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quire. Nothing has so enfeebling a tendency, the word is gone out of my mouth in righton human exertion for any given object as eousness, and shall not return, that unto doubt about the issue of that exertion. If me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall the result be problematical, however desir


“ It is a light thing that thou able in itself; if it be dependent on circum- shouldst be my servant to raise up the stances ; if it be suspended on some un- tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved foreseen contingency, the best appointed of Israel: I will also give thee for a light machinery will work feebly, and the friends to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salof the object will be discouraged by every vation unto the end of the earth.” « Be. untoward appearance. “He that observeth bold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, the wind shall not sow; and he that re- which shall be to all people.” “ This gospel gardeth the clouds shall not reap.” “There of the kingdom shall be preached in all the is a lion without, I shall be slain in the world." "The Lord alone shall be exalted streets," Doubts wither exertion. Fear in that day. And the idols he shall utterly cramps the limbs of toil. Wishing is not abolish." Let these scriptures suffice ; for work. It is seldom that a “may-be”' is. though only few compared with the numHaving reason to infer from the tone of ber that might be collected, they settle the some prayers and addresses at missionary question by declaring the fact, that it is the concerts, that there is a benumbing spirit purpose of God to bring the inhabitants of of latent infidelity at work on this subject, our world to Christ. This fact is of the let me contribute a few facts, which, by the first importance. It lies at the foundation blessing of God, may help to dispel it. of all others regarding this matter. It forms

First fact. It is the declared purpose of a sure starting point for other questions reGod to convert the world to Christ. It is garding agency, mode, and consequences ; announced, settled, decreed, determined. but, having ascertained “the decree," to deProphecy is neither more nor less, on this spair of its execution is folly and sin. “The subject, than the publication of the Divine word has gone out of his mouth, and shall purpose. He has made known his intention. not return." It ceases, then, to be a ques. It is enough. It shall be so, for God has tion. It is matter of certainty. said that such is his will. It is but a waste Second fact. God announced this purof time to reason about the probabilities of pose with an absolute knowledge of all the the case. "If the Lord would make win- difficulties that stand in the way of its acdows in heaven, might this thing be,” is complishment. If we may use the metaphor, rank unbelief; for the question admits of the moral map of time lay outspread before no contingency; probabilities are beside the him, beneath the all-searching light of his mark ; nor is it even our business here to own omniscience. The defection of the na. inquire whether he has revealed any system tions into a thousand forms of idolatry, the of instrumentality or agency by which it rise and dominion of the false prophet, the is his will to realize this purpose; we have huge apostacy, the long-continued unbelief to do simply now with a question of fact : of the whole Jewish family, the corruptions has God declared that the world shall be and heresies of the professing church, the converted to Christ? Listen! “I shall myriad forms in which human depravity give thee the heathen for tbine inheritance, should manifest itself, and the impossibility and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy of genuine conversion in any single instance possession.” “All the ends of the earth without the application of supernatural shall remember and turn unto the Lord ; power, were all foreknown with unerring and all the kindreds of the natioos shall precision, and yet again and again was the worship before thee." “He shall have do- resolution declared, that all nations should minion also from sea to sea, and from the be blessed in Christ, and call him blessed. river unto the ends of the earth.” • The Nothing has transpired since the creation of abundance of the sea shall be converted unto man, and nothing will occur until the blast thee, the forces of the Gentiles sball come of the last trumpet, without the knowledge unto thee." "I saw in the night visions, of Him“ who declareth the end from the and, behold, one like the Son of man came beginning.” Now, these facts---perfectly with the clouds of heaven, and came to the legitimate as the basis of reasoning, although Ancient of days, and they brought him near the present state of the world were far more before him. And there was given him do. gloomy than it actually is-derive additional minion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all force from the recollection that greater difpeople, nations, and languages, should serve ficulties have been overcome already than him: his dominion is an everlasting domin. I any that remain to be surmounted. The ion, which shall not pass away, and his incarnation, sacrifice, and atonement of the kingdom that which shall not be destroyed." Son of God, on the ground of whose merits "The earth shall be filled with the know. | the glad news of salvation is commanded to ledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters be universally published, are accomplished cover the sea.” “I have sworn by myself, facts. The momentous question, How can

