Provincial and State Papers, Volume 3

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authority of the Legislature of New Hampshire, 1869

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Halaman 200 - And I do declare, That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm: So help me God.
Halaman 173 - Be it therefore enacted, by the lieutenant governor, council, and assembly of the said island, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same, That from and after the...
Halaman 63 - Huddleston took the oaths appointed by Act of Parliament instead of the oaths of allegiance & supremacy & the oath of an Attorney at Law & did subscribe the test.
Halaman 130 - Britain shall otherwise direct, shall take the respective oaths appointed to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy...
Halaman 184 - Proceeding in their said Courts, as fully and amply to all intents and purposes whatsoever as all or any of the said Judges of the severall Courts of the Kings Bench, Common Pleas & Exchequer in England legally doe.
Halaman 183 - Security for their so doing, but that they likewise take the Oaths appointed by Act of Parliament to be taken instead of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy...
Halaman 128 - Bay to make good in Men (or money in lieu thereof) their Quota of Assistance according to the Repartition formerly sent thither...
Halaman 286 - IIonor the Lieut. Governor having signified to the Council that his Excellency had wrote him the 9th instant to adjourn the Court for a week, It is the opinion of this Board that whereas the Superiour Court of this Province was adjourned until Monday next, two of the clock in the afternoon, that the same be further adjourned till Friday the 18th instant, ten of the clock before noon, whereof all persons concerned are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly ; And that the Secretary issue...
Halaman 265 - You shall not, upon any Occasion whatsoever, establish, or put in Execution any Articles of War, or other Law Martial, upon any of our Subjects, Inhabitants of our said Province, without the Advice and consent of our Council there.
Halaman 183 - Majesties' Subjects Inhabiting within this Province may have all the Good, proper, and Just wayes and means for the • securing and Recovering their Just Rights and demands •within the same, Be it further Enacted, & it is hereby Enacted and Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, that there shall be held and kept a Supreame Court of Judicature which shall be duly and constantly kept at Portsmouth and not Elsewhere, at the...

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