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1 MAY 83

OXFORD This, though the first edition of this book offered for sale, is called “corrected edition” to distinguish the copies of it from those of a previous impression circulated privately, which, in some parts, differed, though only slightly, from this one.

A second “series of narratives," with the title “ Gladness of Heart: Second Series :" forming a sister volume of the same size and price, is now in course of publication, containing Count Zinzendorf: Dr. Staunton : George Robinson of Grasmere: Finding the Pearl of Great Price : The Sorrows of Death : Mary Harrison of Havant: Thomas Mitchell: William Wilberforce : and John Glover of Norwich. The parts will be published separately, as well as collectively, as in the case of some of the parts of this volume.

A third series will, please God, also shortly be published, forming another similar volume, containing:Mrs. Fletcher of Madeley : Joseph Williams of Kidderminster : Mary Jane Graham : Daniel Rowlands : Charles of Bala : Cowper : and Cowper's Brother.

Spottiswoode, & Co, Printers. New-street Square, London.

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