2 s


God be a just God and a Saviour ? waits, messengers of the Lord of hosts may go up not for solution. It is gloriously solved to the high places of the earth and “ cry already, and the work of the ambassadors with confidence ; for the Spirit shall be of Christ is just to make known the answer poured from on high, and “the wilderness in every nation under heaven. The new and shall be a fruitful field," and "righteousness living way is opened up, and the Spirit of shall remain in it.Then shall the earth God has descended to men. Thus, I repeat, yield her increase. To the anxious inquiry, the greatest difficulties have been overcome; | * When;"" we are met by the declaration, those that remain are still too great to be “ It is not for you to know the times and removed by unaided human agency, but un. | the seasons which the Father hath put in aided human agency holds no place whatever his own power;" but the precept is, “Go, in the plan by which it is the will of God to work in my vineyard;" the encouragement, make every knee bow to Christ. We should | “Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters;"* be justified in reasoning thus, were the num. whilst in the distance we can already bear ber of the disciples as yet confined to “one from the lips of the triumphant Redeemer hundred and twenty ;' but missionary en the glorious “ WELL DONE !" couragement ceases not here ; for, through the grace that is in Christ Jesus, we have a Third fact. There have been converts

PROPOSAL FOR THE ERECTION OF A to Christianity from all lands. Every known

CHRISTIAN COLLEGE IN INDIA. nation has sent its representative. Disciples have been won from all ranks and condi. The present number of the Missionary tions of men. The metaphysical reasoner Chronicle contains a proposal for the erecof Europe has given his affections to the tion of a Christian college in Calcutta, in humbling doctrines of the cross. The phi- connection with the London Missionary. losophic Brahmin of India has knelt at the The project has our most cordial approval, feet of the Redeemer. The stolid Hottentot and it will, we sincerely hope, be speedily has been instructed in the way of salvation. accomplished. How rejoiced would our The licentious inhabitant of the tropics has predecessors in the mission work bave been been purified by the blood of sprinkling. The to have participated in the privilege we are degraded African has thrown his disgusting permitted to enjoy in connection with the gods to the moles and to the bats. The savage work of evangelizing the east. This pro. Indian bas exchanged the war-whoop for ject of a college, how full of bope is it for the praises of the Prince of peace. And the the future, and how should it call forth the untutored Greenlander has felt the beams of cheerful thanksgivings of God's people ! the Sun of righteousness. These are speci. What hath God wrought in India ? He men-converts, the first-fruits of the nations. hath done great things for his church there, showing that the gospel is adapted to all, whereof we desire to be glad. He has put and that it can flourish in every region it into the hearts of our bretbren there to under heaven. The seed is scattered on aid liberally in the accomplishment of this every soil; it may be “the smallest of all good work. They have, moreover, spared seeds," but as it is immortal in its nature, their pastor to visit Europe, defrayed the it will yet spring up and cover every land, expenses of his passage and sojourn in Bri. and wave luxuriantly on every shore. The tain. The native youth in India are not light bas been set on a thousand bills, and only willing, but anxious for that success to though there may be intervening tracts of accompany the labours of their representa“ horrid darkness," yet, as it is fed by the tive amongst us. The door is wide open Sun of righteousness, it will expand in for us to enter in ; shall we not do so ? To volume and grow in brilliance until it illu the cburch of Christ is committed the remine the whole earth. The leaven has been sponsible office of rightly directing the inhid, and, however small compared with the quiring youth of the east into the path of mass, its assimilating power is sufficient to life. How blessed the knowledge! How " leaven the whole lump." Let us not give vast the responsibility! One feature of tbe quarter to the unbelief which whispers, " My new college must commend itself to all inLord delayeth his coming," for "a short terested in the welfare of India, -it is to be work will he make upon the earth.” Let a nursery for an efficient native ministry. not the virgins sleep : the night is far spent, This alone should induce the friends of mis

sions to sustain the plan. India, if ever go ye out to meet him!”

she be converted to Christ, must be brought Fourth fact. The Holy Spirit, with the to his feet by her own sons; and India gospel, can accomplish the predicted result. spiritually must, and ought to be, indeThe instrumental and efficient agencies act pendent of foreign aid, both for men and harmoniously. The Spirit of God, with the money. Help her now, in her hour of word of God, his own “sword,'' can bring promise, that she may soon be able to send about this most glorious change. The back to the churches of Britain this mes.


