The Social Organisation and Customary Law of the Toba-Batak of Northern Sumatra

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.J. c. Vergouwen's work, Het Rechtsleven der T'oba-Bataks, here presented in an English translation, was published in the autumn of 1933, a few weeks before the author's death at the early age of 44 from tuberculosis, from which he had suffered since 1930. During the time he spent in a sanatorium in Davos and later in the Netherlands, he began and completed his monograph on the customary law of the Toba-Batak. His book immediately became one of the outstanding works of Dutch scholarship on Indonesian customary law (Adat law). Jacob Cornelis Vergouwen began his career as an administrative officer in South Borneo (now Kalimantan) in 1913, after a brief prac tical training. In 1921 he was given the opportunity for further study at the University of Leiden where a five-year scientific training for a career as an administrative officer in the Dutch East Indies had just been instituted. On obtaining his Master's degree, he was appointed to the Tapanuli Residency, from of old, the homeland of the Toba, Mandailing, Angkola, and Dairi or Pakpak Batak. As a young official, Vergouwen had already evinced great interest in the laws and customs of the Dayak people in Borneo. His studies at the University brought him into close contact with the founder of the science of Indonesian Adat law, Professor Cornelis van Vollenhoven, one of the greatest Dutch jurists of this century.

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the kinship system
B The Affines
The indwelling marga boru 50 Marriage frequency 53 The magico
Motives for giving gifts 60 The piso gifts 61 Tulangibebere brother
The corporate communities haradjaon
Some general observations
Matrimonial law Adat pardongansaripeon
Inheritance law Adat taringot tu tading
The heirs 280 Allocating the portions of the inheritance 281
The law of offences Panguhumon tu angka
Confession of guilt and atonement 350 The injured party 351
Index of Batak words 439
Legal Maxims and Aphorisms
Hak Cipta

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