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Psalms and Hymns.


8.7 | Stand up and bless the Lord your God

for ever and ever.-Neh. 9, 5. 1 DRAISE to Thee, Thou great Creator,

1 Praise be Thine from every tongue : Join, my soul, with every creature,

Join the universal song, 2 Father, source of all compassion,

Pure unbounded grace is Thine: Hail, the God of our salvation,

Praise Him for His love divine. & For ten thousand blessings given,

For the hope of future joy; [heaven, Sound His praise through earth and

Sound Jehovah's praise on high. 4 Joyfully on earth adore Him,

Till in heaven our song we raise;
There, enraptured, fall before Him,
Lost in wonder, love, and praise.

L.M. 2 Great is our Lord, and of great power.

--Ps. 147, 5. 1 DRAISE ye the Lord; tis good to raise

I Our hearts and voices in His praise: His nature and His works invite To make this duty our delight. The Lord builds up Jerusalem, And gathers nations to His name: His mercy melts the stubborn soul, And makes the broken spirit whole.

3 He formed the stars, those heavenly

flames, He counts their numbers, calls their

names; His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound; A deep where all our thoughts are

drowned. 4 Great is our Lord, and great His might;

And all His glories infinite;
He crowns the meek, rewards the just,

But treads the wicked to the dust. 5 His saints are lovely in His sight;

He views His children with delight:
He sees their hope, He knows their fear,
And owns and loves His image there.

C.M. 3 Canst thou by searching find out God?

- Job 11, 7. 1 How shall I praise the Eternal God,

I The infinite Unknown? Who can ascend His high abode,

Or venture near His throne? 2 The great Invisible! He dwells

Concealed in dazzling light;
But His all-searching eye reveals

The secrets of the night.
3 He knows no shadow of a change,

Nor alters His decrees;
Firm as a rock His truth remains,
• To guard His promises.
4 Justice upon the eternal throne

Maintains the rights of God;
While Mercy sends her pardons down

Bought with a Saviour's blood. 5 Now to my soul, immortal King !

Speak some forgiving word;
Then 'twill be double joy to sing
The glories of my Lord.

The Lord looketh from heaven; He be-

holdeth all the sons of men.-Ps. 33, 13. 1 ITP to the Lord, who reigns on high,

U And views the nations from afar,
Let everlasting praises fly,
And tell how large His bounties are.

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