om co

sage,-We are now strong enough to main children. Even the indiscreet and excestain and extend the gospel of Christ in our sive kindness of the converted natives is own land. The sum required for the col. another source of danger. It seemed, there. lege is upwards of three thousand pounds, fore, most desirable, under existing circumindependently of that which has been stances, to conduct the education of the already subscribed or promised. Surely children of missionaries in this country. this sum will be speedily obtained, and that The institution for the education of the at comparatively little expense. Three thou daughters has realised the hopes of its best sand subscribers, at one sovereign each, friends. Forty-seven have left; some of would compass the object, and enable our | them are usefully employed in this country. fellow missionary to advise his friends in Others have returned to their parents, to India to take immediate steps for the pur. aid them in their missionary operations ; chase of ground, and otherwise putting the and a few have become heads of families. plan in operation. India is the noblest The hope is cherished that they are adorning colonial domain of Britain. Oh that it may the profession of the gospel which they have soon become the brightest and richest gem made, and recommending, by their useful in the Mediator's crown! Come, Christian and consistent lives, the institution where tian friends, come to the help of the ser: they have been trained. The number of vants of Christ in India, that they may be the present pupils is about fifty. For some enabled to lay the foundation of a perma. time past the premises have been considered nent and influential Christian Institution in too limited, and several arrangements have the capital of North India! Subscriptions, been proposed to obviate the inconvenience. or donations, or gifts of books, &c., can At last an adjoining house has been leased, be forwarded to Mr. Boaz, at the Mission, and is connected with the premises by Blomfield-street.

means of a covered passage. One advantage secured by the alteration is, that there will be a room or rooms appropriated to

the sick, separated from the dormitories of AN APPEAL ON BEHALF OF THE INSTITUTION FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE

the children. Hitherto great inconvenience

has been experienced, as no means existed DAUGHTERS OF MISSIONARIES.

of separating the healthy and the diseased ; This institution was formed in the year the room appropriated to the latter serving 1838. From the first it was intended to as a passage to one of the dormitories. be catholic in its spirit, not confined to one Another advantage is, a large and airy section of the Christian church, but em. school-room for the younger children. It bracing missionaries of all denominations. is hoped, likewise, that some domestic work, It was the aim of those who established it, bitherto done at some distance, will be perthat it should be missionary in its character; formed on the premises, at a less expendi.

respectable, that it should create and foster

of 2001., and the committee are most anxious

on their return to their parents they might be qualified to render valuable assistance to their missionary operations. The institution is partly charitable and partly selfsupported,—the parents paying a small sum for the board and education of their chil. dren, leaving a considerable portion of the expenditure to be provided by the contribu. tions of the friends of missions. It has been the wish of the committee to receive desti. tute orphans, without the usual payment by relatives; and this will be done, as the con. tributions placed at their disposal enable them. The necessity for an institution of this kind was long felt by missionaries and their friends who were most intimately acquainted with their circumstances.

Not only is there the debilitating climate, 80 injurious to the physical and mental developments of the children of Europeans, but there is a moral influence from the unconverted heathen at most missionary stations, from which the missionary can hardly cherish the hope of shielding his

their friends. The regular income is barely sufficient for the expenditure. This appeal is now made to their friends to the friends of missions in general. Ten subscribers of 101. each, and twenty of 51. each, would enable the committee to prosecute their work free from embarrassment. Donations towards it will be thankfully received by any of the committee; J. Foulger, Esq., Walthamstow; the Rev. Dr. Morison Brompton; Rev. J. J. Freeman, Blomfield, Finsbury; and Rev. J. Angus, Moorgatestreet.


