Interpreting Studies and Beyond: A Tribute to Miriam Shlesinger

Sampul Depan
Franz Pöchhacker, Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Inger M. Mees
Samfundslitteratur, 2007 - 311 halaman
The Copenhagen Studies in Language Series includes studies of language for general purposes and also language for special purposes (LSP). It covers grammar, semantics, pragmatics, text linguistics and translation, both from theoretical and applied perspectives. It is editorial policy to bring out the journal in the form of a series of thematic volumes. Although produced from the Copenhagen Business School, the journal welcomes contributions from linguists based at other institutions either in Denmark or the wider world. This volume offers a tribute to Miriam Shlsinger on her sixtieth birthday and brings together 15 papers centred around interpreting and interpreting research while exploring extensions and relationships across genres and modalities. Contributors include leading members of the T/I studies community as well as authors whose work holds a special significance for Miriam as a colleague, teacher, and friend.

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