A General Code of the Military Regulations in Force Under the Presidency of Bombay: Including Those Relating to Pay and Allowances

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Printed at the Mission School Press, 1824 - 606 halaman

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Halaman 506 - And be it further enacted, that this act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.
Halaman 144 - You, AB, do swear, that you will not disclose or discover the vote or opinion of any particular member of the court-martial, unless required to give evidence thereof, as a witness, by a court of justice, in due course of law ; nor divulge the sentence of the court to any but the proper authority, until it shall be duly disclosed by the same. So help you God.
Halaman 142 - Crimes therein mentioned, without Partiality, Favour, or Affection, and, if any Doubt shall arise which is not explained by the "said Articles or Act, according to my Conscience, the best of my Understanding, and the Custom of War in the like Cases...
Halaman 503 - ... together with his military rank, if any, and the capacity in which he signs the paper. Such signature constitutes a certificate that the statements made therein are true and correct to the best of the knowledge, information, and belief of the person signing the paper, and that the paper is filed in good faith and not for purposes of unnecessary delay.
Halaman 504 - ... he shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and shall be liable to the same pains and penalties as if he had sworn falsely before the register.
Halaman 129 - ... with justice and propriety, it is incumbent on all officers to apply themselves diligently to the acquirement of a competent knowledge of military law ; to make themselves perfectly acquainted with all orders and regulations, and with the practice of military courts.
Halaman 405 - That the demanding or receiving any sum of money, or other valuable thing, as a gift or present, or under colour thereof, whether it be for the use of...
Halaman 478 - ... time when he was wounded that he has in consequence of his Wound lost a Limb or an Eye, or has totally lost the use of a Limb, or that...
Halaman 276 - Duty does not interfere. Regulations Regulations regarding the interior Management and (Economy of a Regiment. The first and principal Object of an Officer entrusted with the Command of a Regiment, is the Maintenance of that System of Discipline, Regularity, and (Economy, which is essential in every Military Body, with reference equally to its Exertions in the Field, as to the Welfare and Comfort of the Individuals of whom it is composed. It is difficult to define in detail the duties of a Commanding...
Halaman 316 - And that, in consequence thereof, he is, in my opinion? unfit for duty. I further declare my belief that he will not...

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