THE TELOOGOO MISSION, My dear Sir,-It has long been my earnest wish to bring before the Christian public the claims of the Teloogoo people to the missionary efforts of the Christian church, and to awaken in the hearts of God's people a deeper interest for the spi. ritual and eternal welfare of this interesting | souls ; occupied by the London Missionary portion of the human race; but numerous | Society : three ordained missionaries. public engagements have hitherto prevented i 3. Rajahmundry — con aining 580,000 my addressing you on this subject.

souls ; occupied by the American Missionary Having now a little leisure time, I em. Society: one missionary. brace the opportunity of laying before you, 4. Masulapatam containing 350,000 and the friends of the London Missionary souls ; occupied by the Church Missionary Society, the following statements in refe- Society : two missionaries; two Baptist rence to this part of the heathen world, brethren, not in connection with any sohoping that they will lead the directors to ciety. take some decisive efforts for the strength. 5. Guntoon-containing 267,416 souls ; ening of their missions amongst this popu. occupied by the American Missionary Solous tribe of Southern India.

ciety : two missionaries. I would, first of all, direct the attention 6. Nelloon-containing 846,572 souls ; of the friends of missions to the extent and occupied by the American Baptist Society : population of the Teloogoo country. The two missionaries. Teloogoo country, (called also Tilinguna, 7. Cuddapah-containing 1,190,467 souls; and Trilingum, or the country of the three occupied by the London Missionary Solingums,) stretches from Madras, south, to ciety: two missionaries. the town of Gaufaur, in the northern part 1 8. Bellary, partly Teloogoo-containing of Peninsular India, 700 miles in length, 1,112,839 souls; occupied by the London and from the sea coast on the east to the Missionary Society : two missionaries. ceded districts, and the Nazin's territory on 9. Kurnoal-population not ascertained ; the west, in breadth varying from 50 to 200 unoccupied by any Society. miles. The Teloogoo language unites with The last-mentioned province has lately the Tamul on the south, the Canarese and been brought under the control of the Bri. Mahratta to the west, and the Oruja to the tish Government, and presents a very in. north. It is spoken by ten millions of her viting field for missionary labour. Christian Majesty's subjects in Southern India, and brethren and sisters! Students for the is generally termed, for its softness and rising ministry! This vast population of beauty, the Italian of the East. This ex our fellow-creatures, and our fellow-sub. tent of country, as large as England and jects, sitting in darkness and the valley of Scotland together, is divided into ten collec. the shadow of death, look to you imploringly torates, or provinces, which are all under for help. Will you not come forward, and the direct control of the British govern. | give a portion of the spiritual food which ment.

The God of all grace has scattered among you For the evangelization of these nine pro so abundantly, to those who are perishing vinces, we have only twelve missionaries for lack of it? Will you not, like the High from all our evangelical societies. Besides Priest of old, come forth, and stand between these collectorates, a large portion of the the living and the dead, that the dreadful Nazin's territory in the west is inhabited by plague of sin and idolatry may be stayed ? the Teloogoos, for whose spiritual welfare I will now give you a short history of the scarcely anything has been attempted. Our | progress of the work of the Lord at each of dear departed brother, John Smith, whose the stations occupied by the London Mispraise is in all the churches, speaking of sionary Society, in order that the friends this interesting people in bis work, "An and supporters of the society may see that


be well here to premise that the Teloogoo and that the prospects for the future are people are by no means restricted to the such as to warrant the immediate strength. northern provinces. They are to be found | ening of this important and interesting in considerable numbers in many of the mission. districts where the Tamul and Caparese | Chicacole, the most northward of the languages are spoken. It appears to me, Teloogoo stations, is one of the chief towns that in intelligence, migratory habits, se in the Gangam province, and was occupied cular prosperity, and unfrequency of re. by the society in the year 1839. turn to their native land, they are in rela- Four or five years before this, it was fre. tion to other districts wbat the Scotch are quently visited by the missionaries at Vizain relation to England and the world." gapatam, and the gospel of Christ was pro.

The collectorates, or provinces, of the claimed by them to its deluded inhabitants. Teloogoo country, are as follow :

A school also had been established by a 1. Gangam-containing 588,079 souls. pious civilian, and a considerable feeling in In this province there is one ordained mis. . favour of Christianity had been awakened by sionary, connected with the London Mis. i these and other means. In compliance with sionary Society

the earnest request of E. Story, Esq., of the 2. Vizagapatam - containing 1,010,414 | Civil Service, strengthened by the recom

mendation of myself and Mr. Gordon, our salvation, and which, in many cases, is brother, Mr. W. Dawson, was sent there in quick and powerful-sharper than a two1839. He was soon encouraged in his labour edged sword. One sabbath morning his of love, and in the course of three years the spirit was stirred up within him, by the Lord gave testimony to the word of his appeal of the missionary, and seeing it his grace, so that seventeen native adults and duty to obey the command of Christ, after children were added to the flock of Christ at Divine service he publicly expressed his this station. In the year 1843, the first wish to be baptized, and received into the Christian church was formed at this station, Redeemer's fold. But Satan was permitted consisting of ten persons.

