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THE present edition of Dr. H. Hammond's Paraphrase

and Annotations upon the New Testament is reprinted from the second edition of that valuable work, which was published in London, A. D. 1659, in folio. But in order to detect error, the proofs, as the work passed through the press, were carefully compared with the folio edition published A. D. 1702.

The reimpression has been made without either alteration or addition, with this exception, that whereas in the original edition the various readings and some short notes are given in the inner margin, in this they are placed at the bottom of the page: whilst the larger body of notes, to which reference is made by Italic letters inclosed in brackets [], instead of being placed at the end of each chapter, has been collected and printed together in distinct volumes. Nor has it been judged necessary to retain the brackets in which the author enclosed those words of the text upon which he enlarges in his Paraphrase, care being taken to prefix a small letter of reference, wherever such an addition seemed

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