiration of.
Halaman 439 - A majority of said commissioners shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
Halaman 351 - And that they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure...
Halaman 191 - ... have and exercise all the rights and privileges and be subject to all the duties and obligations appertaining to a municipal corporation, i-'jsb;!
Halaman 241 - No person shall be an incompetent judge, justice, witness or juror by reason of his being an inhabitant or...

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