again to prevail for a time, and, through the Mr. Dawson, writing of this interesting threats and solicitations of his heathen relaevent, says: “This year, I was publicly set tives, he was kept back from his purpose apart, and appointed to the full discharge of until August, 1843, when he was publicly my office as a minister of Jesus Christ; and, baptized in the native mission chapel, with with the assistance of Mr. E. Porter, who two other converts, in the midst of a large kindly came down from Vizagapatam for and deeply-interested concourse of natives. that purpose, we all formed ourselves into a After this, many others professed Christ Christian church, consisting of ten indivi. secretly, of whom a few have since taken duals, of whom five were natives, and five Christ's yoke upon them; but of the reEast Indians and Europeans." Thus was mainder we cannot speak with confidence fulfilled the promise, “In the wilderness and joy. At the end of the year 1843, we shall waters break forth, and streams in the find the number of professed Christians desert.” “Instead of the thorn, shall spring connected with the mission, including the up the fir-tree; and, instead of the brier, family of the missionary, was twenty-eight; shall come up the myrtle-tree; and it shall | inquirers, seventeen. be to the Lord for a name, and for an During the year 1844, the Lord again everlasting sign, that shall not be cut off.manifested his saving power in connection

One of the converts, named Cornelius, with the preaching of the truth, and our who was baptized in the month of August, brother was permitted to add a few more this year, was a respectable sepoy of the wandering sheep to the fold of the good Sudra Castle. He had served in the army Shepherd. Fifteen native adults and chil. of the East India Company upwards of dren were baptized, and nine received into twenty years, and had retired to Chicacole Christian fellowship, besides two women to spend the remainder of his days. He from a neighbouring Christian church. At was first awakened to see the folly of the commencement of the year a respectable idolatry, and the danger of his state before native, of the name of Thuouah, sent a God, by the perusal of one of the tracts letter to me, at Vizagapatam, to come to which had been issued from the mission Polcandah, and baptize him and his family. press at Vizagapatam. This tract contained This was indeed a joyful letter to my anxious á full exposure of the abominations prac- spirit, as I had often thought of, and prayed tised at the worship of Juggernaut, and at for, this interesting inquirer, and now the the close exhibited a clear and plain state- Lord was giving me an answer to my prayers, ment of the way of salvation through a and permitting me to see another myrtlecrucified and risen Redeemer. He perused tree in the midst of the heathen desert, and it just as be was going out on a pilgrimage to drink of a fresh spring in a thirsty land. to that shrine of Moloch. His attention Thunuah may be considered as one of the was arrested by its contents. By the light fruits of missionary labour at Vizagapatam. of this messenger of truth, he beheld the He received, at various times, religious deformities of Hindooism, and the beauty tracts, and a copy of the New Testament in and holiness of Divine Christianity. He Teloogoo from the missionaries at that resolved to give up his pilgrimage, and to station. He seems for a long time to have inquire after the way of salvation proclaimed been persuaded of the folly of idolatry, and by the missionary. The next sabbath, in- mentioned to Mr. Dawson that, though he stead of directing his steps to the temple of used to attend the processions of the idols, Visbnu, he found his way to the bumble and bowed down before them, to avoid sinChristian temple, situated in one of the gularity, yet he laughed at them in his streets of the native town. He heard there heart, and bis belief was, that there was one the truth as it is in Jesus from the lips of God, the Ruler of all things. A sense of the missionary, and found it suited to the his danger as a sinner was the first effect wants of his guilty and awakened soul. He produced on his mind by the Spirit's influat length made a bold and earnest at. ence, which was kept alive in his heart by the

tempt to shake off the fetters of Hindooism. perusal of the Christian books which he ob.: The inward and hitherto secret workings of tained from the missionaries at Vizagapatam. his heart discovered itself under the preach. He first examined the means appointed for ing of that word which maketh wise unto I expiating guilt among his own people, but

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