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Halaman 118 - Thirty Sovereigns, or a Piece of Plate of that value, will be given to the...
Halaman 191 - An Account of the various Methods of Dairy Husbandry pursued by the Dutch. Also a New and Improved Mode of Ventilating Stables ; with an Appendix, containing useful Hints (founded on the author's experience) for the Management of Hedgerow fences, Fruit trees, &c., and the Means of rendering barren land fruitful. By WILI.IAU HARLIT, Founder of the celebrated " Willowbank Dairy,
Halaman 34 - Thank heaven there are, and must be, seasons of some repose in agricultural employments, or the countryman would work with as unceasing a madness, and contrive to be almost as diseased and unhealthy as the citizen. But here again, and for the reasons already mentioned, our holiday-making is not what it was. Our ancestors used to burst into an enthusiasm of joy at the end of harvest, and appear...
Halaman 30 - In foul weather, when the mercury rises much and high, and so continues for two or three days before the foul weather is quite over, then expect a continuance of fair weather to follow.
Halaman 2 - Peace in the first whole week after the llth of October, in the first week after the 28th of December, in the first week after the 31st of March, and in the first week after the 24th of June.
Halaman 33 - ... pleasures remembered and hopes faded, wishes flown, and scenes cherished the more that they can never return. Still we look to the far-off spring in other valleys — to the eternal summer beyond the grave, when the flowers which have faded shall again bloom in starry fields, where no rude winter can intrude. They come upon us in spring like the recollections of a dream, which hovered above us in sleep peopled with shadowy beauties, and purple delights, fancybroidered.
Halaman 62 - ... of the like form and tenor ; and every such provisional agreement which shall be executed within six calendar months from the day of such meeting by such persons as would have been sufficient in number and interest to make a binding agreement at such meeting shall be as binding as if the same had been sufficiently executed at such meeting.
Halaman 126 - But the most tremendous circumstance of this storm was the destructive hail shower which accompanied its progress. It may be doubted, however, whether such a name be applicable ; for the masses of ice which fell on the places where the tempest most fiercely raged, bore no resemblance to hailstones in magnitude or formation, most of them being of a very irregular shape, broad, flat, and ragged, and many measuring from 3 to 9 inches in circumference. They appeared like fragments of a vast plate of...
Halaman 19 - Their Purpose is, in short, to make faithful Records of all the Works of Nature, or Art, which can come within their Reach; that so the present Age, and Posterity, may be able to put a Mark on the Errors, which have been strengthened by long Prescription; to restore the Truths, that have lain...
Halaman 59 - ... the aloe. In very intense heats, and when the soil is dry, the life of plants seems to be preserved by the absorbent power of their leaves ; and it is a beautiful circumstance in the economy of nature, that aqueous vapour is most abundant in the atmosphere when it is most needed for the purposes of life ; and that when other sources of its supply are cut off, this is most copious.

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