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introduction of candidates are not the least. As in our intercourse with the world experience teaches that first impressions are often the most durable, and the most difficult to eradicate, so it is of great importance in all cases that those impressions should be correct and just; hence it is essential that the officer who sustains the station assigned to you should possess a thorough knowledge of his various duties; and that he should execute them with a promptitude and propriety of deportment that shall give them their proper effect.

“Your robe of office is an emblem of humility; and teaches that, in the prosecution of a laudable undertaking, we should never decline taking any part that may be assigned us, although it may be the most difficult or dangerous.

“The rose coloured tesselated border, adorning the robe, is an emblem of ardour and perseverance, and signifies, that when we have engaged in a virtuous course, notwithstanding all the impediments, hardships, and trials we may be destined to encounter, we should endure them all with fortitude, and ardently persevere unto the end; resting assured of receiving, at the termination of our labours, a noble and glorious reward.

“ The white banner, intrusted to your care, is emble. matical of that purity of life, and rectitude of conduct, which should distinguish every one that passes the white vail of the sanctuary.

" Your past exertions will be considered as a pledge of your future assiduity, in the faithful discharge of your duties."

Charge to the Sixth Officer, or Royal Arch Captain. 66 COMPANION,

“ The well-known duties of your station require out little elucidation. Your office in the preparatory degrees corresponds with that of senior deacon. It is your parti. cular province conjointly with the captain of the host, to attend the examination of all visiters, and to take care that none are permitted to enter the chapter but such as have travelled the rugged path of trial, and eyinced their title to our favour and friendship. You will be ever attentive to the commands of your chief, and always near at hand to execute them.

sl give it to you strongly in charge, never to suffer any one to pass your post without the signet of truth.

"1 present you the badge of your office, in expectation of your performing your duties with intelligence, assiduity, and propriety.

Charge to the Master of the Third Vail. 66 COMPANION,

"I present you with the Scarlet Banner, which is the ensign of your office, and with a sword to protect and defend the same. The rich and beautiful colour of your ban. ner is emblematical of fervency and fidelity ; it is the appropriate colour of the royal arch degree; it admonishes us that we should be fervent in the exercise of our devotions to God, and faithful in our endeavours to promote the happiness of man.”

Charge to the Master of the Second Vail. 6 COMPANION,

“I invest you with the Purple Banner, which is the ensign of your office, and arm you with a sword to enable you to maintain its honour. The colour of your banner is produced by a combination of two distinct colours, namely blue and scarlet; the former of which is the characteristic colour of the symbolic, or the first three degrees of masonry, and the latter that of the Royal Arch degree. It is an emblem of union, and is the characteristic colour of the intermediate degrees. It admonishes us to cultivate and improve that spirit of union and harmony, between the brethren of the symbolic degrees and the companions of the sublime degrees, which should ever distinguish the members of a society founded upon the principles of everlasting truth and universal philanthropy."


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