Interest Rates for Carriers: Hearing...on S. 2929

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Halaman 98 - In making such determination it shall give due consideration, among other things, to the transportation needs of the country and the necessity (under honest, efficient and economical management of existing transportation facilities) of enlarging such facilities in order to provide the people of the United States with adequate transportation...
Halaman 1 - An Act to provide for the operation of transportation systems while under Federal control, for the just compensation of their owners and for other purposes...
Halaman 97 - The Commission shall from' time to time determine and make public what percentage of such aggregate property value constitutes a fair return thereon, and such percentage shall be uniform for all rate groups or territories which may be designated by the Commission.
Halaman 1 - UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON INTERSTATE COMMERCE, Washington, DC The committee met, pursuant to adjournment, at 10.30 o'clock am, in the committee room, Capitol-, Senator James E.
Halaman 98 - That during the two years beginning March 1, 1920, the Commission shall take as such fair return a sum equal to 5% per centum of such aggregate value, but may, in its discretion, add thereto a sum not exceeding one-half of one per centum of such aggregate value to make provision in whole or in part for improvements, betterments or equipment, which, according to the accounting system prescribed by the Commission, are chargeable to capital account.
Halaman 20 - I think the most serious complaint that can be made of the Railroad Administration lies in the fact that it did not return the railroads to their owners self-sustaining; it ought to have established rates before the railroads were returned that would make the railroads reasonably self-sustaining. The failure to do that not only imposed upon the railroads...
Halaman 1 - Commission and the corporation with respect to the deposit or assignment of security hereunder, without the authorization or approval of any authority, State or Federal, and without compliance with any requirement, State or Federal, as to notification, other than such as may be imposed by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the corporation under the provisions of this section.
Halaman 1 - A carrier may issue evidences of indebtedness to the United States pursuant to this section without the authorization or approval of any authority, State or Federal, and without compliance with any requirement, State or Federal, as to notification.
Halaman 15 - Investors in railway securities may rest assured that their rights and interests will be as scrupulously looked after by the Government as they could be by the directors of the several railway systems.

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